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2 Installation and Configuration

First, follow the Network Settings Check instructions listed for your operating system in the Troubleshooting section at the InsightBB Help Center ( help.insightbb.com ). Then, follow the directions listed at »Insight BB Forum FAQ »I have replaced my cable modem. How do I get InsightBB working again? to get your computer registered on the InsightBB network. Note: You shouldn't have to call InsightBB tech support to get the registration code and account number needed for this; the Insight technician performing your installation should have this info for you.

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These small filters may be placed on a splitter that feeds cable tv through your house. They do NOT block out any channels or limit your cable modem speed. These are "High Pass" filters that need to be on there to filter out noise on the "Non Digital" lines going to Analog tv feeds. Do NOT remove them as they cut down on noise feeding back into the CATV system.

EinBit (inactive member) adds that the filter will block Internet access if attached to the cable feeding the modem. The filter stops ingress noise, egress noise, and two-way throughput; however, two-way throughput is needed for the modem to work.

drifter adds: "[W]hen I received my new DVR last month the Insight tech removed my filter. He stated that they were causing more problems than they were worth, and that they were removing all filters. I am located in Decatur, IL."

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The InsightBB CD installs SA Agent ( BrixCare ). Insight uses the SA Agent software to test and monitor your connection from your end of the wire, for quality assurance purposes. Incidentally, an application called SA Updater is also installed, which apparently performs a similar function for SA Agent as the Windows Update Service does for Windows 2000 and XP. SA Agent and SA Updater will run in the background while you are running Windows.

The CD also customizes Internet Explorer, Outlook Express, and network settings for InsightBB.

The CD may do other things. We honestly don't know what, but we haven't heard of any horror stories arising from use of the CD.

dannyges See Profile has this to add:
The software that customers get from insightbb.com for self installs has a lot and I mean a lot of drivers for all sorts of cable modem brands usb drivers and such. I am pretty sure it has a copy of IE 5.0 since older versions are not as secure.

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Why you should: You just want InsightBB to work right out of the box, without fighting through a whole bunch of things. This is certainly understandable, and can be accomplished simply by following the instructions accompanying the InsightBB installation CD. Incidentally, the CD also installs several useful items, as detailed in: /faq/6404

Why you shouldn't: You have a fair amount of experience with setting up computers for high-speed Internet access, and you don't want (e.g.) an InsightBB-branded Internet Explorer installation. Another scenario is that your computer has an operating system that the InsightBB software doesn't support - Linux, BSD, etc. To install without the software, see: /faq/4389

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One installation option, Premium Install, is where an Insight technician pays a visit, runs cable as necessary, and sets up your computer with a cable modem (if you're renting or buying one from Insight), a network adapter (NIC) and the InsightBB software. Naturally, this is the most expensive option, since the tech is doing most of the work.

Another option, Assisted Install, is where you setup your computer on your own. The tech will stop by with a cable modem (again, if you're renting or buying one from Insight), a NIC, and the InsightBB software; it's up to you to install these on your computer. Also, the tech will do any wiring that might be needed, and will troubleshoot as necessary to get your connection going. This option is less expensive than a Premium Install; however, you may end up being charged for a Premium Install if something's wrong with your computer setup (that is, the stuff you did), and not with (e.g.) the cable wiring.

The third option, Self-Install, is possibly available to you if you already are an Insight cable TV customer. If you opt for Self-Install, you do all the work on your end; it's for people who know, for example, why it's important to use RG-6 or better for the run to the modem. lsvl See Profile says that he was able to perform a complete self-install by buying an InsightBB-compatible cable modem, hooking it up, then calling his local Insight office. He apparently paid nothing for the install, since a tech didn't have to come out. See »Insight BB Forum FAQ »Which cable modems does InsightBB support? for a list of InsightBB-compatible modems.

To get prices for InsightBB installation and service, see: »Insight BB Forum FAQ »How much does InsightBB cost?

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Msradell See Profile located the manual on the Pace website.
For those that may need it: »www.pace.com/universal/support/pace-rng200n/

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