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4.7 Options

On the TBB Portal OPTIONS TAB, you can VIEW and SET your 911 Service Address - Canadian Addresses ONLY.

Note that your service will be listed as NATIVE if the address provided is within the TBB Primary Number's exchange and 911 service area. Otherwise, it will be listed as NON-NATIVE.

Click on the "Why is this important?" link for more information.

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last modified: 2005-09-28 10:22:01

The TBB Portal OPTIONS TAB Call Quality screen enables you to select one of two Codecs which you can use for your TBB service:

High Bandwidth Voice / Best Quality
This connection uses the G.711 codec which consumes about 87.2kbs of bandwidth per direction per call. Use this for most High Speed Connections (DSL or CABLE).

Low Bandwidth Voice / Good Quality
This connection uses the G.729 codec which consumes about 31.2kbs of bandwidth per direction per call. Use this for DSL Lite connections or when you would like to reduce the bandwidth usage.

Note that FAX calls always require the High Bandwidth Voice setting.

Click here for a screenshot.

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last modified: 2005-09-28 10:20:58

The TBB Portal OPTIONS TAB Web Profile screen provides the following selections:

NOTE: You need to press Update Profile for any changes to take effect.

Home Page: Set this to the page you would first like to appear when you sign onto the TBB Portal.

Rows per page: Set this to the number of lines of information you would like to see within the Call Log and Directory screens. The default is 5. The maximum allowed is 99, but it is recommended to specify no more than 25 to 40 to achieve optimal MyTBB Portal response.

Email address: This is the address that is attached to the "Email" box in a Forum posting such that Forum users can contact you. This can be any valid email address, and does not have to be the same as your VoiceMail Forwarding & Notification addresses.

Forum username: Simply your username in the Forum. It can be almost anything you choose (minimum of 3 characters - or else you will have problems creating new posts etc). Note that you can change/edit your username at any time.

The current Portal allows duplicate names from different users. However, for obvious reasons, if this does occur, please modify your username if another user had registered it before you.

Auto-Notify for topics you post in: If checked, the TBB portal will notify you through your Email address (above) that a reply has been made to a posting in the Forum for a topic you have selected.

Note that this currently works only for Topics that you originate (created).

Enable Call Control Pop-up autodial: Checking this will provide a Call Control popup box when you select a number in the DIRECTORY TAB.

Password required to access Voice Mail: Check this to force anyone accessing your voicemail through your TBB phone line to enter your VM password. If you feel it is safe to not require a password check from your TBB line, leave this unchecked.

Note that all VM access from phones other than your TBB line will always request the password.

Enable Call Assistant: Checking this is similar to the Call Control Pop-up except that it invokes VOISS-ASSISTANT instead.

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On the TBB Portal OPTIONS TAB, a selection is provided for you to modify your Portal Password.

•Note that the Portal Password is also your Remote Phone Access Password.

•However, it is distinct from your VoiceMail Password. Hence, although you can set both passwords to the same four digits, it is recommended to keep these passwords different; for various reasons.

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last modified: 2005-09-28 10:21:59