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4.6 Forum

General Netiquette Guidelines are available at http://tools.ietf.org/html/rfc1855.

We suggest practicing the following etiquette to help you and others make the most of the Forums:

  • before posting your question, search the forum or this FAQ. Your question or comment may have already been discussed, answered, or resolved;

  • stay on topic... add to existing threads only when it is applicable... it is better to create a new thread for an unrelated post;

  • for new posts, create a concise subject that adequately summarizes your topic... for example: "Why does my DVG ATA have a blinkg red light?"

  • do not Cross-Post into many Forums, post once within a Thread OR in a NEWTOPIC if you feel it will it needs its own TITLE or will cause discussion to deviate from an existing Thread;

  • do not use words such as "Urgent" or "Important" in your subject line... this is a discussion, not a support forum;

  • do not use all capital letters, excessive question marks (?) or exclamation points (!) in your subject or content;

  • do not use offensive or derogatory language anywhere. Keep remarks to the Topic at hand and avoid personal attacks on other users.

  • if you are offended by a post... please EMAIL one of the active Forum moderators and provide a URL link and a text reference to the post at hand.

  • increase the likelihood of starting a discussion by providing details in your comment or question, and by choosing a relevant category, release and platform for your topic;

  • be patient... all the participants of this forum are using the forum and participating in discussions on their own time;

  • help others... the forum is a community, and works best when people share information;

  • give feedback... if someone helps you by answering your question, try to add a follow-up response letting them know if it worked or not;

  • and, welcome newcomers... do not chastise them for not reading the forum etiquette. Make them feel welcome in the community.

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last modified: 2013-04-09 20:55:14

Please first SEARCH for answers to your questions in this DSLR/BBR FAQ or in the MyTBB Forums. You will find many FAQ sections, and MyTBB Forum threads that discuss issues in detail - including recent ones, which you should add to rather than creating duplicate discussions.

It may not be obvious on how to search through the Forums, so below is a little help on how to do so.

If you do not find what you are looking for, please Post your TOPIC - provide DETAILS and a good TITLE - to the appropriate Forum.

First, note that there are five (5) Forums:
•You can select one through the FORUM TAB which shows you all five.
•You can also select a particular Forum through the drop-selector at the top right of any of the Forum screens.

Click on the Forums TAB and enter some search text in the "Search All" box. This will do a search in ALL five (5) Forums.

Within a particular Forum, text entered in the "Search Forum" box ONLY searches in that Forum.

In either case, you can enter one or more words in the text box:
-firmware upgrade
-flashing red light
-no dial tone
-voicemail access
-vmwi flashing
-SHAW qos

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last modified: 2005-08-21 11:57:44

If you are having problems with your TBB Service or DLINK DVG ATA, and you have already tried the recommendations and steps listed in this FAQ, including the TroubleShooting section, then feel free to post in the appropriate TBB Portal Forum.

There may be situations or scenarios that we not yet have covered in this FAQ; or simply, for whatever reason, things have changed, and the FAQ no longer reflects this reality. Posting issues will help us keep this FAQ up to date.

It would be preferable to post to the appropriate Forum, but also provide the following information (as applicable) so that someone may help resolve your problem sooner:

•For new posts, create a concise and descriptive subject/TITLE that adequately summarizes your topic... for example: "Call disconnects after 5 minutes (DVG connected to SS5200 modem)". Do not just use "Call Disconnects"!!

•Describe the problem with as much detail as possible.

•What is the DVG Firmware Version? The DVG H/W version?

•Describe your LAN setup.
-What type of Broadband service and modem do you have?
-Any routers? DMZ config? Port forwarding? Firewalls?...
-What is connected to what - exactly?
-Actual download and upload speeds? NOT the advertised "potential" ISP speeds!!

•Indicate how many phones are connected directly or through house wiring to the DVG ATA.

•Provide Pings and Traceroutes to each device in your LAN as well as to the Primus Network.

