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1 General Questions

What areas are Insight ?

As of now:

Kentucky, Indiana and Ohio

How do I contact InsightBB? Where's my local Insight office?

To get Insight office locations, phone numbers and hours for your area, you can visit one of these Web sites:

»www.insight-com.com/ziplookup.as ··· tact.asp

Can I get a static IP address through InsightBB?

Short answer: Not at this time.

Long answer:

Many InsightBB IP's appear to be static. Whenever the IP lease renews for a customer's computer, chances are high that the same IP will be received as that before renewal. "Chances are high," doesn't imply "it's always the case," however.

At this time, InsightBB does not offer truly static IP addresses. That is, an InsightBB IP cannot be hard-coded into a customer's computer; all IP's are DHCP-assigned. The option does exist for customers in many areas to obtain "sticky" IP's. Unlike a "regular" IP as described above, a sticky IP is effectively static, in that it is leased "forever" to a particular customer's computer. Such an IP is intended only for something that requires it, such as certain VPN software. It is not intended for uses that violate the Terms of Service ( »Insight BB Forum FAQ »How do I report someone who has violated the InsightBB Acceptable Use Policy? ), such as running servers.

To get a sticky IP, visit »sas.r31.insightbb.com using your InsightBB connection. On that page, it should give you the option of making your current IP address sticky.

What are typical speeds for InsightBB?

InsightBB provides two different tiers. The lower tier, Insight Broadband Standard, provides up to 10 mbps of download speed, and up to 1 mbps of upload speed. The upper tier, Insight Broadband Plus, provides up to 15 mbps download, and up to 1.5 mbps upload. As for any "best-effort" Internet connection, speeds may be more or less than the above, depending on many factors.

To find out pricing for both tiers in your area, see: /faq/4384

Thanks to INTENS1 See Profile for his input.

What is InsightBB?

InsightBB is the cable Internet service available to many customers of Insight Communications in Illinois, Indiana, and Kentucky.

Does InsightBB come with a firewall?

No. InsightBB doesn't come with a firewall. However, there are many choices for firewall protection. Be sure to visit the BBR Security forum ( www.broadbandreports.com/forum/security,1 ) for more info, including polls and reviews of various firewalls, as well as frequently asked security questions.

Can I network my computer on InsightBB?

Yes, you have two basic options:
•Buy a network hub ($30-60). These cost less up front, but insight will charge about $5 per computer/month that you have off the hub.

•Buy a network router ($70-250). These of course cost more up front, but will not cost you any more a month than having one computer hooked up to the cable modem.

More networking information from Insight can be found Here.

Most routers and hubs can be bought from Circuit City, Best Buy or any other electronics store.

I'd like to review, or read reviews of, InsightBB. How do I?

Head on over to: /reviews/1976

Is it possible to rent a cable modem through InsightBB?

No. Cable modem rentals are no longer offered through Insight although you may purchase a modem directly from Insight or purchase one from an area retailer or from various on line websites such as eBay, Amazon.com, etc.

If you plan to buy one from a source other than Insight, see /faq/5336 for info about Insight-supported modems.
Also, see /faq/6604 if you decide to switch your rented modem with a non-rented one.

How does a cable modem boot up when connected to Insight?

Cable modem boot process on an AT&T-based "SAS" provisioning system (which Insight uses):

1) Modem ranges through multiple frequencies to find the downstream frequency that the CMTS uses.
2) With the downstream frequency locked, the CMTS broadcasts a packet that tells the modem what upstream frequency to use.
3) Once the modem locks onto the upstream, it can send its MAC (hardware) address to the CMTS, which routes the MAC info to SAS in New Jersey or thereabouts.
4) If the SAS system recognizes the MAC as being registered to an active account, it allows the SAS TFTP server to send a config file to the modem as specified on the account.
5) The SAS DHCP server assigns an IP to the modem, based on the CMTS to which the modem is connected.
6) The modem downloads the config file, telling the modem what speeds are allowed, what ports to enable, how many PC's (if using a hub) can connect behind the modem, and other related things.

For Insight, the basic residential config is 3000Kbps down, 128Kbps up, and 7 PC's allowed. The next tier's config is 3000Kbps down, 384Kbps up, and 7 PC's allowed.

In summary, the CMTS doesn't hold config files nor does it assign IP's. Each CMTS has one or more IP scopes that basically tell it how to route traffic coming from one of those IPs (cable modems). The CMTS does the traffic shaping and speed capping according to what your modem's config tells it. So, if you hack your cable modem's IP and it doesn't fit in the scope on the CMTS, good luck checking your online horoscope.

