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5. Add-on Scripts

Some of the popular modern scripts [which add functionality to mIRC] are listed below.

If a script's download page is offline, you can always go to the home IRC channel to get a certified copy of that script.

Whichever script you choose, or choose not to use one is completely up to your personal preference. If you plan to share files on a more or less regular basis, you're advised to use a script designed for that purpose.

Not all scripts will include mIRC. Sometimes you'll have to download an appropriate version of mIRC.

mIRC Version Archive 1: »www.mishscript.de/archive.htm
mIRC Version Archive 2: »www.mircx.com/download.html

To prevent problems with security, always try to get the script from the author's webpage or channel.

And now to the scripts...



Extremely powerful script, both for file sharing and for downloading or chatting.

Homepage : »invision.lebyte.com/
Features : »invision.lebyte.com/intro.htm [too many to list]
IRC Channel : irc://matrix.dal.net:6667/invision [#invision on Dalnet]



Sophisticated file serving script popular among former Excursion users. Has some excellent and unique features.

Homepage : »members.shaw.ca/abaldron
IRC Channel : irc://matrix.dal.net:6667/syris [#syris on Dalnet]



Colorful script many acro's(*) and other fun features plus a top notch fserve engine. Very popular and has a highly loyal following (just look in their IRC channel!)

Homepage : »excursion.cjb.net
IRC Channel : irc://matrix.dal.net:6667/excursion [#excursion on Dalnet]

* Note: Acros is an abbreviation, or irc-speak for acronyms. An example of acronym is when you type "lol" the script writes "Laughing Out Loud!!" with colors and symbols.



No-nonsense script with amazing socket support. FTP client, telnet client, netstat, bouncer, remote control module, several levels of encrypted dcc [ip to ip] chat, complete channel management, eggdrop bot interface, irc proxy, and other tcp/ip functions.

Note: At the time of this writing, eXtreme requires mIRC 5.91. A 6.xx [6.02 at the time of this writing] will be available soon.

Homepage : »kall.cjb.net/
Features : »www.alunos.utad.pt/~al10307/features.htm
IRC Channel : n/a


Peace and Protection by Pai

A popular script for chatters. This script has a very easy to use interface and is a lighter script (requiring less code) than most of the others. Fun to try, give it a whirl!

Homepage : »www.pairc.com/pnp/
Features : »www.pairc.com/pnp/about.html (includes configuration screen shots)
IRC Channel: n/a


eIRC *

Super-powerful script but has a learning curve. One of several mirc scripts to be developed as a sourceforge affiliated project. Written by Eric with help from Samba the Cat! ( »www.ratemykitten.com/?kitten=10200 )

Homepage : »ericsite.sourceforge.net/
Features : »ericsite.sourceforge.net/see.php
IRC Channel : n/a
Kitten Pictures :

* Note: Not to be confused with EIRC, a Java IRC client.



Another powerful script by Tabo from Lima Peru, the author of "TaboFTP", an FTP client which intergrates fully into mIRC. The TaboFTP addon is used in several scripts including eXtreme.

Homepage : »aircpp.sourceforge.net/
IRC Channel : n/a - Support is available via the bb @ »aircpp.sourceforge.net/board/



This script is as old as mIRC [Developement began in 1995] and has thousand of faithful users worldwide.

Homepage : »www.ircn.org/
Add-Ons : »www.ircn.org/addons.htm
Themes : »www.ircn.org/themes.htm
IRC Channel : n/a


SPR Jukebox [an MP3 oriented script]

Wonderful script tailored to receive and send MP3s. Convenient @find interface. This script creates lists of your song collection which are then available to a channel user. It handles replying to a @find requests with matching titles and the triggers to obtain them. It then handles queues and sends the script generated .txt list to others in the channel.

SPR is used in MP3 channels worldwide!

Homepage: [webpage down for developement]
Latest Version Mirror: »mp3speed.members.easyspace.com/scripts.html


Borg Script [an MP3 oriented script]

Much like SPR Jokebox, this is a script tailored to send and receive MP3 files. It's best used in @locator/@find channels*

* Note - see channel topic whether @find commands are supported when entering an IRC channel

Homepage: currently n/a
Mirror for the script: »mp3speed.members.easyspace.com/f···_7_2.zip
Mirror for the download module add-on: »mp3speed.members.easyspace.com/f···_1_2.zip


Polaris [2002]

Polaris is the grandfather of most modern fserve scripts, and is itself based on old scripts. Polaris initially gained a foothold got at the now-defunct Relicnet. It has been modified many times by many different people and dozens of different variations exist. jPolaris, Polaris+ and Polaris2002 include some of today's versions.

*Warning* Some copies of Polaris are known to contain a back door which is in the original Polaris 2K.

The primary, backdoor-free source for Polaris today is »www.polaris-central.com/ .


Scripting often goes awry, and most popular scripts auto-update. Meaning they connect to the author's web or ftp server and download an update patch which lets you keep all the settings and update the script without re-installing it from scratch.

Good luck in selecting the right script for you!

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Use an addon, called XDCCV. This add on will listen in on a channel, and gather all the xdcc triggers and file listings. It sorts by user name, and a search tool is also available.
To install the script, download and type
/load -rs xdccv.mrc
to load the script. Simply right click in the channel, and at the bottom is the XDCCV menu. Once the main screen is up, just double click on a bot's file, it will msg it to send the pack #.

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  • I changed the file into a "chatzilla" file by an accident. How do I get it back to the default settings?

    2008-09-10 12:30:15

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Not all scripts cover every aspect of IRC. Addons are small sniplets of code which perform a given function, such as give you a nice MP3 player console, colorize the nicknames of your friends, play trivia, perform fun little actions like giving someone a rose, show off your killer HD space and uptime, or a myriad of other things!

Note * Most addons for mIRC 5.9x will work with the new mIRC 6.xx versions.

Sources for mIRC addons:

»www.fortunecity.com/boozers/whit···ipts.htm [Groovy Popups!]
»pages.cthome.net/pdufilie/home.html [One word: TANKS!]

by Joydrop See Profile edited by removed See Profile
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