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3 Construction Permits

The definition of a building/construction permit varies by state, but generally is required for any major remodeling or modifications of a home. You should always check with your local government to see if a building permit is required by law for the work you are planning on doing.
Building permits are the responsibility of the home owner, so even if you have contracted to have the work done by a third party, you are still liable.

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First, the U.S. National Electrical Code may or may not be appropriate!!!

It's actually just a standards manual published by the (U.S.) National Fire Protection Association. LOCAL and/or State law may require adherence to either the NEC or some other electrical code.

For example, in Chicago, the NEC is superceded by the Chicago Electrical code. see
and navigate to / your Government / City Departments / Construction and Permits / References and Ordinances / Electrical code

Here is the Wikipedia entry: » ··· %28US%29
and a linky to the 2008 electrical code:
» ··· %5Ftest=
Additionally, here is the 2007 NFPA Fire Code
» ··· ?id=7207

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  • is a dead link now. I suggest listing instead. The theory of their archive there is that since the NEC has been incorporated by reference into, among other places, states' law, it is legal to republish the NFPA's copyrighted works.

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In most cases, no!
» ··· Twcj8589

But N.J. offers ICC codes & standards they have adopted for free in PDF format.
» ··· wjersey/

Be sure to check local codes for exact specifications!

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  • The 2009 IRC is available online at:

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  •,C&stateInfo=gYckbQDOkldjTwcj8589 is a dead link. lands on a page asking for bookmark update.

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Visit these sites to gather information on local codes, as always though you should confirm the information with local authorities: ··· ment.cfm to see a graphical map of what NEC code that your State follows at this current time period. For a list by State for each City/Village, download the Excel file that is attached. ··· ealerts/ ··· ion.html

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  • is a dead link.

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