This information was pulled from a thread in the /forum/mediacom forum. The original thread is here /forum/remark,8713408~mode=flat VoIPster gets the credit for posting the details. The information confirmed as correct here /forum/remark,9343160~mode=flat

Does InsightBB provide Usenet access

InsightBB provides 30GB of Usenet access per month. Some reports suggest the counter resets on the 26th of each month. The provided access is through Giganews (~200days binary retention).

AuthenticationNone(leave blank)
Threads6 allowed*

*Each thread is limited to ~256kbps (kilobits per second). Maximum throughput with 6 concurrent connections is ~1.5mbit/s (around ~180KB/s).

Official Help - Check Modem Mac Address

Each cable modem, regardless of brand, is uniquely identified by its Cable Modem ID, or MAC address. Short for Media Access Control, this address is a part of the hardware on the modem, and is associated with a specific user account.

It is used when asking for assistance in the forum
See: Getting Official Help

As there are numerous cable modems on the market, and nearly as many that are used by our customers, below are generic instructions to locate the Cable Modem ID:
    •Generally, the Cable Modem ID can be found on the bottom of the modem, usually near or on a barcoded sticker, along with the serial number of the modem.

    •Most times the Cable Modem ID will appear after these letters MAC or EA (e.g., MAC 00-12-ab-34-cd-5e) . Some Motorolas may have only SN (e.g., SN 8386848). Only use the alphanumeric numbers that appear after MAC or EA, or on some Motorolas, the numbers that appear after SN.

    •It can be easily identified by its pattern (e.g. 00-12-ab-34-cd-5e or 8386848 on some Motorolas), which stays the same from modem to modem even if the values or market change change.

    •If your Cable Modem ID can not be located using these tips, please check the manufacturer's user guide for the modem.

    Please make sure to not post this to the fourm..but rather only if asked by an Official rep..this would only be:

    »Posting Guidelines-How To Get Help

2 Installation and Configuration

How do I setup my computer for InsightBB without using the InsightBB software?

First, follow the Network Settings Check instructions listed for your operating system in the Troubleshooting section at the InsightBB Help Center ( help.insightbb.com ). Then, follow the directions listed at »Insight BB Forum FAQ »I have replaced my cable modem. How do I get InsightBB working again? to get your computer registered on the InsightBB network. Note: You shouldn't have to call InsightBB tech support to get the registration code and account number needed for this; the Insight technician performing your installation should have this info for you.

What's the filter that the InsightBB technician put on the splitter?

These small filters may be placed on a splitter that feeds cable tv through your house. They do NOT block out any channels or limit your cable modem speed. These are "High Pass" filters that need to be on there to filter out noise on the "Non Digital" lines going to Analog tv feeds. Do NOT remove them as they cut down on noise feeding back into the CATV system.

EinBit (inactive member) adds that the filter will block Internet access if attached to the cable feeding the modem. The filter stops ingress noise, egress noise, and two-way throughput; however, two-way throughput is needed for the modem to work.

drifter adds: "[W]hen I received my new DVR last month the Insight tech removed my filter. He stated that they were causing more problems than they were worth, and that they were removing all filters. I am located in Decatur, IL."

What does the InsightBB installation software give me?

The InsightBB CD installs SA Agent ( BrixCare ). Insight uses the SA Agent software to test and monitor your connection from your end of the wire, for quality assurance purposes. Incidentally, an application called SA Updater is also installed, which apparently performs a similar function for SA Agent as the Windows Update Service does for Windows 2000 and XP. SA Agent and SA Updater will run in the background while you are running Windows.

The CD also customizes Internet Explorer, Outlook Express, and network settings for InsightBB.

The CD may do other things. We honestly don't know what, but we haven't heard of any horror stories arising from use of the CD.

dannyges See Profile has this to add:
The software that customers get from insightbb.com for self installs has a lot and I mean a lot of drivers for all sorts of cable modem brands usb drivers and such. I am pretty sure it has a copy of IE 5.0 since older versions are not as secure.

Why should I (not) use the InsightBB software to setup my computer?

Why you should: You just want InsightBB to work right out of the box, without fighting through a whole bunch of things. This is certainly understandable, and can be accomplished simply by following the instructions accompanying the InsightBB installation CD. Incidentally, the CD also installs several useful items, as detailed in: /faq/6404

Why you shouldn't: You have a fair amount of experience with setting up computers for high-speed Internet access, and you don't want (e.g.) an InsightBB-branded Internet Explorer installation. Another scenario is that your computer has an operating system that the InsightBB software doesn't support - Linux, BSD, etc. To install without the software, see: /faq/4389

What are my options for installing InsightBB?

