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Short answer: Local ISPs.

Long answer: ISPs that truly have a local focus. An ISP that has just one administration office, and that mainly offers internet services within the community or region of that office.

Feedback received on this FAQ entry:
  • Why do i have 3 DNS servers listed in my connection settings, but i had no clue what a DNS server was until a few hours ago? It was my understanding that the owner of the computer and connection has to seek out extra ISP's and at least be aware that they want those addresses interconnected and able to share info. Am I wrong? If so how did I aquire these ISP's without my knowledge?

    2008-03-13 07:57:53 (unravel See Profile)

  • is D&E communications, the local telco (LEC) which offers 5 and 10 mbit service. 10mbit service is typically provisioned at 12230 PPPOA, resulting in 9.7 mbit/sec at the customer PC after passing through 3 h/w firewalls and 1 s/w firewall on an old 2.4 p4b 100 mbit port.

    2007-10-26 09:09:23

  • zipcodes for Akron, Pa, + Ephrata, Pa + Lewisburg, Pa (bucknell Univ) are D&E communications ( One of the best, most reliable ISP's I've seen. Their service stays up and running even when there is a lightning storm/bad weather. 10 Mbit service typically provides stable 9.7 mbit at the PC *after* passing through 3 hardware firewalls and a software virus scanner. They market the service dejazzd. It is D&E communications. They are the local telco provider. the cable provider, penteldata (blue ridge communications) is not as fast or reliable.

    2007-10-26 09:06:35

Remember: This map is created BY LOCAL ISPs, not by customers! If you want to show off your own connection, please pin yourself on the much larger, MEMBER/TECH map:

However, if you ARE a local ISP, then read on: 1. You must be a member of the site. If you are not, please join (use the link in the top right corner of any page).

2. When you are a member, please use this ( ) link to add a pin that shows your business location. You will also be able to type a short description of your services, include a link to your webpage, business phone number, and so on.

No, the service is free.

We reserve the right to remove any pins without warning. In order to preserve the integrity of the map and the value of the data, we do check whether each new entry is a legitimate local ISP, is not duplicated, and is controlled by the ISP itself, rather than a single sales person within the ISP. Complaints from users about the quality of the data are also taken seriously, and may prompt removal of the pin.

Feedback received on this FAQ entry:
  • I have Access Broadband for my wireless broadband connection. (Virginia, MN) They are not on your map and should be, so I can enter my numerous complaints about them.

    2011-09-19 13:43:20

No, one pin for one ISP.

Feedback received on this FAQ entry:
  • It would be more informative is each ISP could list all of their towers using different types of pins. Argon Technologies Inc. covers over 10 Texas Counties and dozens of cities:

    2010-10-01 12:19:56

  • 2009-09-26 22:28:53

We want to ensure the information presented on this map by ISPs is always correct. If you believe misleading or incorrect information has been entered, or a pin does not represent a local ISP, then please send a site instant message to Justin. Please include as much information as you think is necessary, especially the USERNAME of the owner of the pin in question. (the site username is included at the end of the "bubble").

Feedback received on this FAQ entry:
  • I see no one is using this page

    2009-12-05 19:08:32 (koam See Profile)

  • Hi, The pin posted by username "King P" for the Wireless ISP for Franklin, TN could be updated to be more descriptive of the coverage area (only claims one street) and a website link if they want more info (including the PH# as it already has). I didn't know it was on the site until a customer referred to it, so I was happy to see it on the BBR site :-) Info Update: Service provided for North East 4th Ward of Franklin, get more info under the website click on the 'WISP Service' link for more info and prices. PH# is still the same for contact. Again Thanks!!

    2008-04-28 00:43:20 (knightmb See Profile)

  • My ISP is Shoreham Telephone, Shoreham, VT. I think it's the only ISP available in my town of Cornwall, VT. (we have no cable TV). ZIP 05753. not important but I don't see it listed and thought that it could be.

    2007-10-31 17:27:41 (koam See Profile)