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4.2 Requests

To request other services by the DSNY such as dirty sidewalks, litter bin placement, and other other sanitation code violations, visit this page.

To request CFC/Freon removal from refrigerators and air conditioners before they are disposed, visit this page to set up an appointment. It is required by law that CFC/Freon gases must be removed before disposal.

To view DSNY collection schedules including recycling, look here.
To view holidays in which the DSNY does not collect garbage, look here.

To request information on how to clean up graffiti in your neighborhood or to report a missed collection by the DSNY, call 311.

You can also use the 311 hotline to report complaints.

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last modified: 2005-04-24 20:58:17

To request a street tree to be placed in front of your house, please visit this link.

To request for the removal of a dead street tree, please visit this link.

To learn more about proper care of a street tree, visit this link.

Removing or damaging a street tree is illegal. To report damages to a street tree, call 311 or visit this link.

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