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1. General Questions

As posted by beach boy on 04-06-2006:

The AT&T DSLReports team has received notification that the company is switching DNS to an any cast DNS plan using only two DNS IP's across the network. The volume of DNS clusters is not going down, but their addresses are. The group working the change is slated to complete turning down the legacy DNS IP's by year's end, and regionally one by one.

I have been asked to get the word out on this site that this change is going on, as someone who is working the change noticed discussion on this site around hard coding some of the legacy DNS addresses that will be turned down.

If you are either a static customer or have other wise hard coded your DNS entries to the legacy DNS IP's, please start using and instead of the old IP's at your earliest convenience. Keep in mind that we probably will not get a list of when any particular legacy DNS IP will be turned down, so the sooner you make the change the better.

»[General] DNS changes...

by Ryokincaid See Profile edited by skj See Profile
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Go to https://sbcreg.sbcglobal.net and get your username and password. You can also use this username/password on a dial-up (on the road) to access Pacific Bell Internet and then check your e-mail.

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Absolutely not. While sometimes it might be considered beneficial to use the actual service provider (no waiting for technical support, no liason through a third party reseller) sometimes you just can't beat some deals that third party resellers are offering.

Please see this thread for some Pacbell ISP Partners.

This list is not meant as an end-all be-all list of PBI resellers. If you know of a reseller that is not listed, please contact me

by Ryokincaid See Profile

I'm a tech for SBC and figured I would give you guys the low down on ASI.
ASI is the data department of the telephone co. ASI (Advanced Solutions Inc.) is responsible for maintaining the CO, DSLAM, and DSL related problems at the customer's location. If the problem turns out to be on the main line, internal wiring,or any other voice related problem they get the telephone co. involved.

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Well, as they say, a picture is worth a thousand words:

Splitter Install

Thanks to skokie for the pic

by Ryokincaid See Profile

Assuming you have the Enternet software, open the Enternet program and double click on the "create new profile" icon.

For the connection name, it doesn't matter what you put because this is only a temporary account.
Hit Next >>

For user name, put dslreguser

For password put reguser, and type it again to confirm.

Hit Next >>

The software should have found a server. If it doesn't, make sure your modem has sync (three green lights on a Westell WireSpeed, Line Sync Green on the Speed Touch Home) and your network card is installed correctly. Hit Next >>

Hit Finish.

Double click on the new icon, and login to the server.

Open your browser and go to https://sbcreg.sbcglobal.net. (This is about the only place you can go with the temporary account). Create an account with user name and password.

Now go back to your Enternet software and create a profile with the user name and password you selected.

Double click on your new profile, hit connect, and enjoy!

by Ryokincaid See Profile
last modified: 2004-10-13 02:43:15

Outgoing Mail [SMTP] Server: inbound.att.net
Incoming Mail [POP] Server: outbound.att.net

The information below is all for older software, but the link is still valid as of January 2012.

For program specific information, please see http://dialup.pacbell.net/help/sims/

by Ryokincaid See Profile edited by lev See Profile
last modified: 2012-01-20 21:11:58

Project Pronto is SBC's rollout of Remote DSLAM's (or Remote Terminals, or RTs, or Remote Gateways--all essentially the same). They essentially create a mini-CO in areas that are too far away to qualify for DSL. The RT is connected with fiber-optic cabling to the CO. Instead of your line running all the way to the CO, it runs a much shorter distance to the RT.

by EMarti See Profile edited by Ryokincaid See Profile

Unfortunately, no. At least, not without a hassle. SBC used to publish an Excel worksheet that listed the locations and go dates for all planned RT's in a region. Due to slipping dates and other problems, these spreadsheets were pulled away from the public eye.

As far as I know, there is no feasible way to get this information.

by Ryokincaid See Profile

Well, things have been working reliably for a day now. I'll be sure to repost to this thread if things fall apart again, but in the mean time we'll assume that this fix will work for Prodigy users having trouble authenticating:

Get to a tier-2 tech... this is not easy. Here are some tips:

Be SURE they find the entry in the Network Operations Center (NOC) for this problem -- it will likely "be in yellow" indicating off-and-on problems. That tech will have instructions to take down some info like what you used to register (cd vs sbcreg.sbcglobal.net), etc, then assign your case to a general case number that identifies you as being one of a large group having this problem.

Remind them that you know that the Tier-2 tech can fix the problem, and that they need to be filling out the form they need to pass you on. Make mention to 'the escalation desk' -- there's a manager there that needs to OK this transfer to tier-2.

Be absolutely sure that they don't start down the path of normal trouble-shooting -- asking for your username/password to try to log in themselves, rebooting the machine/modem, creating test pppoe connection, etc.

When you get to the tier-2 tech, give them a chance to review the problems, then let them know that the fix seems to be to have them walk through the Yahoo registration to get their authentication server updated.

Walking through the SBC registration with the expectation that the SBC server will push the info to the Yahoo server does not seem to work regularly.

If this does not work, then the fall-back position is to throw away your Prodigy account, and start over as a new SBC/Yahoo user. They talk about this as "deleting your existing VANTIV workskeet, and creating an new on as a new user."

Also keep in mind that you can ask CCCMTech, ADSLGuy, or Toaster to do this for you as well.

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The most current Terms Of Service(TOS) may be found here. »sbc.yahoo.com/terms/

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For a list of official AT&T technicians, please see »/who/members?r ··· s?rr=234.

Except for cabana See Profile, who is a site staff member, the other names are AT&T employees. The "go to" people for the day to day stuff are David See Profile and MarkM See Profile

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