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1. Bell Mobility

Postpaid Customer Service
(Monday to Friday, 9am-9pm. Saturday, 9am-6pm. Sunday 12pm-5pm.)

From Cellular *611
From Landline 1-800-667-0123
From USA 1-800-667 ROAM (7626)

Prepaid customer Service (Monday to Friday, 9am - 5 pm)
From Cellular #321
From Landline 1-888-537-9999

Bell Canada Repair
If your home phone goes down, you can still use your cell to call Bell Canada Repair by dialing #611

Message Centre (Postpaid)
Dial cell number eg:(123)555-1212
Wait until the greeting starts, then press # xxxx (xxxx is 4 digit password)

Message Centre (Prepaid)
If you're in Quebec, Kingston, Brockville, Cornwall, Ottawa and surrounding areas, to retrieve messages from a cell phone, dial 9998 + send, and wait for the prompt to enter your password. To retrieve messages from a landline phone, dial 1-877-907-5157. All other Ontario residents must dial 9999 + send from their cell phone or dial 1-888-304-8058 from a landline and wait for the prompt to enter their password.

To change the number of rings before a call goes to voicemail
*94 x (x is the number of rings 0-9) eg *945 would be 5 rings

Call Forwarding
*72 xxx xxx xxxx (10 digit number)
*720 un-forward

Block Caller ID Status
Display Caller ID Status

Voicenet (requires feature subscription)

Toll Free Test Call
*BELL (2355)

Toll Free Prepaid Top-up

Feedback received on this FAQ entry:
  • On HSPA phones number of rings to voicemail on Bell Mobility as I've have been told by another user: (note: this are in multiples of five) *61*6473832355*11* [enter your five interger here] 15 being network default at 3 rings to voicemail] if that's too few rings, change the value by a mutiple of 5 only, using values other than 5 | 10 | 15 | 20 - etc will change the default to an unknown value. Once done press (send) *dial* that string of digits you have entered on your phone]

    2012-02-12 18:29:38 (siljaline See Profile)

  • On Bell CDMA phones, *94 (plus) number of desired rings, controls number of rings to voicemail. *94 (plus) 5 would be the default.

    2010-09-18 19:51:25 (siljaline See Profile)

by shaner See Profile
last modified: 2003-05-30 12:10:57

Roamer Access Numbers were discontinued by Bell in June 2006. These type of long distance calling workarounds are not available from any Canadian carrier.

Feedback received on this FAQ entry:
  • Canadian Roamer access phone #'s is missing. trinnyg#hotmail.com

    2007-09-23 20:50:21

by shaner See Profile
last modified: 2007-10-29 19:00:13

Call Forwarding, Call Waiting, and Conference Calling are all standard features on every Bell Mobility postpaid plan.

Individual Features

Unlimited Weeknights $15.00/month
Unlimited Weeknights local calling. Monday to Friday, 8pm-7am.

Unlimited Weekends $15.00/month
Unlimited Weekends local calling. Friday 8pm to Monday 7am.

Unlimited Weeknights and Weekends $25.00/month
Unlimited Weeknights and Weekends local calling.

Call Display $4.00/month
Allows you to see what number is calling before you answer they phone.
See what number is calling you. Your Digital PCS phone is a convenient way to monitor your incoming calls.

Mobile Browser $5/month
100 minutes of Mobile Browser access or unlimited 1x data access

Text Messaging $5 or $10/month
$5=100 text messages per month. $10=Unlimited text messages.

Touch Base Service $5.00/month
Make 20 local calls of unlimited duration to a designated phone number. Long Distance charges may apply.

Voice Dial $3.00/month
Place a call just by speaking a name or number. There is no need to subscribe to this service if your phone has Voice Dial built into it.

JustOne $10.00/month
Allows calls to ring at home first, and then your cell phone. If there's no answer at either phone, a message can be left on your home Call Answer service.

No Answer Transfer $5.00/month
This feature will allow a customer to have a call ring at the cell first, and if there's no answer, automatically transfer to another number.

Bundled Features

Value Bundle A $10.00/month
Call Display, Message Centre, Voice Dial

Value Bundle B $8.00/month
Call Display, Message Centre

Value Bundle C $6.00/month
Message Centre Express, Call Display

Text And Wireless Web Bundle $8/month
100 Text Messages, 100 Minutes of Mobile Browser per month

Message Pro $10.00/month
Message Centre, Message Centre Fax, Message Centre Plus, Call Display, E-mail relay/Text messaging

PowerPak $20.00/month
Message Centre, Message Centre Fax, Message Centre Plus, Call Display, VoiceDial, E-mail Relay/Text Messaging

Call Redirect $5.00/month
The combination of Call Display and No Answer Transfer allows you to identify incoming calls and either answer immediately, or let calls ring through to an alternate number. If you have voicemail at your alternative destination, messages can be left for you there.

