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4. Monitoring DHCP and PPPoE

No problem.

Whether it is a DHCP line, or a PPPoE connection where you are allocated a new IP address every time you "log in", we can track this if you are prepared to install one of our supported dynamic DNS clients.

A dynamic DNS client is setup to "call home" (when it starts up or when it sees you have a new IP address) to tell us what the current IP is. When we see the IP address change, we flip to monitoring the new IP!

Warning for PPPoE users: If you are not always-on, then the disconnection of PPPoE when you logout, requires your dynamic DNS client to place your IP into an offline state first by telling us this, otherwise we will not know you have logged out!

NOTE: Currently dynamic IP monitoring is troublesome. See this thread for additional info:
»[bug] Line Monitor Dynamic IP Not Updating

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The dyndns.com support page has links to a number of clients for various operating systems.

We have only currently tested operation with windows clients: Dynamic DNS 4.0 (dyndns.zip), DeeEnEs and the DynSite client but our Mac/OS X users also recommend dyndns.com and OpenDNS.

If you have a client that supports plugins, just copy and modify whatever dyndns.org config file it comes with, changing the update url to www.dslreports.com/nic, and thats it!

Feedback received on this FAQ entry:
  • If you using a DVR,NVR or router there is a option to use dyndns.org service, but before you use the service you must creat an account with dyndns.org, www.dvrunlimited.com can help in this matter if using security camera system

    2013-09-08 19:43:14 (dvrunlimited See Profile)

  • Here's an update based on what I had to do. I hope you can test this procedure, or at least warn people that ymmv. DSLReports PPPoe FAQ: 1) Go to Dyn.com and create an account, then sign up for the “DynDNS Pro 14-day free trial”. You will need to register by giving them a major credit card, but your card will not be billed for 14 days, and you can cancel within that time. You will be asked to enter your choice of a hostname. As a reward for trying their service, you are allowed to use one DNS host, which will remain active as long as you log in to your Dyn.com account monthly. 2) Download the DynUpdater DNS client. Run it and enter your Dyn.com member name and password. Click on “Refresh host list”. The host you just created will appear in the “Dynamic DNS Hosts” box. Check the box by your new host. Note the “Current IP address” value; if it is blank, click on “Refresh”. 3) On the DSLReports line monitor setup page, put your current IP in the 'monitor this static IP' box, click the dynamic IP box, and enter the Dyn.com hostname in the 'ip from this dns' box Now, your computer or network communicates with Dyn.com to tell it your current IP, and DSLReports gets that from the hostname.

    2013-03-04 19:33:12 (Scott Heath See Profile)

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Simple answer: Yes!

If you prefer to use the free dynamic DNS update software provided by the dynamic DNS host, such as the N0-IP.com's program rather than "shareware" like DynSite that one has to pay extra for, or may not wish to run multiple DNS update clients at the same time.

Check 'Dynamic IP'
Enter your dynamic DNS name into 'IP from this DNS'
Save the setup.

Wait up to two minutes then check, if the DNS name resolves, the IP will show in the 'STATIC IP' field, but it will change when your DNS name resolves to a new IP.

If a member with DHCP or PPPoE service elects to supply a domain name (such as "rdotson.net" for example) in lieu of a static IP address, he or she has the responsibility to ensure that their DNS listings are kept current.

Feedback received on this FAQ entry:
  • Per FAQ: >Check 'Dynamic IP' Done. >Enter your dynamic DNS name into 'IP from this DNS' Done. >Save the setup. Done. >Wait up to two minutes then check, if the DNS name resolves, the IP will show in the 'STATIC IP' field, but it will change when your DNS name resolves to a new IP. Waited two minutes, then ten minutes - no IP address resolved. FAQ feedback - What do we do when this happens?

    2012-06-18 12:17:29 (xz4gb8 See Profile)

  • FAQ says this - If a member with DHCP or PPPoE service elects to supply a domain name (such as "rdotson.net" for example) in lieu of a static IP address, he or she has the responsibility to ensure that their DNS listings are kept current. Does this mean I have to update THIS site when my IP changes? I ask because it when my IP changes this site has no idea that it has changed.

    2009-11-05 13:12:32 (Dersgniw See Profile)

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Go to the bottom of the page at this website for the free Dynamic DNS Client .NET Edition - Lite.

Unfortunately, Dynamic DNS Client was discontinued in the middle of 2010 after a 12 year run. The above link does not exist anymore.

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To update your line monitor, a call to the following URL will work:




Where NNNNNN is your 'line monitor ID number' and username and password are your site login name and password..

