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1.1 Availability & Pricing

OOL personnel here have to avoid doing serviceability research for the DSLR community because in the past they have found that the information they can gather is usually no better than what is publicly available on the OOL Availability Lookup Site, doesn't help make the construction any quicker, and takes significant time away from their jobs and the jobs of those they must contact. Also, if the construction schedule were to change, you would be disappointed and their credibility would suffer. It's also very easy for them to get a date from one department, only to find later that another department has required work that will change the date.

In other words, you'll get the best information by visiting the OOL availability Lookup Site. You might also be able to get availability by escalating through the support phone channels.

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You can order service through Optimum's website, which they have a variety of offers between double play (2 out of the 3 service offerings) or the popular triple play bundle. Each have their own value. But, you can also order Optimum Online solely (call it 'single play', if you will?).

You can also order by calling directly using one of their regional telephone numbers.

Cablevision only provides their Optimum product to their territories (selected NY, NJ, CT and also ex-Bresnan areas).
So, for example - if you're located in a Time Warner Cable area, you cannot switch services (between two cable operators at the least) as cable operators do not normally overlap Cablevision territories and vice versa.

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Standard service for Optimum Online is $44.95 per month with iO services; or $49.95 per month without iO service.

Cablevision has a set of pricing arrangements and bundles (e.g., triple play; double play) available here.

Also, see this FAQ for the bandwidth breakdown of each tier Cablevision offers.

Optimum West customers (ex Bresnan subscribers)
Please see this FAQ for additional info on special packages provided by Cablevision for Optimum West.

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