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2. Fido/Microcell

Fido's handset selection is somewhat limited, but most of them are quality products.

Single band 1900 mhz
GPRS capable, built in AIM, mobile browser. Exclusive to Fido.
$375 after $100 credit

Sony Ericsson T310
Tri-Band (World phone)
GPRS/WAP Capable, Built in AIM
$125 - Monthly Package
$200 - Prepaid package

Nokia 5100
Tri-Band (World phone)
GPRS/WAP Capable
$250 - Monthly Package
$300 - Prepaid Package

Sony Ericsson P800
GSM/GPRS Capable, PDA/Phone

Siemens A56
Dual Band (1900 mhz/850 mhz)
$50 - Monthly Package
$75 - Prepaid

Sony Ericsson T300
GPRS/WAP capable
$75 - Monthly Plan
$200 - Prepaid

Nokia 7210
Tri-Band (world phone)
GPRS/WAP capable

Nokia 6340 - Dual mode, 1900 mhz GSM, AMPS (analog), it also supports TMDA, but Fido disabled that.

This is not a phone, but a pc card for your laptop, you can use it to browse the internet via their GPRS network.

Novatel Wireless PC card
Regular price was $525

*Please note, all these prices are after the appropriate amount of money has been credited to your account.

Also, if you don't like their handset selection you can always go out and buy a GSM phone that is unlocked then activate it with Fido.

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last modified: 2003-10-07 06:45:04

As you can see Fido lacks digital rural coverage, but the coverage it does provide is exceptional. If you are in the urban area and plan to stay there, you should check out Fido.

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last modified: 2003-09-01 18:31:05

Account 1:
Name: FidoWAP
APN - wap.fido.ca
User: fido
password: fido

Account 2:
Name: FidoINT
APN: internet.fido.ca
user: fido
password: fido

then, to set up WAP, create a Wap profile with the following:
Name: Fido
Connect using: FidoWAP
user: fido
password: fido


homepage: »wap.fido.ca
session mode: permanent
connection security: off
data bearer: GPRS
GPRS connection: when needed
GPRS access point: wap.fido.ca
IP address:
authentication type: normal
login type: automatic

I hope one works for you!

Feedback received on this FAQ entry:
  • thanks a lot, it worked for me... this is very helpful...

    2012-07-12 16:22:36

  • what are the fido settings for the htc mytouch 3g, i'm not able to activate it. thanks

    2011-05-06 14:13:16

  • plz i need help with the WAP and GPRS settings for the LG NEON TE365F from fido...its from canada but i am from the caribbean

    2010-02-22 19:13:00

  • This wored for my samung i600.... Thank u

    2009-11-22 01:03:16

  • I just got a Google Android phone, and needed the APN settings. They fwd'd me the information as sms, so I'll repeat it here for posterity: DNS: primary: secondary: WAP settings: homepage: http://wap.fido.ca GPRS access point (apm): wap.fido.ca IP address: Port: 9201 user: fido pword: fido GPRS Settings: APN: internet.fido.ca user: fido pword: fido dial up# *99# MMS Settings: apn:mms.fido.ca ip: port: 9201 mms relay server URL: http://mms.fido.ca Outbound email settings: Outgoing port: 25 outgoing server: gprs.fido.ca

    2009-03-10 12:56:43

  • Hi, I just unlocked my SE Z750i and the WAP stopped working (with Fido). I was able to get the internet to work but not WAP. I read on one of the websites that WAP only works with the Fido phones.. Is it true?

    2008-11-28 23:15:36

  • i dont really know what i am doing but somehow it worked thank you

    2008-10-08 17:16:39

  • Does it matter which one i use? like what is the difference between internet.fido.ca and wap.fido.ca, or in what situation do i need to use one of that over the other? i currently just sign up for the umlimited windows mobile email plus 2mb of surfing, can you contact me back at taid_87@hotmail.com thanks alot

    2008-05-27 23:24:45

  • I have a bb8320 and i am with fido..what do i do to set up your above info isn't helping me

    2008-05-21 00:00:56

by elusion See Profile

Fido will not be moving their evenings and weekend clock to 8 PM like the other providers, Fido will stay at 7 PM.

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You can have a Monthly package.

You can have a pre-paid package.

Or, you can have a little bit of both, have the advantages of a monthly package, while paying it like prepaid. It is called "Monthly paid in advanced".

Visit »www.fido.ca for more information.

by elusion See Profile