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1. Information needed for us to help you

What information do you need in order to help me with my DSL problem?

In an effort to help get your problem fixed as quickly as possible, wed like you to provide certain bits of information that are almost always necessary to help diagnose the issues more quickly.

First, describe your problem as completely as possible, then provide the following info:

1) Which AT&T DSL Package do you have
Basic (768kbps down), Express (1.5Mbps down), Pro (3.0Mbps down), Elite (6.0Mbps down)

2) Which modem brand and model do you have? (if Speedstream 5100, does it have 4 or 5 lights)

3) Are you using a router? If so, provide the brand and model.

4) Is your PPPoE login info (username & password) entered in the modem, in your router or do you use PPPoE software?

5) Describe the lights on the modem when the trouble occurs.

6) Confirm that youve checked to ensure that ALL devices plugged into the wall jacks serviced by your DSL phone number (except the DSL modem) have filters fitted.

7) Confirm that youve powered off the modem and started it again and whether or not that made any changes with your problem.

8) Do you hear any type of noise on the DSL phone line or any other unusual telephone symptoms?

9) Provide line stats as follows

a) From Speedstream 5100b, 4100, 4100b -- Go to this address with your browser » and copy/paste the contents of the first two tables into your post

b) From a 2wire modem/router -- Go to this address with your browser --
»homeportal/xslt?PAGE=J03&THISPAG···PAGE=J03 and copy/paste the content into your post

c) From a Motorola 2210 -- Go to this address with your browser » and copy/paste the contents of the first two tables into your post

d) From a Westell 6100 -- Go to this address with your browser - »···ance=106 and copy/paste the contents of the first two tables into your post

10) If you have a speed problem, use the AT&T Speed Test here -- »helpme.att.net/dsl/speedtest/ and post your results.
3/31/10 -- While the AT&T Speed Test site is undergoing renovations, try this site -- »www.speedtest.net

1. General Questions

What are Pacbell's DNS servers?

As posted by beach boy on 04-06-2006:

The AT&T DSLReports team has received notification that the company is switching DNS to an any cast DNS plan using only two DNS IP's across the network. The volume of DNS clusters is not going down, but their addresses are. The group working the change is slated to complete turning down the legacy DNS IP's by year's end, and regionally one by one.

I have been asked to get the word out on this site that this change is going on, as someone who is working the change noticed discussion on this site around hard coding some of the legacy DNS addresses that will be turned down.

If you are either a static customer or have other wise hard coded your DNS entries to the legacy DNS IP's, please start using and instead of the old IP's at your earliest convenience. Keep in mind that we probably will not get a list of when any particular legacy DNS IP will be turned down, so the sooner you make the change the better.

»[General] DNS changes...

If I have static addresss how do I register for e-mail

Go to https://sbcreg.sbcglobal.net and get your username and password. You can also use this username/password on a dial-up (on the road) to access Pacific Bell Internet and then check your e-mail.

Do I Have to use Pacbell for my DSL?

Absolutely not. While sometimes it might be considered beneficial to use the actual service provider (no waiting for technical support, no liason through a third party reseller) sometimes you just can't beat some deals that third party resellers are offering.

Please see this thread for some Pacbell ISP Partners.

This list is not meant as an end-all be-all list of PBI resellers. If you know of a reseller that is not listed, please contact me

What is ASI and its Role with ISPs?

I'm a tech for SBC and figured I would give you guys the low down on ASI.
ASI is the data department of the telephone co. ASI (Advanced Solutions Inc.) is responsible for maintaining the CO, DSLAM, and DSL related problems at the customer's location. If the problem turns out to be on the main line, internal wiring,or any other voice related problem they get the telephone co. involved.

How do I install a splitter?

Well, as they say, a picture is worth a thousand words:

Splitter Install

Thanks to skokie for the pic

How do I register my PacBell DSL account and start surfing the Internet with it?

Assuming you have the Enternet software, open the Enternet program and double click on the "create new profile" icon.

For the connection name, it doesn't matter what you put because this is only a temporary account.
Hit Next >>

For user name, put dslreguser

For password put reguser, and type it again to confirm.

Hit Next >>

The software should have found a server. If it doesn't, make sure your modem has sync (three green lights on a Westell WireSpeed, Line Sync Green on the Speed Touch Home) and your network card is installed correctly. Hit Next >>

Hit Finish.

Double click on the new icon, and login to the server.

Open your browser and go to https://sbcreg.sbcglobal.net. (This is about the only place you can go with the temporary account). Create an account with user name and password.