One installation option, Premium Install, is where an Insight technician pays a visit, runs cable as necessary, and sets up your computer with a cable modem (if you're renting or buying one from Insight), a network adapter (NIC) and the InsightBB software. Naturally, this is the most expensive option, since the tech is doing most of the work.

Another option, Assisted Install, is where you setup your computer on your own. The tech will stop by with a cable modem (again, if you're renting or buying one from Insight), a NIC, and the InsightBB software; it's up to you to install these on your computer. Also, the tech will do any wiring that might be needed, and will troubleshoot as necessary to get your connection going. This option is less expensive than a Premium Install; however, you may end up being charged for a Premium Install if something's wrong with your computer setup (that is, the stuff you did), and not with (e.g.) the cable wiring.

The third option, Self-Install, is possibly available to you if you already are an Insight cable TV customer. If you opt for Self-Install, you do all the work on your end; it's for people who know, for example, why it's important to use RG-6 or better for the run to the modem. lsvl See Profile says that he was able to perform a complete self-install by buying an InsightBB-compatible cable modem, hooking it up, then calling his local Insight office. He apparently paid nothing for the install, since a tech didn't have to come out. See »Insight BB Forum FAQ »Which cable modems does InsightBB support? for a list of InsightBB-compatible modems.

To get prices for InsightBB installation and service, see: »Insight BB Forum FAQ »How much does InsightBB cost?

Pace DVR's used in the new multiroom system

Msradell See Profile located the manual on the Pace website.
For those that may need it: »www.pace.com/universal/support/p ··· rng200n/

3 Hardware Issues

How do I set up a router on Insight?

Please remember that Insight does not offer support for home networking or routers.

To set up your router ALL you need to do is follow the manufacturers instructions which are included with your equipment. The physical connections using your CAT-5 cable with RJ-45 connectors (Those large telephone looking connectors), or USB if you're using a wireless setup and it uses USB in place of CAT-5.

Insight no longer uses SAS Registration for routers or hubs. Once your modem's MAC address is registered and pulling an IP address, the following steps should be followed.

1. Shut down your computer and any existing networking devices.
2. Unplug the power cord to your cable modem.
3. Make sure the cable modem Ethernet cord is plugged into the new router's WAN port.
4. Plug the power cord into the cable modem.
5. After the cable modem obtains block synch, plug in the power to your new router and then turn on your computer.

More information can be found here - »help.insightbb.com/general/netwo ··· nfo.aspx

If you are having problems getting your router to work properly you must contact the technical support of the router in which you purchased.

I have replaced my cable modem. How do I get InsightBB working again?

Thanks to drgnwiz8 See Profile for the original version of this info, which has unfortunately been superseded.

Some background: Insight keeps track of subscribers' cable modem info in two systems - ICOMPS (sic?), and SAS. ICOMPS is one of Insight's tools for administration of the InsightBB "last mile," such as CMTS (local office) equipment. However, SAS is actually controlled by AT&T, which administers the InsightBB backbone, as well as other up-the-chain services. ICOMPS and SAS don't update each other, probably due to the fact that separate companies run them.

Insight does permit subscribers to update their SAS info online, without having to call tech support. However, subscribers don't have similar access to ICOMPS. So, to switch cable modems, it's best just to contact InsightBB tech support ( /faq/5241 ), tell them you're switching your cable modem, and follow the instructions that they give you. You'll need to call them anyway to get ICOMPS updated, so you might as well have them help you out. Make sure to have the MAC address of the new modem handy as you will have to give it to tech support when you call in.

For the record, the instructions that they'll give you are here: »help.insightbb.com/account/devic ··· nge.aspx

Which cable modems does InsightBB support?

To see the list of modems that all of InsightBB supports, please visit help.insightbb.com/general/supported_modems.aspx.

The modems on the list above are certified to work in all InsightBB areas, so it's always a safe bet to use a listed modem. However, other cable modem models - in addition to the ones on the list - may work in certain areas, although those areas may or may not have technical support for them. If you'd like to find out whether a particular unlisted modem is supported in your area, contact your area's Insight office during business hours: »Insight BB Forum FAQ »How do I contact InsightBB? Where's my local Insight office?

I have replaced my network card. How do I get InsightBB working again?

