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Dominion is the latest game mode introduced to League of Legends. Two teams of five play against each other in holding up to five different bases. If you're familiar with Arathi Basin in World of Warcraft, this is a similar concept.

The game introduces new items to choose from and shuts down other items. This is an attempt to try and provide a little more game balance. The game's pace is much different than in regular play. You begin at level 3, allowing yourself to select three skills. You also start off with 1375 gold instead of 475. While there are no Doran's items, there are Prospector items that are approximately twice the cost of a Doran's item with about twice the benefit. Gold and experience is accumulated mostly through time. You can still accumulate gold through minion kills and champion kills, but the bulk of it will come by through time. You get gold for capturing and holding towers as well.

Each team starts off with 500 points. The first team to 0 points loses. There are several ways to drop points from each team. The primary method of dropping points on an opposing team is to hold more bases than they do. Other methods include killing players, the act of capturing a tower, and completing in-game mini-quests. Note that once a team gets to 100 points, the only way to reduce their points further is to actually hold more bases than they have. You do not reduce points simply by holding bases. You must capture more than the enemy team.

This is why it is possible for a team to come back at just a few points and win the game.

Game strategy typically involves holding three towers and then bouncing back and forth between those three and defending them. You want to hold the two nearest your base as well as go for the top base. The key is that if the enemy allocates too many people to take that top base, they leave one of their others vulnerable.

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