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6 Other Issues

If someone has violated the InsightBB AUP ( www.insightbb.com/terms_conditions/ ), you can report them by sending an e-mail to abuse at insightbb dot com. (Change what obviously needs to be changed in the address.) Please be sure to include as much information as possible about the nature of the violation, including firewall logs, date and time, and so on.

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You will need to quit (or close) your FTP session. Your changes on the upload servers are made to your user directory upon the closing of your FTP session.

Once you've made any changes whatsoever to your PWP - but those changes were not through one of their "Site Builders" tools (e.g., you used their FTP or HTTP upload site instead) - you need to visit »publish.insightbb.com/html-jsp/login.php to get your changes to show. Unfortunately, this isn't made clear on their PWP publishing Web site ( publish.insightbb.com ) - and if you call Insight about it, Insight will tell you that they don't support the PWP.

*Updated: »www.insightbb.com/pwp/faq.aspx

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Instructions on transferring files using IE's FTP can be found here -

To log in to your PWP, in the Address field, type:
replacing the username and password with your login information.
Once logged in, you can 'drag' files into the window and 'drop' them onto the server.

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For starters, check out the InsightBB Help Center, at help.insightbb.com. If you can't find an answer there, ask away in the Inside Insight forum here at BBR ( /forum/insight ). If you still can't get a satisfactory answer, contact your local Insight office ( /faq/5241 ).

Also, if you believe your question would be a good addition to this FAQ, feel free to suggest it by visiting /faq/insightbb/edit. Be sure to include an answer to the question, if you got one. Also, please IM one of the FAQ maintainers once you submit your suggestion; they don't necessarily get an automatic notification when someone submits a suggestion.

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It will make it easy if we all try to stick with the industry standard abbreviations.

Kilobytes per second = KB/s
Kilobits per second = kbps

Your browser reports speeds in KB/s, the speed tests here at DSLR report speeds in kbps.

1 kbps = 1000 bps
1 KB/s = 1024 B/s
1 KB/s = 8.192 kbps
1 kbps = .1221 KB/s

KB/s to kbps
Take KB/s and multiply by 8.192
100KB/s = 819.2kbps

kbps to KB/s
Take kbps and divide by 8.192 (or multiply by .1221)
1000kbps = 122KB/s

--courtesy of Bleek

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