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»Re: [ OT] FAQ with Rebate Center Phone Numbers

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The Bizrate Guide is a great site to find reviews and customer ratings of stores all over the web and is updated daily.

Resellerratings.com is another good source.

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A- A -
AFAIK - As far as I know
AFK - Away from keyboard
AR - After rebate

- B -
B&M - Brick and mortar store (A physical retail store as opposed to an online merchant)
B1G1 or BOGO - Buy one get one free
BB - Best Buy
BBL - Be back later
BBIAB - Be back in a bit
BRB - Be right back
BTW - By the way
BVG - Best Value Guarantee (Offered by some credit card companies)

- C -
CC - Circuit City
CC - Credit card
CPN - Coupon
CSR - Customer service representative
CYA - See ya
CYM - Check your mail

- D -
DD - Deal discussion
DOA - Dead on Arrival

- F -
FAR - Free After Rebate
FWIW - For what it's worth
FW - Fatwallet

- G -
GC - Gift certificate
GDA - Good deal at

- H -
HD - Hot deal
HSN - Home Shopping Network

- I -
IRC - Internet Relay Chat
IIRC - If I Recall Correctly
IMAO - In My Arrogant Opinion
IMHO - In My Honest/Humble Opinion
IMO - In my opinion
IR - Instant rebate
IRL - In Real Life

- L -
LAN - Local Area Network
LOL - Laughing out loud
LMAO - Laughing my ass off
LMK - Let me know

- M -
MFG - Manufacturer
MFR - Manufacturer
MIR - Mail in rebate

- N -
NIC - Network Interface Card

- O -
OD - Office Depot
OEM - Original Equipment Manufacturer
OM - Office Max
OOS - Out of stock
OP - Original Poster (author of thread)
OT - Off topic

- P -
PM - Price match
PM - Private Message

- R -
RAOK - Random act of kindness
RMA - Return Merchandise Authorization.
ROFL - Rolling on floor laughing

- S -
SASE - Self addressed stamped envelope
S/H - Shipping and handling
SD - Slickdeals

- T -
TIA - Thanks in advance
TRU - Toys R Us
TTYL - talk to you later

- W -
WAN - Wide Area Network

- Y -
YAFTS - Yet another free T-Shirt
YGM - You've got mail
YGPM - You've got a private message
YMMV - Your mileage may vary

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Some retailers will let you buy an item at the (lower) price that a competitor is charging. Exact policies vary by store. Many stores or sales reps don't follow the policies to the letter, which could be an advantage or a disadvantage to the customer. Since the implementation of PM policies are inconsistent, all deals involving a pricematch are your mileage may vary (YMMV).

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American Express's price matching program available on some AMEX cards. Buy an item with your card and if you see it advertised in print for less within 60 days, AMEX will refund you the difference. For more details, search the forums for BVG. You should read through a deal involving BVG before asking questions.

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Do not create new threads to inform that another deal is still available. Replying to the original thread will bump it up to the top of the list.

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