Now go back to your Enternet software and create a profile with the user name and password you selected.

Double click on your new profile, hit connect, and enjoy!

How do I set up my email?

Outgoing Mail [SMTP] Server: inbound.att.net
Incoming Mail [POP] Server: outbound.att.net

The information below is all for older software, but the link is still valid as of January 2012.

For program specific information, please see http://dialup.pacbell.net/help/sims/

What's this Project Pronto everyone talks about?

Project Pronto is SBC's rollout of Remote DSLAM's (or Remote Terminals, or RTs, or Remote Gateways--all essentially the same). They essentially create a mini-CO in areas that are too far away to qualify for DSL. The RT is connected with fiber-optic cabling to the CO. Instead of your line running all the way to the CO, it runs a much shorter distance to the RT.

Is there a way to find out when an RT is going to go live?

Unfortunately, no. At least, not without a hassle. SBC used to publish an Excel worksheet that listed the locations and go dates for all planned RT's in a region. Due to slipping dates and other problems, these spreadsheets were pulled away from the public eye.

As far as I know, there is no feasible way to get this information.

How does a Prodigy carry-over account owner fix their PPPoE authentication ?

Well, things have been working reliably for a day now. I'll be sure to repost to this thread if things fall apart again, but in the mean time we'll assume that this fix will work for Prodigy users having trouble authenticating:

Get to a tier-2 tech... this is not easy. Here are some tips:

Be SURE they find the entry in the Network Operations Center (NOC) for this problem -- it will likely "be in yellow" indicating off-and-on problems. That tech will have instructions to take down some info like what you used to register (cd vs sbcreg.sbcglobal.net), etc, then assign your case to a general case number that identifies you as being one of a large group having this problem.

Remind them that you know that the Tier-2 tech can fix the problem, and that they need to be filling out the form they need to pass you on. Make mention to 'the escalation desk' -- there's a manager there that needs to OK this transfer to tier-2.

Be absolutely sure that they don't start down the path of normal trouble-shooting -- asking for your username/password to try to log in themselves, rebooting the machine/modem, creating test pppoe connection, etc.

When you get to the tier-2 tech, give them a chance to review the problems, then let them know that the fix seems to be to have them walk through the Yahoo registration to get their authentication server updated.

Walking through the SBC registration with the expectation that the SBC server will push the info to the Yahoo server does not seem to work regularly.

If this does not work, then the fall-back position is to throw away your Prodigy account, and start over as a new SBC/Yahoo user. They talk about this as "deleting your existing VANTIV workskeet, and creating an new on as a new user."

Also keep in mind that you can ask CCCMTech, ADSLGuy, or Toaster to do this for you as well.

What are the Terms of Service for SBC Yahoo! DSL and SBC Yahoo! Dial ?

The most current Terms Of Service(TOS) may be found here. »sbc.yahoo.com/terms/

Who are the official AT&T techs here?

For a list of official AT&T technicians, please see »/who/members?rr=234.

Except for cabana See Profile, who is a site staff member, the other names are AT&T employees. The "go to" people for the day to day stuff are David See Profile and MarkM See Profile

2. Hardware Issues

Cayman Router setup -1 WAN IP, 5 LAN IP

1. Connect the Cayman, open your browser, and point it to

2. Enter the following info:
Ethernet LAN: LAN Gateway IP
Server: Off
DNS Proxy Domain Name: pacbell.net
Primary/Secondary Namserver: Your local DNS server pair
VPI: 0 VCI: 35 (Or 8/35, but the vast majority are 0/35)
Encapsulation: ether-llc
NAT: Off
WAN IP address: WAN IP
Gateway Option - Routing Gateway: On
Gateway IP Address: WAN Gateway IP

Click Save, then plug your 5 usable LAN IP's into your 5 and you're done.

Originally submitted by

My internal TI ADSL modem won't work after Upgraded to WinXP !