Feedback received on this FAQ entry:
  • Got a letter in the mail. They will now be charging 15$/month for unlimited texting as of July 1, 2009.

    2009-06-05 11:48:40

by shaner See Profile
last modified: 2003-05-23 11:18:06

No. You can only use phones which are sold by Bell Mobility dealers (ie:Bell World, Future Shop, Telephone Booth, Wireless Wave, etc...). There are also 3 very good reasons why a phone from another carrier will not work on Bell Mobility.

    •Different technologies. This is quite obvious. A Rogers or Fido GSM phone uses a vastly different technology than Telus or Bells' CDMA network. This is kind of like trying to use Windows XP on a Macintosh computer.

    •Digital unlock codes. Because cellular phones in North America are heavily subsidized, most carriers don't want to see a phone they spent hundreds of dollars on end up on some other company's network. Therefore, almost every digital phone sold in North America has a 6 digit programming lock code. Without this code, it's impossible to program a phone with a new new number or network settings. These lock codes are owned by the company which sold the phone in the first place. Bell also has a policy of not activating "foreign" handsets on their network. This type of policy is usually a standard part of a roaming agreement with another carrier.

    •Software. Digital Cellular Phones are more and more like computers everyday. The software they have in them is specialized for the network on which they are to be used. If those phones are used on a different network, chances are they will not perform very well.

Feedback received on this FAQ entry:
  • Bell mobility now supports sim cards. Phones that are of similar tech can be used. May need to manually set up for secodary 850 band

    2011-01-24 22:30:42 (Devanchya See Profile)

by shaner See Profile
last modified: 2004-10-21 01:49:59

From time to time, you may need some special consideration on your account. There are usually charges associated with any type of change to your account.

Activation, S.A.F., and 911
There is a one time fee of $35 for activation, a monthly charge of $8.95 for the System Access Fee, and another monthly charge of .75 for 911 service.

Moving and Phone Number changes.
There is a charge of $20 for changing your number even when moving to a new address. As well, for any number change, there will be a charge of $15 at a Bell World store for reprogramming your phone.

Plan Changes.
There is now a $20 fee for any plan change, regardless of whether you're upgrading or downgrading. This is to prevent people from starting with a lower rate plan and taking advantage of promotions like 6 months Unlimited Local Talking, and then changing your plan to meet your needs after the promotional period. The idea is to be on the right plan for your needs right from the start. You can change your plan yourself at http://www.bell.ca/

Cancelling your service.
The Early Cancellation Fee is calculated as $20 x the number of months remaining on your contract, or $400 whichever is less. There is no charge to cancel if your contract has expired, however it will take 30 days to cancel your account from the time you notify Bell Mobility.

Hardware Upgrade
You may purchase a new phone at any point during your contract, provided your account is in good standing. However, you will be eligible for any hardware rebates only once every 24 months. There are now 2 rebate time periods. You may be eligible for a partial rebate earlier if needed, but the eligibility will depend on how profitable your account is for Bell Mobility. There is also a $25 Hardware Upgrade Fee, which is paid $15 in store, and $10 on the bill. Certain corporate rate plans may have exclusions to these policies.

Temporary suspension
The only way to 'suspend' your account is to reduce your rate plan to a minimum rate plan, which is currently $30/month. Of course, the $20 plan change fee still applies.

Serial Number Swaps
At some point, you may want to swap phones with a friend or spouse. There will be a charge of $35 to swap the phones, and an extra charge of $30 ($15x2) at a Bell World store for reprogramming.

Transfer of Responsibility
If you are under contract and you want to have someone else take over your account, both of you must call Bell Mobility to make arrangements. A credit check will be done on the new user, and a fee of $35 will be charged.

Feedback received on this FAQ entry:
  • You forgot that Bell charges $5.00 if you forget your password and need to change it. This is the first cheapskate company I have found that has that fee.

    2012-06-11 12:22:16

by shaner See Profile
last modified: 2007-10-29 19:05:00

Yes. There are lots of corporate rate plans through Bell Mobility. The terms are different with each one, but there are some standard features.

    Per Second Billing. As of right now, this is the only way a new customer can get per second billing with Bell Mobility. The real bonus of the corporate per second billing, is that it starts from the moment you hit send. There's no one minute minimum, so it's true per second.
    Free Activation. You automatically save $35 when activating on a corporate account. There is still a $35 upgrade charge if you're getting a new phone, and it does cost $25 to move from a standard account to a corporate one.