• etc

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There are five Forums available to TBB Portal users. Please post to the appropriate Forum to provide a better Portal experience for all.

    •Frequently Asked Questions

    This is restricted to PRIMUS FAQs and can only be viewed.


    Post any Features you would like to suggest to Primus, or other ideas and comments.

    •Bug Reporting

    Please post to this Forum any BUGS or issues with existing features either in a NEW TOPIC or an existing relevant TOPIC.

    Keeping all bug reports in one Forum makes it easier for Primus and users to track and to verify how widespread the bug really is.

    •Portal Usage

    Post questions and comments about the TBB Portal here.

    •General Features

    If you have any inquiries that do not match a Forum above, post them here, including general questions or comments.

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If you are the CREATOR of the first post in a Thread, you can select the "Notify me of replies" checkbox to send you a notification email when a post has been made to the thread.

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last modified: 2005-05-20 23:01:19

If you wish to contact another TBB portal user privately, it is possible to send them an e-mail via the portal. To do this you should click on the 'E-Mail' button located to the bottom right of every forum post.

This will bring up a screen that allows you to fill in:
  • your name (real or otherwise)

  • e-mail address (a fake address will not allow the user to reply via e-mail)

  • subject

  • and, your message to that user.

Once you've submitted the message, you will be taken back to your default post-login screen.

Another method to contact a portal user is to:
  1. Click on the 'User Preferences' link at the bottom of 'Forum' front page (and on some other forum pages as well)

  2. Choose 'Members' from the links across the top

  3. Find the member whom you want to contact

  4. Click 'Profile'

  5. Click 'Send E-Mail'

Known problems with either method:
  • Your message will be sent to the e-mail address that the user has set under Options/Web Profile. If this address is no longer valid, your message will not be delivered, but you will not receive notification of such.

  • It is possible that the format of the message sent by the Primus e-mail system will trigger the recipient's spam filter resulting in an undeliverable message. Again, you will not know if this happens.

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    Forum User Preferences is found at the bottom of the main Forum page and at the bottom of most threads (this link does not show up when viewing the Unread Posts page or when replying to or editing a post).

    'View Forums' Tab
    • Clicking on this tab is identical to clicking on the main portal 'Forums' tab.

    'Preferences' Tab
    • Topics Per Page: This value determines how many topics are listed when an individual forum page is viewed (e.g. General Features, Bug Reporting, etc.).

    • Posts Per Page: This value determines the number of posts displayed within a particular thread before breaking for another page.

    • Popular Limit: This value determines the number of posts that must be made in a particular topic before it will be listed in the 'Popular Topics' tab.

    • Search Lines: This value determines the number of lines per page for topics/posts listed when a forum search is complete.

    • Members Per Page: This value determines the number of members listed for each screen under the 'Members' tab.

    • Messages Per Page: N/A (Moderator Only)

    • Notification Option: This preference controls the option to choose between being notified of a reply to a post, or not being notified.

    • Always Notify: Checking 'Yes' will enable automatic notifications for topics in which you post.

    • View Anonymous Posts:Currently, i don't believe that it is possible for posts to made anonymously. Perhaps future updates to the Portal will allow for this option.

    • Show Topic Review: This preference enables or disables the scrollable topic review frame that appears (when enabled) below the topic reply input area. This frame does not appear to display (even when enabled) when you are editing a previously written post.

    'Popular Topics' Tab
    • This tab will display a list of topics whose number of posts have met or exceeded the minimum set in the Preferences/Popular Limit option.

    'Subscriptions' Tab
    • This tab displays a list of topics for which you have checked off the 'Notify me of Replies' check box.

    'Members' Tab
    • This tab lists all members currently registered for the MyTBB Portal. The default sort option is by registration date; however, the list can be resorted by clicking on the column name.

    • Clicking on the document icon beside each user name will display the last ten topics/posts made by that user.

    • Clicking on the Profile link will display more information about the user, offer an option to send that user an e-mail message via the MyTBB Portal, and provide a method to list all posts authored by that user.

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