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12. Miscellaneous

CAM - This type of VCD was recorded by someone in a cinema with a camcorder. The picture quality and sound varies from OK to poor.

Telesync (TS) - Also recorded in a cinema but usually with a high-end camera and a separate audio source; These are generally decent to good quality.

Telecine (TC) - Done a number of ways, all from taking directly from the reel. Ripped in either widescreen (letterbox) or in full-screen (pan and scan) with excellent audio and video. The most common way is to get a device that you attach to the reel that generates a VHS tape of the reel. (called a telecine machine, but there are other machines that generate a digital output of both audio and video that are then put into a VCR, laptop or pc, and made into a VCD).

Screener - A Screener is usually recorded from a promotional video tape or DVD which is sent to censors and film critics etc.. The quality is usually as good as a commercial product, some times a copyright message appears on the screen.

Work-Print - Each frame of the film is copied from celluloid (or another source), these are sometimes incomplete movies. The sound is usually perfect and the visual quality can vary.

LD/DVDRip - VCDs with this on the cover are ripped from DVD or Laserdisc versions of the film and the quality is as good as genuine VCDs.

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  • get this updated...http://www.hearsay24.com/movie-sources/

    2009-09-16 15:41:19

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There are a few neat little extra's hidden within every version of mIRC scripted or not, so this does apply to a great deal of clients like Invision as well.

That innocent little about mIRC button (the one that looks like a yellow dot with a question mark over it) can offer plenty of laughs.

Extra #1... Just right click the about mIRC button to read the hidden greeting from Khaled Mardam-Bey, the author of mIRC.

Extra #2... Hold the shift button and left click the about mIRC button and the yellow dot should turn to a smile face

Extra #3... Left click the about mIRC button and open the about mIRC box. Right click the text in that box and you should see a bouncing dot if you look at it correctly.

Extra #4... Left click on Kahled's nose and make sure you have the volume on your speakers up to hear the squeak.

Extra #5... Now with the window still open type A R N I E and the picture will turn to a stuffed animal.

Extra #6... Left click the mIRC logo in the about mIRC window and it will change to the old style mIRC icon of years ago.

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If you ever need to search for certain channels that serve say, "mp3" then all you do is type that in and it will list the channels along with the server and also how many users are currently there. It also shows you what is in the channels topic, this usually just shows what the channel is offering. This is quite useful if you don't feel like scrounging through say all of the 400+ networks :)

Check 'em out:

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There are a variety of games for mIRC, some of which are multiuser and some of which are neat addons for moments when you're bored.


Trivia Bots

Trivia bots allow you to set up a script in a channel, provide it with a list of questios and let your friends play trivia. It's a good time waster while waiting for downloads.

»www.mircscripts.com/cgibin/downl ··· ip&v=6.0

Trivia channels are everywhere as well. Here's one example: »www.phishy.net/trivia/trivia.htm or


Arcade Games!

Single and multi user, graphic arcade games are some of the neatest things for mIRC. For a few examples check out

Tanks! : »pages.cthome.net/pdufilie/tanks. ··· nks.html (up to 8 players can participate)

»www.mirc-scripts.org/games.php [4 games]
Single Player Arcade Classic Game of Missile Command!
A Multi-Player IRC BlackJack Game, with built in Chat Room
A Multi-Player IRC Checkers Game
A Multi-Player IRC Chess Game, Excellent Script!

There are many more games such as Moonlander, Asteroids, Goldrunner, Spacefighter, Tetris, Breakout, Naval Battle and others listed in the addon section of mircscripts.org - »www.mircscripts.org/files.php?ty ··· pe=addon !

If you find a fun game for mIRC, please let us know about it in the Peer 2 peer forum!

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mIRCStats is an easy-to-use IRC log analyzer for channel log files produced with the most commonly used IRC-client, mIRC.

It creates a nice looking HTML-page consisting of channel activity statistics, user reports, tables about changed channel topics and all kinds of miscellaneous graphed information extracted from the log files.

In other words, it turns text into statistically analyzed graphs of channel trivia, along with some tongue in cheek humor. Support programs are available to log eggdrop bots and more.

Homepage : »www.nic.fi/~mauvinen/mircstats/
Example 1 : »hogville.com/battlefaeries/battl ··· ies.html
Example 2 : »www.projectjen.net/stats/nwn_pag ··· hly.html

Best of all, you don't even have to know a line of HTML. Here's a shot of the user interface : »www.nic.fi/~mauvinen/mircstats/s ··· shot.gif

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-----[ How to Auto-Reconnect on Disconnect in mIRC * ]------

If you're disconnected from the server, set up mIRC to reconnect on disconnect.

As you might know, mIRC can associate several servers to one group and has the ability to try sequentially connecting to each server. On a large network this is a very handy feature and we can exploit it for further redundancy in reconnecting.