Thanks to drgnwiz8 See Profile, kg4evv See Profile and flw See Profile for this info.

Follow these instructions to register your network adapter on the InsightBB network:
    •Turn on (or reboot) your cable modem.
    •Start your computer.
    •Make sure that your NIC has a 10.14.x.x or 10.15.x.x IP address. If your NIC doesn't have such an address, try releasing then renewing the address. If this doesn't work, you may need to contact InsightBB technical support ( /faq/5241 ).
    •In your favorite Web browser, open this Web site: http://sas.r31.insightbb.com
    If this doesn't work (due to DNS issues), try the IP addresses for the same site: or
    •Follow the Web site's instructions for "replacing the computer." You may name your computer however you wish.
    •Reboot your modem and your computer.
You should now be good to go!

Could I get a coaxial cable from Insight if I need one?

If you move your computer and find that you need a longer coaxial cable do not use a cheap cable you buy at the department store. Most of the coaxial cables you find in the local stores are RG59 (obsolete in today's modern CATV market) and they use very cheap fittings. I recommend that you check with your local cable office and see if a tech may be able to drop one off for you sometime when you are in the area. Mind that they may be busy but will do their best to make one for you and drop it off. Using cheap cable and fittings will degrade your signal and may cause intermittent service problems.

4 Software Issues

Are there restrictions for InsightBB newsgroups?

You may download three gigabytes (GB) (not Gb - that's gigabits) from InsightBB's NNTP server during a three-day period. "Day one" of a given period is the first day that you do some downloading. Once you reach the 3 GB limit, you won't be able to download any more from the NNTP server until the fourth day. The next three-day period begins on the first day that you actually download something, not on the day immediately following a given three-day period. You can't build up "credits" for unused GB. Examples:
    •On "day one," you don't download anything at all. So, it isn't actually a "day one." However, the next day, you do some downloading; that day is day one for a three-day period.

    •On day one, you download 3 GB. You've "hit the cap," so you won't be able to download again until at least three days later (day four). On day four, you don't download anything, so you don't begin another three-day period. On day five, you do download something, so that becomes your new day one.

    •On day one, you download 1 GB. On day two, you don't download anything at all. So, on day three, you can download up to 2 GB before hitting the cap. Instead, you don't download anything at all on day three; however, you can't carry those unused 2 GB to the next three-day period.

    •On day one, you download 1 GB. On day two, you download 1.5 GB. So, on day three, you can download up to 0.5 GB before hitting the cap. Instead, you download only 0.3 GB on day three; however, you can't carry the unused 0.2 GB to the next three-day period.

Insight Broadband Newsgroups

Web site:
- »www.insightbb.com

- netnews.insightbb.com

Service details:
- Binary retention: 90 days
- Text retention - 1,200 days
- Bandwidth limit: 256k per connection
- Hosted by: Giganews

Can I access InsightBB e-mail from anywhere in the world?

You can access your e-mail "on the road" in one of three ways:

Through their Web-based e-mail access: http://commcenter.insightbb.com

(Thanks to Kurse0 See Profile for the link.)


Turn e-mail forwarding ON for your account ( memberservices.insightbb.com/msws/EmailFwd ). This will allow you to forward any e-mail bound for your InsightBB account, to another e-mail address of your choice. It also has some options, such as whether you'd like copies of forwarded e-mail left in your InsightBB inbox.


Use an e-mail client that supports SSL (secure connections) - e.g., Outlook or Outlook Express. To do so, follow the instructions in "Creating Remote Email Access" at the InsightBB Help Center ( help.insightbb.com/outlook/remote_access.aspx ). These instructions are specifically for Outlook and Outlook Express, but you should be able to translate these to your e-mail client.

Another option is: »www.mail2web.com/ which is 3rd party but offers a secure log-in

Accessing Insight E-mail Servers from a Mobile

For using Insight email from a non Insight connection (like on an iPhone), you need to enable authentication and use the following ports:

Incoming: 995 (pop3s)
Outgoing: 465 (smtps)

»myinsight.com/Help-broadband-ema ··· 7146.asp (Windows)
»myinsight.com/Help-broadband-ema ··· 7141.asp (Mac)

As submitted by whurlston See Profile

How do I remove the InsightBB software?

To remove the InsightBB software (in Windows):

1. Open Control Panel.
2. Double-click Add/Remove Programs.
3. Choose InsightBB.
4. Click Remove (or Change/Remove).
5. Follow the instructions given.

For a Mac, the instructions are probably similar. Please let us know if you find otherwise.

