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30.0 Software

The first place you should check is with your notebooks manufacturer. Most often, they will have a webpage dedicated to software for your notebook, and this includes drivers. Depending on your manufacturer, you should see a list of updated drivers if there are any. For example, a person with a Dell notebook can access this page: »support.dell.com/support/downloa···en&s=gen to find any updated drivers that may be needed.

If you do not find any updated drivers, you can always check the manufacturers page for the specific device you need the driver for. For example, if you need to install new drivers for your Mobile Ati Radeon 9700 video card, you may check out Ati's webpage for drivers. A word of caution though. Some video card drivers are specially made for notebooks. Be sure you are downloading and installing drivers intended for mobile products and not for a desktop.

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Manufacturers generally aren't interested in updating the drivers for GPUs in their laptops after a certain point.

For gamers, this means that they'll be stuck with old drivers offering marginal performance.

Luckily, severial 3rd party groups have started "modding" the infs of various GPU manufacturer's drivers.

While most of these work, generally it is good to check with the creators themselves to determine which inf is good for which GPU.

Most of these should be treated as Beta, however, after some testing, usually you can get better performance and compatibility than what you would've gotten with whatever driver your manufacturer provided.

ATI: "Omega Drivers" »www.driverheaven.net/downloads/index4.htm
ATI: "Mobility Modder" »www.driverheaven.net/patje/
Nvidia: (infs for drivers) »www.laptopvideo2go.com
Nvidia: Please read through the omega drivers website, see below. Laptops are apparently supported per the following quote from the driver readme:

These are my "optimized" drivers for the NVIDIA family of video cards/laptops.

What's New? (2k/XP 1.6177)"
/end quote.

Omega drivers site: »www.omegadrivers.net/ (thanks Deus)

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Yes. There's a great free open source software, and it's called SpeedswitchXP

This software enables you to force the CPU to run at the lowest speed when doing light processing (for longer battery life.) Or force maximum speed for doing heavy gaming (for better performance). And almost everything in between is possible.

Another popular option is RMClock Utility

This utility allows the user to fine-tune various P-States (performance states) and the associated voltage levels. The maximum and minimum FID and VID can also be set so that the processor bound to a range of frequencies and/or voltages.

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Don't like the built-in software that came with your new notebook, netbook or laptop?
There's alternative choices, some of which are free.

Listed below, in no particular order - are a few of them:

Debut Video
MSN Webcam Recorder

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