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1.0 General Forum Information

Forum Guidelines

•There will be absolutely NO fighting, flaming, or trolling! As well as NO inappropriate adult posts, or discussions of "warez" or "cracks".

•This forum is for discussing everything about the EPN area. This area includes AK, ID, MT, OR, WA, WY and Northern CA. Anything from transportation, sports, weather, special events, and everything in between, can be discussed in here. It doesn't matter if you live in the EPN area. Anyone is welcome to join in on the discussions! Almost anything goes as long as long as it is respectful, responsible, considerate, and civilized...'agree to disagree' with someone who's opinion is different than yours! Please show respect for others' opinions!

•Everyone is welcome to post here so have fun.

Who posts in the EPN forum? I'm an outsider, can I post here too?

Our frequent posters are found here: Frequent posters

If you are from, say, CT, and you have something to say that is relevant to the Extended Pacific Northwest area, then feel free to start a topic about it in this forum! We by no means restrict the usage of this forum to just "EPN" people.

Everyone is welcome.

2.0 Alaska

Are there any webcams in Alaska?

•A list of 50+ webcams in Alaska.

•My favorite, the White Pass and Yukon RR webcam in Skagway, is not in that list.

Places to see and visit in Alaska

Where can I find what National Forests & Parks are in Alaska?

Where can I find travel information for Alaska?

Travel Alaska
Discover Alaska
Alaska Railroad - Link submitted by vaxvms See Profile
White Pass & Yukon Route Railroad - Link submitted by vaxvms See Profile

For a Guide Book and Planner, you may want to consider:

Milepost - Submitted by Owlbet See Profile

A legendary Alaska trip planner and Alaska travel guide to the highways, roads, ferries, lodgings, recreation, sightseeing attractions and services along the Alaska Highway to and within Alaska, including Alberta, British Columbia, Northwest Territories and the Yukon.

Find trip planning help and frequently asked questions about highway travel by RV, auto, caravan or motorcycle, ferry and fly/drive travel to Alaska and Western Canada. Since 1949, The MILEPOST has been the most trusted and complete Alaskan travel guide and Alaskan trip planner for highway and ferry travel to Alaska, the Yukon, British Columbia, Alberta and Western Northwest Territories. Updated annually, The MILEPOST gives you detailed information on everything from the famous Alaska Highway system to cruising Alaska's Inside Passage.

The Milepost is a "must have" for travel in Alaska and Western Canada. Milepost can also be obtained from the larger book retailers such as Borders, Barnes & Noble, etc.

3.0 Idaho

Where can I find what National Forests & Parks are in Idaho?

Where Can I find travel information for Idaho?

4.0 Montana

Where can I find travel information for Montana?

Where can I find what National Forests & Parks are in Montana?

Public lands in Montana comprise approximately 35 percent of the land...State parks, National Forests, Wilderness Areas and National Parks...

Montana's Parks and Forests

Montana's National Parks

5.0 Northern California

What National Forests are located in Northern California?

Where can I find travel information for Northern California?

Where does Northern California Begin?

What I consider Northern California begins above Sacramento. Others will argue this.

Jefferson is the mountain border region of northern California and southern Oregon. See State of Jefferson for more info.

6.0 Oregon

Covered Bridges of Oregon

Oregon has the largest collection of covered bridges in the West and one of the largest in the nation.

Covered Bridges of Oregon

Free things to do in Portland

What can I do that won't cost me money?

Free stuff to do

How do I get from A to B in the Portland metro area?

Plan your route using the TriMet's buses, MAX light rail, and Portland streetcar:

»www.trimet.org/go/cgi-bin/plantr ··· trip.cgi

Google also provides TriMet trip planning:


Looking For Great Food In Oregon?

A locally owned and operated restaurant in the Salem / Keizer area.

Caruso's Italian Caf & Catering
5745 Inland Shores Way N
Keizer, OR 97303
Phone: 503-393-8272
Fax: 503-856-9230
Email: carusoskeizer@comcast.net

»carusositaliancafe.com/index.htm ··· dex.html

Things to do in Oregon

What is there to do in Oregon?

