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2.4 Mafia Roles

The Godfather role is very common in mafia games. The Godfather heads the "family" and is usually in charge of sending night kill choices to the moderator of the game. With this role, if investigated, you appear innocent. If in a game with another night kill role (such as a vigilante) sometimes the Godfather is then immune to night kills.

An advantage of being mafia is that you are allowed to have private communicate with your "family" or other members of the mafia.

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A mafia goon is a member of the mafia. He is allowed to communicate with other mafia members privately. He may vote and discuss during the day publicly. The mafia goon will try to blend in with the townies; he is allowed to vote against other mafia members.

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The Mafia role blocker acts the same as the Town role blocker. Each night the blocker gets to send the mod the person they would like to block. This means that the person they are blocking can not perform any night action. They win with the mafia and are allowed private communications with the rest of the mafia. Here is an IM from a previous game I hosted:

"You are the Mafia's Role Blocker. You are also known as a Prostitute. You dress up in that pretty little skirt that barely covers anything and those stiletto heals and you work the town. You like to find some poor townie who has better things to do and keep them busy all night long.
Your godfather is Rook008. Your other crone is Dezbend and they are the Mafia Janitor.
You win with the mafia."

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