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1.2 Speed

Optimum Online | 'standard': 15 Mbps downstream; 2 Mbps upstream
Optimum Online | 'Boost': 30 Mbps downstream; 5 Mbps upstream
Optimum Online | Boost+: 50 Mbps downstream; 8 Mbps upstream
Optimum Online | Ultra: 101 Mbps downstream; 15 Mbps upstream

Cablevision no longer caps their subscribers, in any way.
However, those looking to operate servers, please see this FAQ entry: »Optimum Online FAQ »Can I run a server on OOL?

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Feedback received on this FAQ entry:
  • Regular OOL - 15/5, Ultra 50 - 50/25, Ultra 101 - 101/35

    2014-08-04 14:01:00

  • Outdated. Well - mostly. Ultra 50, Some people still have Boost or Boost +

    2014-03-10 19:42:28 (cowbawx See Profile)

  • Should be noted that most get 58/8 for Boost+ and 20/2 for "standard". They tend to offer up to those speeds but never advertise it.

    2012-09-16 13:57:35 (Kalphiter See Profile)

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At the top (or left side) of the forum, you'll see three speed test links.

»/speedtests (Our own set of tests-flash or java)
»www.speakeasy.net/speedtest (speakeasy tests- flash)

The OOL FTP speed test will begin a 64MB file download, while the other 2 sites use a web application.

There's a reference to NDT-based speedtest servers - see FAQ:
»Optimum Online FAQ »What is an NDT speed server and why should I trust it?

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Slow download speeds in peak usage hours which improve in off-peak hours are usually caused by congestion in the Optimum Online network, either at your Node or at one of the upstream / edge routers.

First of all, check to see that this is actually the problem causing your decrease in download speed. If your speeds are slow regardless of time of day, then you probably have a different problem, and should try posting in the »OptimumOnline forum, but follow through this FAQ first!

Cablevision has alleviated most speed congestions with the deployment of DOCSIS-3 (or D3 as we sometimes abbreviate), which allows a D3 certified modem to bond several channels to balance the load in the event of an congestion and to increase bandwidth distribution.

RARPSL See Profile and TheWiseGuy See Profile sums up the deal with D3 and their bonding techniques - »[OOL] DOCSIS 2 vs DOCSIS 3 modems

If you are still seeing slowdowns in peak hours, you will need to find some way to convince those who can fix the problem that there actually is one. Essentially, you want engineering to split your node or otherwise re-arrange OOL's network so as to eliminate the peak-hour overloading.

Here's a theory on collecting info from the area for network congestion, by spidey3 See Profile:
said by spidey3:

One way to do this is to survey your neighbors to see if they are also having the problem. Start by asking your closest neighbors. If you are in an apartment building, you could, for instance, post a note by the mailboxes, with a check-box for people to indicate their situation. Also contact any other neighbors you know, even those who are just acquaintances. If you are the outgoing type, you could do a more general canvas, I suppose. The more people you ask the better -- but you don't need to survey the whole zip code.

As for node boundaries, it doesn't really matter if you get responses from people who aren't on the same node. And you do not need to include responses like "my speed is fine" in your list -- just include the list of those who have complaints. Although, if everyone in the area is saying that their speeds are fine, then you may want to reconsider whether there is actually some other problem specific to you.

Once you have your list, call customer service and politely explain the situation, "My neighbors and I have been having slow speeds in peak times, and I was informed that providing a list of affected OOL users in the neighborhood would be helpful to you in diagnosing the problem". If the support person isn't immediately helpful, ask politely to speak to second level support, and repeat your story. Don't forget to offer to fax or email the list of affected users, and always make sure the first thing you do when speaking to anyone at customer support is ask their name and position, and record this information.

Regardless of whether you manage to get customer support to accept your list, you should get them to roll a truck [send a technician to your home]. Politely explain the situation, presenting the list to the technician who shows up. Let them run whatever tests they wish to run; you will need to prove to them that the problem is not in your own system. Do not get confrontational; just politely insist that they call in and convey the situation up the chain of command. Try to get the supervisors name and telephone number. Make sure you have a printed copy of the list that the engineer can keep, and insist that they physically attach the list to their copy of the trouble ticket before you sign it. It is important to sign the ticket, and that it indicate that the problem was not inside your home, because otherwise they may charge you for the visit.

Always remember that the whole purpose of this exercise is to get a list of OOL customers with speed problems into the hands of the people who can actually fix the problem -- the engineers in the local office. And keep in mind that if you act politely and professionally throughout the process, so will they.

I don't guarantee that this will work every time, but I have seen it work in the past. It is definitely worth a try.

Feedback received on this FAQ entry:
  • Not sure how old this thread is, but I was on bresnan which was bought out by optimum and a few months after the purchase went through optimum went on a customer binge.. Ever since then their lines have been heavily oversubscribed.. The average customer can expect no greater than 3.5mbps download while they are supposed to be getting up to 15mbps.. I have done thorough testing of this around my area (missoula, mt) for beyond the last 6 months and have discovered the same results in both residential internet customers and business customers.. To doublecheck my results I also tested on the optimum speedtest sites which claim speeds of 12+mbps while the same tests on speedtest.net, etc. to multiple locations rarely make it past 3.5mbps and never seem to make it past 5

    2012-10-02 23:12:57

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An NDT [Network Diagnostics Test] server runs on a much faster connection than the usual Speakeasy and DSLR speed tests.

These servers support a Web100 linux kernel as part of the Net100 project to make a network aware OS.

If you try the various Web-100 tests around the country which run on very well connected servers, you should see your actual speed or close to it [these testers are good to 100 Mbps and beyond.]

The Web100 kernel is optimized to run speed tests on a very fast connection. Data shows you various TCP kernel variables for the transfer from the test server to your client applet.

Your browser's "Java console" may provide additional clues. You may also need to upgrade your browser's java run-time environment (JRE) from java.com; you should be running Java Run-time Environment Version 5.0, at least.

To date, Update 6 is the latest version of JRE:

»www.java.com/en/download/ie_auto.jsp [MS Internet Explorer]
»www.java.com/en/download/windows_xpi.jsp [Firefox]

Many users especially 15 Mbps/2 Mbps upgraded areas and 30 Mbps/5 Mbps BOOST users prefer these tests.

NDT Tests

• »web100.rit.edu:7123/ (Rochester, NY)

• »jlab4.jlab.org:7123/ (Newport News, VA)

• »ndt.anl.gov:7123/ (Argonne, IL)

• »netspeed.stanford.edu/ (Palo Alto, CA)

• »nitro.ucsc.edu/ (Santa Cruz, CA)

• »speedtest.umflint.edu/ (Flint, Michigan)

• »whisper.cs.utk.edu:7123/ (Older version of the NDT tester)

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