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2. Hardware Issues

1. Connect the Cayman, open your browser, and point it to

2. Enter the following info:
Ethernet LAN: LAN Gateway IP
Server: Off
DNS Proxy Domain Name: pacbell.net
Primary/Secondary Namserver: Your local DNS server pair
VPI: 0 VCI: 35 (Or 8/35, but the vast majority are 0/35)
Encapsulation: ether-llc
NAT: Off
WAN IP address: WAN IP
Gateway Option - Routing Gateway: On
Gateway IP Address: WAN Gateway IP

Click Save, then plug your 5 usable LAN IP's into your 5 and you're done.

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by Ranma See Profile edited by Ryokincaid See Profile

The solution seems to be an unexpected one. It seems that WinXP somehow manage to change the VPI setting of the internal TI ADSL modem from "0" to "8" and thus after upgraded to WinXP, user will get error 768, server not found error message. Here is the entire text found from Compaq's community discussion page:

"Contrary to what Compaq's own tech support will tell you, the 7585 with the internal TI ADSL modem can be upgraded to Windows XP. I purchased my 7585 from Southwestern Bell - they had a deal going where for $60/month you got a new PC and DSL service. I called the SWB tech support number twice to confirm that the TI modem would work with XP. Both times the response was "it should". Other messages on this community board were from 7585 owners who upgraded to XP only to get error message 768 and gave up. I got this error message after I upgraded. Rather than call the DSL support number I called Compaq and they said XP wouldn't work because there wasn't an XP driver for this modem. WRONG!!!!! I guess they were correct in that the Microsoft hardware compatibility list doesn't list this modem as being XP compatible but IT WORKS. Here is what you need to know (since neither SWBell or Compaq have a clue about how to do this).
After you install XP you need to use "Add/Remove Programs" to uninstall the EnterNet 300 program. (I suppose you can do this before you upgrade to XP, but that isn't what I did so I don't know for sure). Then you need to reinstall the TI DSL Manger. You can do this by running the program WINGRME. You'll click on the rubic cube icon and then you'll see the TI ADSL install program. The goal is to see the icon next to the clock in the sys tray that has the up and down arrow under the horizontal bar. The bar was blue so I knew the modem was in sync, but it still wasn't working. I called the DSL support number back and after a long time on the phone my "case" got elevated to a real tech and he told me to change the VPI setting for the modem card to 0 from the value of 8. AND THEN IT WORKED!!!! It seems incredulous that neither SWBell DSL support or Compaq support could provide a simple document about how to do this. Compaq was really bad since they said it wasn't possible to upgrade to XP. I upgraded because Win 98 was crashing a lot. I think I"m glad I did, but the PC is certainly running slower now - I only have 198 megs of RAM and will probably upgrade to 256 in hopes of speeding it back up. Good luck if you try this."

-posted by wbullard on 2/24/2002 (some spellings edited 4-21-02)

For a discussion of an example, follow this post:

»Windows XP is cool...but I lost my DSL !!!

by UorThem See Profile edited by Ryokincaid See Profile
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Since approximately June of 2000 Pacbell uses VPI/VCI settings of 0/35. Prior to June 2000 some of the older DSL accounts may need a VPI/VCI setting of 8/35 depending on your equipment--especially for the Alcatel modems.

If you are trying to buy a modem or router with built-in modem (i.e. Cayman) make sure the VPI/VCI settings match, or can be configured.

by Ryokincaid See Profile

My new modem will not sync - shows no DSL Signal. -

Older modems in DSL service and the the Alcatel 1000 series that were provided in years past to use the "line 2" positions on the phone jack (typically marked yellow/black - the outer pair of pins) while the newer Westells, 2Wire, and Efficient units use "line 1" (red/green - inner pair of pins). If you didn't rewire the jack you're on the wrong pins.

Either switch the line positions in the jack or purchase a two-line splitter, which will give you a Line 1, Line 2 and Line 1+2 jack when plugged into your existing (old unmodified) DSL phone jack. Use Line 2 for a Westell or Efficient modem (which will bring the outer pins to the inner pins of the jack). These adapters are available just about everywhere that sells phone accessories.

by Riss_Centaur See Profile