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2.11 Arris

Your Arris modem's IP is »
However, like most modems, you'll have a diagnostics page when you click the IP address above in your web browser; unfortunately, this does not work with the Arris cable modems. You will need telnet access to your modem's interface.

You'll need to make sure 'telnet' is enabled and installed on your system.

• You can telnet to your Arris via MSDOS (for Windows) by typing: telnet
• Telnet process, for Macs, can be done via Terminal application (see MacOS link below).

--> For Windows Vista and 7 systems: »technet.microsoft.com/en-us/libr···allVista
--> Mac OS systems: »www.wikihow.com/Use-Telnet-on-Mac-OS-X

Arris modem's interface has an daily dynamic password.
Thanks to, chunk73 See Profile - here - there's a downloadable tool that will scramble a new password for you on a daily basis.

Note: as you enter the password, after connecting via telnet, the cursor will not move, but as you type through it still applies. Make sure your cap lock is ON when entering the password.

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After successfully connecting to your modem via telnet, there should be a command field next to:
[ 1] Console> - type in: rf - hit enter.

There's two separate command functions for downstream and upstream power levels.
In the 'RF' category, type in the following:

• downstream levels: ds
• upstream levels: us

For example, here's what you should be seeing on your command lines-

Upstream stats:
Click for full size

Downstream stats:
Click for full size

As you can see from the screenshots above:
    upstream signal is: 44.25 dBmV;
    downstream signal is: 3.2 dBmV;
    SNR (Signal to Noise Ratio, labeled as MSE in the downstream) is: 38.258 dB

See --> »Optimum Online FAQ »What should my modem levels be?
For industry acceptable signal levels.

Note: the TM822G appears to allow access to the signal page, unlike some earlier models.

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The US (upstream) indicator is orange to show your upstream isn't using the channel bonding method; unlike your DS (downstream) indicator, which should be green showing your modem is successfully utilizing the channel bonding. Nothing to panic about!

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last modified: 2011-07-12 06:36:47