How do I remove the branding on IE after uninstalling Insights software?

If you're looking for a way to remove the branding that is on the title bar in Internet Explorer, left behind after uninstalling the Insight software, which leaves the "Microsoft Internet Explorer provided by Insight Broadband, there are several ways to do it.

A quick solution to try would be Start > Run > and type (or copy/paste this exactly) Rundll32 IedkCS32.dll,Clear
Click OK. As long as the dll file is still there, this should fix it and if the file no longer exists, you'll just get the "Windows can't find ..." message.

If the above doesn't remove the branding and you're comfortable editing your registry, you can Open regedit, and go to HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Main and on the right look for Window title, and change it there.

There are also several free programs that you can use to change it, Spyware Blaster, freeware or TuneUp Utilities which is free to try.

I'm trying to reactivate my account, but the InsightBB CD keeps failing. Help!

How do I reactivate a local account due to a location or hardware/software change, if the account activation CD process keeps failing over and over?

See » and follow the instructions given on Insightbb secure web site. This saved me an on-site service call because customer service was unable to determine why I could surf by IP but not by domain name. My account was good but not active for the local cable system.

5 Billing Issues

How much does InsightBB cost?

Pricing varies from area to area. At this time, in order to get pricing information on services provided by Insight, you may need to call your local Insight office or you may fill out the online form found here - »www.insight-com.com/SelectMyOpti ··· ons.aspx

To get explanations of the various installation types, visit: /faq/4383

I've replaced my rented modem with a non-rented one. How will InsightBB bill me?

If you've been renting a modem from InsightBB, and you replace it with a different (non-rented) modem, InsightBB will bill you for the rented modem until you return it to them. They will not* prorate the rental fee as of the day you switched the modems. So, it is in your best interest to return the modem to them as soon as possible.

* Well, the author was able to get a prorate without asking, but this was after a billing snafu a few weeks later. More details in his connection diary - /dsl_diary/other/408497 and look at the entry dated 2003-04-07.

How do I pay my Insight/InsightBB bill?

You can pay your bill in one of four ways:
    •Online, for free, with a credit card or a bank account ( https://www.insightcustomercare.com ).
    •By following the directions included with your Insight bill.
    •By calling Insight ( /faq/5241 ).
    •By visiting an Insight office ( /faq/5241 again).
No automatic bill payment option exists as yet through Insight, although the FAQ at their payment Web site mentions that this is a future possibility. Follow the link in point 1 above for more details.

Does Insight offer broadband packages for business use and what is the cost?

Insight does offer business tiers. A list of tiers and comparisons of each tier can be found Here.

At this time Insight does not list tier prices on their website, prices may be obtained by either calling their toll free number 1-877-972-4100, or by filling out the Inquiry form located Here.
Suggested by IGGY See Profile

Click for full size

Insight Business Services Comparison

6 Other Issues

How do I report someone who has violated the InsightBB Acceptable Use Policy?

If someone has violated the InsightBB AUP ( www.insightbb.com/terms_conditions/ ), you can report them by sending an e-mail to abuse at insightbb dot com. (Change what obviously needs to be changed in the address.) Please be sure to include as much information as possible about the nature of the violation, including firewall logs, date and time, and so on.

My Insight Personal Web Pages (PWP) aren't showing. Why?

You will need to quit (or close) your FTP session. Your changes on the upload servers are made to your user directory upon the closing of your FTP session.

Once you've made any changes whatsoever to your PWP - but those changes were not through one of their "Site Builders" tools (e.g., you used their FTP or HTTP upload site instead) - you need to visit »publish.insightbb.com/html-jsp/l ··· ogin.php to get your changes to show. Unfortunately, this isn't made clear on their PWP publishing Web site ( publish.insightbb.com ) - and if you call Insight about it, Insight will tell you that they don't support the PWP.

*Updated: »www.insightbb.com/pwp/faq.aspx

FTP Access into the Personal Web Page (PWP) Server

Instructions on transferring files using IE's FTP can be found here -
»help.insightbb.com/pwp/ftp_trans ··· fer.aspx

To log in to your PWP, in the Address field, type:
replacing the username and password with your login information.
Once logged in, you can 'drag' files into the window and 'drop' them onto the server.

I have a question which isn't covered in the InsightBB FAQ. What are my options?

For starters, check out the InsightBB Help Center, at help.insightbb.com. If you can't find an answer there, ask away in the Inside Insight forum here at BBR ( /forum/insight ). If you still can't get a satisfactory answer, contact your local Insight office ( /faq/5241 ).