Oregon Coast Aquarium

Travel Oregon - Link submitted by vaxvms See Profile

Mt. Hood Territory - Link submitted by Gizy See Profile

Tillamook Air Museum - Link submitted by vaxvms See Profile

To celebrate Oregon's 150 Anniversary, they put together a contest. It's a great place to find ideas of things to do, even if you aren't participating.

•»iamoregonian.com/content - Link submitted by Gizy See Profile

Things to do in Portland

What is there to do in Portland

Oregon Zoo

Portland Attractions

Things to do

Travel Portland

Where can I find out about Oregon bloggers?

ORBlogs collects and syndicates content from the community of Oregon bloggers.

Thank you for the updated link, Gizy See Profile.

Where can I find Portland news?

Where can I find travel information for Oregon?

Where can I find what National Forests & Parks are in Oregon?

Where to go wine tasting in Oregon

Every May and November Oregon Winemakers sponsor a wine tasting tour.

Oregon Wine

And here is a website for more wine tasting events in the Pacific Northwest:

Wines Northwest

7.0 Washington

Is there a way to view Mount St. Helens?


»www.fs.fed.us/gpnf/volcanocams/m ··· ams/msh/ (viewable during clear daylight hours)

Courtesy of and observed at Johnston Ridge Observatory. Mount St. Helens National Volcanic Monument. Washington State, USA.

Museums in Washington

Public Transportation in Washington

What is there to see and/or do in Seattle?

Seattle is full of fun things to see and do. Most of downtown Seattle is walkable and, if you wish to take a bus, Seattle has a Ride Free Zone to help you get around the city.

Seattle Museum Of Flight is a great place with every thing from a former Air Force One to a Concord and a M21 (Think SR71.)

Ride The Ducks Of Seattle is a land and water tour on an old military DUKW.

Gray Line Of Seattle Offers a wide variety of tours of Seattle and Western Washington.

Seattle Underground Tour is an interesting look into Seattle's history.

Expierience Music Project is an interactive museum of music history. Also in this "unique" building is the Science-Fiction Museaum and Hall of Fame

Pike Place Market is a must see on many people's list. Be sure to keep an eye out for flying fish.

Seattle has a variety of Observation Towers Of course there is the Space Needle, but there is also the Columbia Center Observation Deck which is much higher than the Space Needle. The Smith Tower also has one, not as grand as the other two but should still be interesting. The article also lists one on a water tower in Volunteer Park. Never heard of that one I'm going to have to check it out myself sometime soon.

If you want to stay on the water front be sure to check out the Ye Olde Curiosity Shop it is a classic.

Argosy Cruises
Pacific Science Center
Victoria Clipper (in case you wanted to visit Canada)
Seattle Aquarium
Woodland Park Zoo
Safeco Field & Qwest Field both have tours

There is tons more to see and do, there is no way I could list it all. But this should get you started.

What is there to see and do in Washington

Where can I find travel information for Washington?

Where can I find what National Forests & Parks are in Washington?

Washington has an abundance of National Forests. There are six national forests within the state.

Washington National Forests

National Parks

Go Northwest

8.0 Wyoming

Where can I find travel information for Wyoming?

Wyoming is known as one of the few places in the United States where you can see wildlife from all major highways.

Discover Wyoming

Wyoming Road Report

Where can I find what National Forests & Parks are in Wyoming?

When it comes to national parks, forests and monuments, Wyoming boasts a number of firsts. Wyoming is also home to the nations first national forest, Shoshone National Forest.

Wyoming National Parks, Forests, & Parks

Wyoming Information

Yellowstone National Park Live Cams

View Yellowstone National Park Live Cams at »www.nps.gov/yell/photosmultimedi ··· .htmView

Old Faithful Streaming Cam at »www.nps.gov/features/yell/live/l ··· ive4.htm

Daylight hours only.