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3. Windows 95-98-Me

Windows 95 Downloads
Windows 98 Downloads

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System requirements can be found in the setup.txt file, located in the Win98 folder of the CD-ROM.

You can also review the contents of the file in the KB article: Windows 98 Setup.txt File (Q179756).

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last modified: 2002-11-19 19:48:03

System requirements can be reviewed in this MSKB article: Windows 95 Installation Requirements (Q138349).

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last modified: 2002-11-19 19:46:43

System requirements can be reviewed in the MSKB article Minimum Hardware Requirements to Install Windows Millennium (Q253695)

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There are two main ways to install one of these operating systems on a stand-alone machine - by copying the files to another partition or running setup from the CD. By copying the .cab files over you can then install the windows components found in the Windows Setup section without the need to dig out your CD. If you install off the CD you will need the CD to install any components.

The commands you type are in bold and you must include the spaces as seen in the commands given.

Formatting a hard drive and loading an operating system:
From a powered down machine (after youve saved everything and noted all the info youll need like the operating system key and desired layout of drives!)

Boot from Windows floppy no CD support (cold boot, with floppy inserted. Proper disk files available at »
At A: prompt:(to wipe current partition if present)
Large disk support? Always yes!
3.1 delete primary partition (3.1 means on the first screen you choose 3, on the next screen you choose 1)
Esc back out of fdisk to A: prompt
CAD to reboot (CAD is Control, Alt, Delete)

At A: prompt: (start here for new drive)
Large disk? Y
Use maximum allowed? N. (yes only if you want only one drive)
1.1 create primary partition, (X gb) esc (this is your C drive)
1.2 create extended partition, (X gb, continuing until all wanted partitions are created) ESC

2.1 set active partition MUST REMEMBER (This is your C drive)

4.0 to verify partition sizes
Esc back to A: prompt
CAD to reboot

Format drives:
FORMAT C: , enter, y for yes
FORMAT D: , enter, y for yes
Repeat for all drive letters
CAD to reboot

To install using just the CD:

Boot with the CD support, change the directory (CD) to the cd drive letter and run SETUP from there.

To copy .cab files, follow the instructions below:

At prompt, boot with CD support
Take note of location of diagnostic files (this will be displayed on the screen)
Take note of CD drive letter (on screen as well)
Change to X: drive X: (where X: is where you're putting the files, C:, D: etc.)
Create new directory MD WIN9X, verify with dir command (type DIR at D: and make sure it says WIN9X)
Copy needed files G: (where G: is the cd drive, it will vary by set up) , enter, COPY G:\WIN98 D:\WIN98

You can either run the setup from the C: drive, or you can copy them to a different partition and install from there. Installing from a second partition will allow these files to be saved if you format the C: drive and setup can be run again without copying the CD each time.

***Note: Many manufacturers use \WINDOWS\OPTIONS\CABS as the location of the cab file store.

When copying is finished, D: , enter, CD\WIN9x , SETUP, enter, enter


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