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1 Introduction

For discussion of home repairs and improvements, either novice or expert, including tools, materials, construction methods, building, repair, and all that. Share experiences, tips, tricks, and lessons learned in the wonderful world of home repair.
Information here is provided "as is" and it not guaranteed by either the poster or

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Every now and then there will be disagreements in this forum. People will have conflicting opinions, or perhaps even a post will come across as having a different meaning than intended. Either way at some point a Moderator will have to step in and either edit offending bits out of a post, or delete the post if there isn't anything worth saving.

When this happens, relax. Step back and take a deep breath. Was there something in there that could have come across as rude? Offensive? Did you call anybody a derogatory name like stupid...or doodiehead? Did you simply post "ha ha, your a big old dummy head, everyone knows not to use a 1/2" spud wrench to torque past 50psi when changing muffler bearings you dolt"? Try to think about how somebody might feel about what your wrote.

Moderators are nothing more than glorified janitors in the forum. Trying to keep the topics on topic, and the members polite and civil. Debate is great, discussion drives the very success of the forum, and lesson's shared help others from making similar mistakes. However, being arrogant and cocky is not only frowned simply won't be tolerated. If your post has been edited, or deleted, do not post asking why. It was not done lightly, or without reason.

Now this does not leave you without recourse, if you truly feel that a moderator is targeting you unfairly or is stalking your every post then you do have options. You can speak to either tmpchaos, fourboxers (Moderator Team Leads) or Justin (owner of all things dslreporty) about the situation. Moderators are technically human after all (except for those of us who are really just small shell scripts) and mistakes and misunderstands can occur. At the end of the day, we really just want you guys to have a place to communicate freely about things that interest you.

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U.S. Department of Energy has a web page that you can find more information on making your home energy efficient at » ··· ion.html

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U.S. Department of Energy has a calculator, that will give you the best information to make your home more efficient at » ··· ome.html

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