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1.0 General Forum Information

•There will be absolutely NO fighting, flaming, or trolling! As well as NO inappropriate adult posts, or discussions of "warez" or "cracks".

•This forum is for discussing everything about the EPN area. This area includes AK, ID, MT, OR, WA, WY and Northern CA. Anything from transportation, sports, weather, special events, and everything in between, can be discussed in here. It doesn't matter if you live in the EPN area. Anyone is welcome to join in on the discussions! Almost anything goes as long as long as it is respectful, responsible, considerate, and civilized...'agree to disagree' with someone who's opinion is different than yours! Please show respect for others' opinions!

•Everyone is welcome to post here so have fun.

by sashwa See Profile
last modified: 2006-09-25 14:25:14

Our frequent posters are found here: Frequent posters

If you are from, say, CT, and you have something to say that is relevant to the Extended Pacific Northwest area, then feel free to start a topic about it in this forum! We by no means restrict the usage of this forum to just "EPN" people.

Everyone is welcome.

by sashwa See Profile
last modified: 2009-03-03 21:08:13