You may test this URL manually from a browser and receive a confirmation or error message if there is something wrong

Feedback received on this FAQ entry:
  • I was getting errors on my end, needing to authenticate again after logging in. After playing around a bit, it looks like this works better for me: https://username:password@secure.dslreports.com/nic?action=edit&started=1&host_id=NNNNNN&myip=A.B.C.D

    2014-09-25 21:56:43 (yoasif See Profile)

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Please download dyndns.zip <-- extract this zip file into your Dynamic DNS 4.0 directory. This should add a dslreports service to the menu of services.
Having done that, setup the screen as per this screenshot.

The dynamic monitor you setup is allocated a unique number. You can get this unique number from the link Line Monitoring Control Center.. it is the 6 digit number displayed after the text identifying your line monitor.

Click for full size

This six digit number is your "account" number for this line. You must provide the dynamic DNS client this number, it goes into the Host Name or DNS Name field.

You must also tell the Dynamic DNS client your dslreports login name and password, as the update procedure is password protected.

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Windows client DynSite or Newer Version of DynSite has been upgraded to include support for DSLreports monitoring from the start. Or, if you have an older version, simply download dslr.zip and extract the contents (one file) into your DynSite program directory, restart DynSite.

When it is running, use the account assistant (right mouse button from the dynsite icon in your windows system tray) to find "dslreports monitoring" (Dynamic DNS server-type).

Select dslreports monitoring and continue, as with any client we support, you must put in your dslreports site login and password (check the "this account needs a password" option). Then move on to "configure a host", enter your dynamic monitor line account number as the "Host" (leave domain name as dslreports.com), and provide any screen name and account name you wish (these are for DynSite display only).

If you have done everything correctly, have configured DynSite elsewhere to say you are on a fulltime connection, and are online, DynSite will quickly update your line monitor with your public IP, and show "Successfully updated" against entry NNNN.dslreports.com in its main status window.

The status tab of DynSite may say The host does not resolve yet, this message can be ignored, as it relates to dynamic DNS services.

You should also be able to verify this IP is now listed in the Maintain Monitors link above.

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The smallest and simplest client is DeeEnEss but that is good for DHCP connections only, it does not handle PPPoE logoff in any way.

For a fully featured client capable of updating many dynamic DNS services, and the DSL reports monitor as well, try DynSite. If you don't like either of these, try Dynamic DNS 4.0 or Dynamic DNS Client .NET Edition - Lite.

There is a page full of others at: dyndns.com

If you use any that have not been certified and they work, please let mjf See Profile know.

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Common causes:
• Your DSLR account is still unverified. You must have received the temporary password and logged in using it, to fix your account. If you are unsure of the status of your account, visit this page to check.
To manually check you can authenticate, please visit this URL to check that it at least accepts your username and password OK. If you get past the username/password prompt ok, then all is well, and you will get a page with the message: Error: Invalid Action.
• You have not entered your dslreports login name and password into your dynamic DNS client correctly. Verify carefully you are using the same username and password as you would do to login to the site.
• You are not entering the correct line monitoring account number into your dynamic DNS client. It should be a six digit number starting with 1 or 2 or 3.. this number is explained here:

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In the accounts section, find dslreports in the Server list, and click ADD.
Now edit these entries: Put your Line Monitoring Account Number into Host, enter your dslreports username and password into the next two fields.

DeeEnEss needs to figure out your public IP address. It might have trouble with this if your public IP address is not on your actual PC, but on a router or proxy server.. in which case, you probably need to change IP Detection to Web based and Interface to DynDNS.

You can download it here: DeeEnEs Download (Seems to not work lately) or DeeEnEs Download (working)

NOTE: Several members have reported difficulty downloading this file recently, with various problems such as "no file" or site unreachable, etc. But the download ability has been verified multiple times.

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DDClient, is easily configurable to support BroadbandReports monitoring. Follow the INSTALLATION instructions, edit /etc/ddclient.conf to add an entry that looks like

protocol=broadbandreports1, \
server=www.broadbandreports.com, \
login=myloginname, \

Then you can setup the rest of the program.

Feedback received on this FAQ entry:
  • This seems to work with ddclient. However, ddclient doesn't use SSL by default, so it connects with http first, then switches to https. Kinda lame. protocol=dslreports1, \ server=www.dslreports.com, \ login=myloginname, \ password=thepassword, unique-ID

    2012-09-11 22:00:07 (justbits See Profile)

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