The solution seems to be an unexpected one. It seems that WinXP somehow manage to change the VPI setting of the internal TI ADSL modem from "0" to "8" and thus after upgraded to WinXP, user will get error 768, server not found error message. Here is the entire text found from Compaq's community discussion page:

"Contrary to what Compaq's own tech support will tell you, the 7585 with the internal TI ADSL modem can be upgraded to Windows XP. I purchased my 7585 from Southwestern Bell - they had a deal going where for $60/month you got a new PC and DSL service. I called the SWB tech support number twice to confirm that the TI modem would work with XP. Both times the response was "it should". Other messages on this community board were from 7585 owners who upgraded to XP only to get error message 768 and gave up. I got this error message after I upgraded. Rather than call the DSL support number I called Compaq and they said XP wouldn't work because there wasn't an XP driver for this modem. WRONG!!!!! I guess they were correct in that the Microsoft hardware compatibility list doesn't list this modem as being XP compatible but IT WORKS. Here is what you need to know (since neither SWBell or Compaq have a clue about how to do this).
After you install XP you need to use "Add/Remove Programs" to uninstall the EnterNet 300 program. (I suppose you can do this before you upgrade to XP, but that isn't what I did so I don't know for sure). Then you need to reinstall the TI DSL Manger. You can do this by running the program WINGRME. You'll click on the rubic cube icon and then you'll see the TI ADSL install program. The goal is to see the icon next to the clock in the sys tray that has the up and down arrow under the horizontal bar. The bar was blue so I knew the modem was in sync, but it still wasn't working. I called the DSL support number back and after a long time on the phone my "case" got elevated to a real tech and he told me to change the VPI setting for the modem card to 0 from the value of 8. AND THEN IT WORKED!!!! It seems incredulous that neither SWBell DSL support or Compaq support could provide a simple document about how to do this. Compaq was really bad since they said it wasn't possible to upgrade to XP. I upgraded because Win 98 was crashing a lot. I think I"m glad I did, but the PC is certainly running slower now - I only have 198 megs of RAM and will probably upgrade to 256 in hopes of speeding it back up. Good luck if you try this."

-posted by wbullard on 2/24/2002 (some spellings edited 4-21-02)

For a discussion of an example, follow this post:

»Windows XP is cool...but I lost my DSL !!!

I'm trying to set up a router/modem. What are the VPI/VCI I need to use??

Since approximately June of 2000 Pacbell uses VPI/VCI settings of 0/35. Prior to June 2000 some of the older DSL accounts may need a VPI/VCI setting of 8/35 depending on your equipment--especially for the Alcatel modems.

If you are trying to buy a modem or router with built-in modem (i.e. Cayman) make sure the VPI/VCI settings match, or can be configured.

Upgrading from an older or Alcatel modem? Read this!

My new modem will not sync - shows no DSL Signal. -

Older modems in DSL service and the the Alcatel 1000 series that were provided in years past to use the "line 2" positions on the phone jack (typically marked yellow/black - the outer pair of pins) while the newer Westells, 2Wire, and Efficient units use "line 1" (red/green - inner pair of pins). If you didn't rewire the jack you're on the wrong pins.

Either switch the line positions in the jack or purchase a two-line splitter, which will give you a Line 1, Line 2 and Line 1+2 jack when plugged into your existing (old unmodified) DSL phone jack. Use Line 2 for a Westell or Efficient modem (which will bring the outer pins to the inner pins of the jack). These adapters are available just about everywhere that sells phone accessories.

3. Software Issues

How do I use Windows XP built-in PPPoE?

With the release of Windows XP (home and professional), Microsoft included native PPPoE support. To use this, follow these steps which will activate the connection wizard:

    •Go to Start->Control Panel
    •Then Network & Internet Connections
    •Then Network Connections
    •Select Create a new Connection
    •Click Next
    •Select Connect to the Internet then click Next
    •Select Set up my connection manually then click Next
    •Select Connect using a broadband connection that requires a user name and password then click Next
    •Type in your ISP's name then click Next (**See Note Below)
    •Enter your user name as provided by your ISP.
    Note: You might need to inlude your domain as part of your username. pacbelluser@pacbell.net

    •Enter your password, then confirm it

    •Select Use this account name
    •Select Make this the default Internet connection then click Next
    •Select Add a shortcut to this connection to your desktop then click Next
    •Hit Connect
    •Set your homepage to »www.dslreports.com :)

Note: There have been many cases where Step 9 does not work for people. The Username and Password option is grayed out. At Step 8 click on the Dial-up option and fill that out then start over. (untested, as the above steps worked for me. Thanks to www.carricksolutions.com for this warning)

How do I configure Enternet 300 with Windows XP?

Well, simply, you can't! Windows XP and Enternet are not compatible. Please see this FAQ on how to set up WinXP's native PPPoE driver.

Where can I download Enternet 300?