    Detailed Billing. Your bill will list each and every call you've made.

    Bonus features and monthly price reductions. Most corporate plans will include some very good bonus features, eg: Message Centre, Call Display, Unlimited Nights or Weekends, or any combination of those. As well, most corporate rate plans also give a percentage discount. The base plan is almost always $25/200 mins. There are discounts ranging from 6% to 20% off of that base rate depending on how large the corporate account is.

Bottom line is, whenever you walk into a Bell store to look at getting a new account, tell the rep who you work for or where you go to school. Usually, a corporate rate can be found, which can save you quite a bit of money every month.

Feedback received on this FAQ entry:
  • why should i pay for activation upgrade for a phone when i am still with your service do you want me to changed and go with rogers in stead wave the activation fee i stay with bell and everybody is happy

    2010-05-18 14:03:05

  • I did ask about Corporate plans with Bell Mobility at the store and they said that I would have to provide them with the Corporate plan. How do I know what the Corporate plan is, when I can't find anything there. They just said there were lots of corporate plans out there. They didn't even try checking for one with the company I work with.

    2009-03-10 12:41:24

by shaner See Profile

All new phones sold by Bell Mobility dealers come with a 1 year manufacturers warranty. Remember, it is the phone manufacturer, not Bell Mobility, which sets out the warranty requirements. Only defects due to the general use of the phone will be covered by warranty.
Refurbished units are sometimes sold, usually on a prepaid account, and they generally have a 90 day warranty. Make sure you ask before you buy.

Dead on Arrival (D.O.A.) phones
Each manufacturer has different rules governing the exchange of a phone if it becomes defective soon after the original customer purchase. Generally, if a phone is less than 30 days old, and has less than 300 minutes of use, only then can it be swapped out for a new phone in the store. After the D.O.A. period, the phone must be sent in to the manufacture for repair. There are no exceptions to this rule. Your phone may be gone for up to 6 weeks.

Loaner Phones
Do not throw out your old phone, unless it is completely unusable. If your new phone develops a problem and has to be sent in for service, you can use the old phone in the meantime for free. Many retailers will have a stock of loaner phones for you to use in the meantime if you do not have an old phone to use. Most stores will charge $25 for the use of their loaner. Bell Mobility is under no obligation to provide you with a loaner, and the stores have to buy their own phones at unsubsidized prices, which is why they charge for for them.

What's not covered
Physical damage of any sort. Broken antennas are not covered. The most often seen type of non-warranty damage is liquid damage. The phones themselves usually come with a strip of litmus paper in them which will be a dead giveaway to liquid damage when the service person looks at it. As well, don't leave your phone in the car on a cold winter night. By morning, condensation can build up inside causing liquid damage. Also, extreme temperature swings can crack an LCD screen, again not covered.

Extended Warranties
These are actually a good deal when it comes to cell phones. Currently, Bell World offers a 2 year extended warranty for $69 with a regular phone, $109 for a data device (Kyocera 7135, Audiovox Thera, etc...) This warranty covers an additional 2 years past the manufacturers warranty. As well, this warranty gives the customer a free loaner phone and free software upgrades for the whole 3 years. Different retailers will have different warranties. Make sure you ask about how the warranty works before you buy it.

Bell Mobility after sales service and warranty policies.

Feedback received on this FAQ entry:
  • We have been trying to look online for the phone number to use the extended warranty. It would be helpful if it were in this section.

    2010-08-21 18:50:44

by shaner See Profile
last modified: 2004-06-18 09:55:02

Bell Mobility's coverage maps.

by shaner See Profile
last modified: 2007-10-29 19:06:14

Report a lost or stolen phone
Check coverage by postal code
Bell Mobility Service and Warranty policies.
Wireless Network Trouble Reporting Form.
Handset User Guides.
Check the repair status of your phone.

Bell World store locator.

Feedback received on this FAQ entry:
  • i put a 15%pay as you go card on yesterday after being negative 3$ was told yesterday my amount was then 11;05 just got a thank you yoiur 7$ went through just now whats with that?

    2014-02-13 12:26:09

  • trying to resolve a bill problem and can't get to the http;//bell.ca/resolve site your company sent to my phone.

    2014-02-13 12:22:54

  • Check coverage link and store locator links are dead as of April 16

    2010-04-16 22:23:56 (amysheehan See Profile)

by shaner See Profile
last modified: 2005-02-14 16:11:32