Also, if you believe your question would be a good addition to this FAQ, feel free to suggest it by visiting /faq/insightbb/edit. Be sure to include an answer to the question, if you got one. Also, please IM one of the FAQ maintainers once you submit your suggestion; they don't necessarily get an automatic notification when someone submits a suggestion.

Can I use a fax machine with Insight phone service ?


Can you please explain kilobits vs. kilobytes?

It will make it easy if we all try to stick with the industry standard abbreviations.

Kilobytes per second = KB/s
Kilobits per second = kbps

Your browser reports speeds in KB/s, the speed tests here at DSLR report speeds in kbps.

1 kbps = 1000 bps
1 KB/s = 1024 B/s
1 KB/s = 8.192 kbps
1 kbps = .1221 KB/s

KB/s to kbps
Take KB/s and multiply by 8.192
100KB/s = 819.2kbps

kbps to KB/s
Take kbps and divide by 8.192 (or multiply by .1221)
1000kbps = 122KB/s

--courtesy of Bleek


For Insight Cable Users: Where can I find remote control codes?

For Basic/Classic Cable and Digital Cable, you can find the remote control codes Here.

What is a CMTS?

Cable Modem Termination System

At the cable provider's head-end, the CMTS provides many of the same functions provided by the DSLAM in a DSL system. The CMTS takes the traffic coming in from a group of customers on a single channel and routes it to an Internet service provider (ISP) for connection to the Internet. At the head-end, the cable providers will have, or lease space for a third-party ISP to have, servers for accounting and logging, Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) for assigning and administering the IP addresses of all the cable system's users, and control servers for a protocol called CableLabs Certified Cable Modems -- formerly Data Over Cable Service Interface Specifications (DOCSIS), the major standard used by U.S. cable systems in providing Internet access to users.


Source: Howstuffworks.com

Can I Re-Program my Remote?

Matt_31 See Profile found some good information here

»en.wikibooks.org/wiki/How_to_use ··· e_Remote

8 Speed Information

Are There Other Ways to Test My Speed?

9 Advanced

How can I change my DNS Server?

To set your DNS, you need to find the Internet Protocol window.

For Users on a Dial-up Connection:

Go to My Computer>Dialup Networking.
Right-click your internet connection and select Properties.
A window will open - click the Server Types tab. Click TCP/IP Settings.

For Windows 7 & Vista

Open Control Panel > Click Network and Internet > Network and Sharing Center > Click Change Adapter Settings (Might also show as: Manage Network Connections)
Select the connection for which you want to configure the DNS.

For example:

- To change the settings for an Ethernet connection, right-click Local Area Connection, and click Properties.

- To change the settings for a wireless connection, right-click Wireless Network Connection, and click Properties.

If you are prompted for an administrator password or confirmation, type the password or provide confirmation.

Select the Networking tab. Under This connection uses the following items, click Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4), and then click Properties.

Click Advanced and select the DNS tab. If there are any DNS server IP addresses listed there, write them down for future reference, and remove them from this window. Click OK

For All Other Users (XP & earlier):

Go to Control Panel>Network Connections and select your local network.
Click Properties, then select Internet Protocol (TCP/IP).
Click Properties.
You will see a window like the one below - this is the Internet Protocol window. Select "Use the following DNS server addresses" and enter the desired DNS server(s) in the space(s) provided.

You have now changed your DNS settings. Click the OK button at the bottom of the window to close that window, then click the OK button at the bottom of the next window. If you are asked if you want to Restart your computer, click Yes. You are now finished.

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Some DNS servers you can use are provided here (originally posted by jdmatl See Profile)

Verizon (Level3) Nameservers

SpeakEasy Nameservers

ORSC Public Access DNS Nameservers

Sprintlink General DNS


Comodo Secure DNS Submitted by ARGONAUT See Profile
Comodo Secure DNS
»www.comodo.com/secure-dns/index. ··· dex.html

..more here (thanks JR) »www.opendns.com/

ScrubIT (Free and Clean Browsing (Kid Safe)

Google Public DNS (free) Submitted by ARGONAUT See Profile

Google Public DNS IPv6 Submitted by ARGONAUT See Profile
2001:4860:4860::8888 2001:4860:4860::8844
»developers.google.com/speed/publ ··· cs/using

Be sure & read this first: »Google Invades ISP, OpenDNS Turf With Google Public DNS

Time Warner Telecomm DNS

Chaos Computer Club DNS

FoeBuD e.V. DNS

Germany Privacy Foundation DNS