Pacbell Site:

  • Go to http://dialup.pacbell.net/dsl/basic.html
  • Select your modem
  • Select PPPoE
  • Input Username and Password when prompted
  • Select the latest version of Enternet 300 for your operating system. At the time of this writing they are:

    • Linux: Enternet 100 v1.300.000
    • Windows: Enternet 300 v1.5b
    • Macintosh: Enternet 300 v1.22

Efficient Site: (Note: This is unsupported software)

Help! I get stuck (pauses) regularly when I am surfing

If your PC is freezing regularly, and you are on PPPoE using Enternet300 (most Pacbell DSL accounts), your computer may be looking around for a DHCP server that does not exist. Check the following: (windows)

•Open control panel

•Open Network

•Look for the first entry in the scroll box marked TCP/IP, that is associated with a hardware ethernet card (ignore dialup, especially Enternet or NTS and VPN type bindings). Note: If you have a 4060 USB modem, select TCP/IP-> Efficient Networks SpeedStream 4060 CIP/1483

•Select it and press properties

•Select IP address from the tab

Is Obtain IP address automatically checked? If so, change that to Specify an IP address and enter, and, into IP address and subnet mask fields respectively.

Click OK and OK, and the computer will build a driver information database and will require a reboot for the changes to take effect.

This assignment of a harmless local IP address to the TCP/IP settings bound (connected) to your network adapter, will stop the in-built DHCP services from waking up every 10 minutes to look for a DHCP server so that it can "fill in the blanks".

This should solve the freezing problem.

Can I use RASPPPoE instead of Enternet?

What is RASPPPoE?

RASPPPoE is a freeware PPP over Ethernet protocol driver (created by Robert Schlabbach) that can be used as a replacement for the Enternet software provided by Ameritech for connectivity to your DSL account.

Who can use RASPPPoE?

Any Pacbell user with an external DSL modem and a Network Interface Card (NIC). Internal DSL and USB modems may work with RASPPPoE under certain conditions, please refer to RASPPPoE FAQ#5 for additional information.

RASPPPoE was written specifically for Windows 2000, then adapted for use with W98, W98SE and WinME. RASPPPoE will not work with W95 and NT4!

What are the differences between RASPPPoE and Enternet?

    RASPPPoE: written as a Windows protocol, uses no system resources and is 200KB in size.
    Enternet: written as a Windows software application, uses 15-20% of system resources and is ~5 MB in size.

Ok, I want to try it, where do I start?
The first step is to retrieve, print and read the installation instructions FROM START TO FINISH! If you follow the steps outlined by the author, then you should not have any problems with the change-over.

What next?
If you do not have Dialup Networking installed, you should have your Windows installation CD available.

Need more help?
DSLR is your answer station. Go to the RASPPPoE Forum for assistance by other users.

How do I set up my Email in Outlook Express??

Full information for other Programs can be found at http://dialup.pacbell.net/help/sims

Here is the basic information needed to setup your newsreader in Outlook Express.

How to check settings on a account already set up on Outlook Express

    •To begin checking your Outlook Express settings double-click on the
    Outlook Express icon located on your desktop.
    •Single-click on Tools across the top of the page.
    •Go down to Accounts and single-click on it.
    •Single-click on Mail across the top.
    •Single-click on Properties.
    NOTE: If you have more than one account set up with Outlook Express, you must first select the one that pertains to your Pacbell account.
    •Under Mail Account we suggest you use your username with Pacbell, although in this field you can use whichever name you wish.

    This field is merely to identify which mail user is currently in use within Outlook Express, if you were to have multiple users withdifferent e-mail addresses.

    NOTE: Your username is the first part of your e-mail address with Pacbell.
    Example: username@pacbell.net
    •Next to Name type in your full name.
    •Leave Organization blank.
    •Next to E-mail address type in your e-mail address with Pacbell.
    •Leave Reply address blank.
    •Place a check in Include this account when doing a full Send and Receive.
    •Single-click on the Servers tab.
    •Next to Outgoing mail (SMTP) type in mail.pacbell.net
    •Next to Incoming mail (POP3) type in
    •Under Incoming Mail Server place a dot in Log on using.
    •Next to Account name type in your username with Pacbell.

    Note: Your username is the first part of your e-mail address.