- Pop up mIRC
- Click Alt-O (Options Menu) and navigate to +CONNECT
- Left click the plus sign next to CONNECT and navigate to -OPTIONS
- Checkmark [x] Reconnect on Disconnect
- Click [RETRY]
- Set up the RETRY screen as follows:

--------------[ Retry Options ]--------------

[x] Enable connect retry

If not connected in: 20 seconds
Retry connections: 999 time(s)
Retry Delay: 1 second . If you see the message about "throttling the server" (ie reconnecting too quickly,) set this field to 20 seconds.

Most importantly checkmark
[x] Try next server in group

- Click OK to save Retry settings
- Click OK again to permanently save mIRC settings.


* Note: Please refer to this message for a screen capture.

This is incredibly useful if you're downloading from a server that checks for your presence in the channel.

If you're not reconnected within a reasonable amount of time (3-5 minutes), you stand a chance of the server terminating the transfer.

Happy IRCing!

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  • Hi - I have been visiting gay.com chat room... all of a sudden, an error message says my irc has been disconnected... I am not a techno - what do I do to reconnect my irc? I tried to read up on irc - all greek to me... even the above means nothing to me... my laptop - How do I 'POP up mIRC" ??? Thanks

    2009-05-09 18:13:36

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Consider the following connection attempt...

[15:34] * Connecting to graz.at.eu.undernet.org (6667)
[15:34] ERROR: Your host is trying to (re)connect too fast -- throttled
[15:34] * Disconnected

You may ask yourself why.

An IRC server can only accept so many connections at a time from one host, or IP address. This is a security measure against the various forms of clone bots and flood bot abuse of IRC, and is known as "throttling".

A network will want to minimize the number of ways people can harass others on it. A common loophole were to take advantage of net-splits to gain ops in channels and cause nick-collisions has been largely elimated with the use of services and ircD security improvements.

Server throttling is a security measure to control flooding, the most common way to cause a DOS (Denial Of Service) or just causing annoyance. Flooding is to send a lot of unwanted data to something, so that their connection is lost, their channel window is filled with garbage or they are otherwise harassed.

Connections from clone botters that use several different servers are also spotted by modern IRC servers.

Problems with getting throttled accidentally may be caused by the fact that your client retries to connect too fast, Set up your irc client to wait a period of 20 seconds before reconnecting.

If you're using mIRC 5.91+, you're in luck. As of version 5.91, mIRC now waits 30 seconds before a re-connect attempt if the server says that you were throttled for connecting too fast.

mIRC now looks for the word "throttled" in the ERROR Closing Link server message.

* Specific to Undernet:

Connecting 3 times in a row to the undernet within 20 seconds will get your IP throttled for 20 seconds.

** For all networks

You should configure your IRC client to try connecting to the next server in the group (ie Dalnet, Undermet, Efnet) to make sure that eventually your client will reconnect and walk away. mIRC supports server grouping.

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  • qisera saver xq m serraron link o banaeraon d canalchat.org

    2014-09-09 13:22:55

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For newbies, I think this is a very useful website and utility. It's very easy, at the top there is a text box, you type in what you're looking for (any software or movies, etc) Hit enter, and it will show the results of where you can find what you're looking for. After the list shows, up, u can click on the channel name (make sure u have MIRC open) and the website will help MIRC connect to the server and channel that has what you're looking for. Next, you look at the BOT/Server's name, the # of the pack and you're set. Remember, the command to receive a send is
/msg (Bot's Name) XDCC Send #(the number of what you want) It's very simple and to help define some terms after the search results.

bot - the name (bot's name)
slots - how many slots are open for download
que - how many people are on the queue line
kps - how fast his current bandwidth is (speed of upload)
pack - the # to type in when entering the command
gets - how many people have downloaded that specific pack from the bot
size - how big the file is
description - usually the info that tells you what's inside the pack (mainly your search results)

Hope that helps!!!

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Many people wanna give "Peer" a good kick in the ass. "Peer" is just the server you are connected to. The server will ping you every once in a while to make sure you're still there. Imagine this as the guy in the sad-ass Verizon commercial.
Server: Can you hear me now?
Client: Yes!
Server: Good!

But when there is no reply, the server disconnects you. Or, in this case, the Verizon punk would hang up.
Server: Can you hear me now?
Server: Hello? Can you hear me?
Server: Is anyone there?
[[Server hangs up]]

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Check this out for some MRTG graphs that show various data about major networks.

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Nothing. They own/operate the server or channel, so it is up to them to decide how they want to run it.

If you don't like the way you're treated, leave.

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In English, this means the server is full for people like you, at least for now. People from different providers might still be able to connect. You might see this sometimes on servers that you were able to connect to just recently. Try a different port on the same server (other than 6667) or try a different server for a while.

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You have DCC on Ignore or only allow. You must chose disabled.
To prevent: DCC>folders>Set as DCC Ignore=Disabled.

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