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No modern Kitchen Sink should be without one!

Some things we get just aren't worthy of a permanent place in the Sink, but should be allowed a brief view. They go here, as well as items from the Sink which don't garner enough attention to be left up above.

Entries in the Garbage Disposal have a 7-day lifetime, with an expiration date at the end of their title. If enough people plead for their case, Disposal entries may be promoted to the main part of the Sink...think of 'em as left overs.

The Disposal can only hold 10 items at one time (economy model), so if you submit something, and don't see it for a while, it means we have plumbing problems--things are backing up.

Have patience...a few jabs with a plunger, and we'll get to yours.

What items are okay for the Garbage Disposal?

Anything that's interesting to a lot of people, but wouldn't offend your grandmother--unless, of course, your granny rides a Harley hog when she isn't in that big rig, hammer down, makin' the long haul from Detroit to Tampa.

10-4, Good Buddy?

So, if you have some tasty morsels, pass 'em our way and let us get a whiff....

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last modified: 2004-02-08 19:02:32