    Example: username@pacbell.net
    •Next to Password type in your password with Pacbell.
    •Do not place a check in Log on using Secure Password Authentication.
    •Do not place a check in My server requires authentication.
    •Single-click on the Connection tab.
    •Under Connection place a dot in Connect using my phone line if you are using your dial-up account to access the Internet. If you are using DSL, place a dot in Connect Using My Local Area Network and skip to step #23.
    •Under Use the following Dial Up Networking connection click on the down arrow and select your Pacbell connection.
    •Single-click on the Security tab.
    •Do not place a check in Use a digital ID when sending secure messages from.
    •Single-click on the Advanced tab.
    •Under Outgoing mail (SMTP) put 25 in the box.
    •Do not place a check in This server requires a secure connection (SSL).
    •Under Incoming mail (POP3) put 110 in the box.
    •Do not place a check in This server requires a secure connection (SSL).
    •Under Server timeouts set it all the way to the right on 5 minutes.
    •Under Delivery, do not place a check in Leave a copy of messages on server.
    •Under Sending, do not place a check in Break apart messages larger than.
    •Single-click on OK.
    •Single-click on Close.
    Your Outlook Express settings are configured.

General Enternet 300 FAQ

Enternet is a no-longer-supported product since Siemens purchased Efficient. However some information is available at Efficient's Support Site

4. Troubleshooting

How do I get my line uncapped ?

If after tweaking your system, you feel that you are capped at a certain speed (384 or 768) you might consider contacting SBC/ASI so they can give you informations about your current cap and certainly raise it if your line can hold the new speed.

Post your request in the Official SBCDirect Forum where you may post your DSL phone number in private and ask them to look at your line to see what can be done.

Please be aware that sometimes there is nothing they can do! They can raise your cap to 1.5 and a couple of days later put you back at 768 because they consider that your line doesn't hold that speed fairly well (sync problem, packet loss ...)

They will do anything they can do to give you the best experience with DSL!

How do I contact ASI/PBI Technical Support?

(Note: Originally submitted here)

The ASI-PacBell specific number ( 888-900-9933 ) has been changed. Now use 1-866-ASI-HELP. Option 1 for PacBell, 2 Nevada bell, yada, yada.

Mod Note: 1-866-274-4357 then

1 for ASI West Pacbell, then

1 for Internet Service Providers (what most consumers would want)
2 for Remote LAN Administrators
3 for Common Local Exchange Carriers


1 for ISPSC
2 for DSL Provisioning
3 for DSL Maintenance
4 for Modem/CPE delivery

updated 9/5/2002, courtesy of mkincaid

Enternet 300 error-Server Communication Error

This is never caused by the server or a sync issue its always caused by a communication problem with the server when the tcp/ip protocol is disabled or missing for the NTS PPPOE adapter.

In Win 98/ME/2000, go to Start-Run, type ASD, click Ok. If you see tcp/ip for the NTS PPPOE adapter here, put a check by it to enable it, and reboot. You should be able to connect now.

If that doesnt work, then the NTS PPPOE adapter may be missing tcp/ip. Go to Start-Settings-Control Panel-Network. You will see that there is no tcp/ip protocol for the NTS PPPOE adapter here. Win 95 allows a limit of 4 adapters with tcp/ip bound to it and Win 98/ME allows a limit of 6. If you have more than the limit allowed, then you will have to remove any unneccessary adapters that listed here. If you have AOL 6.0 and do not use it, then uninstall AOL 6.0 because it uses up 3 tcp/ip stacks for AOL Adapter, AOL Dial-Up Adapter, Dial-Up Adapter #2 (VPN Support). Once you have removed the excess adapters, you can add a new tcp/ip bound to the NTS PPPOE adapter by going to Add-Protocol-Add-Microsoft-TCP/IP, click Ok. When you see the NTS PPPOE adapter is bound with tcp/ip, click Ok and reboot your PC. Try and connect.

How do I identify my telephone wiring.

The name for the 2 wires in a telephone circuit (Tip and Ring) are derived from old style phone jacks. The Tip is at 0 Volts DC and the Ring is at -48 VDC. Typical residential wiring pairs are:

Green Tip---Red Ring
Black Tip---Yellow Ring
White Tip---Blue Ring

RJ11 pin pairs are:

3 Tip---4 Ring
5 Tip---2 Ring
1 Tip---6 Ring

A tech is coming out to fix my DSL, what should I know?

Always make sure he checks sync readings with his Sunrise meter at:
•the MPOE (Also known as the NID)
•the wall jack where the cable from the modem plugs in
•and at the end of the cable that plugs into the modem

These readings should be consistent throughout the process and insures that the best possible DSL sync signal is delivered to the modem, and eliminates bad wiring as a culprit.

At the MPOE he should hold the sync for at least three minutes, looking to see if his alarm light (dropped sync) comes on.

5. General links