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10. What Is This All About?

This FAQ is directly related to the Searches and Difficult Questions Forum, which was created to help DSLR users to successfully search the site for old posts etc. and to help users who have posted difficult questions that have gone unresolved in other forums on the site.

The forum is frequented by many site users who try their best to be helpful to others, and who bring some impressive skills at searching and solving problems.

The forum is moderated by:


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last modified: 2005-03-31 22:09:28

No. This forum was originally created as a repository for questions asked in the other forums that never seemed to have a resolution. As a rule, posts should be made in the respective area to the question at hand. If your question goes unanswered after a period of time or isn't resolved, ask the forum host to move it over here.

The regulars of Difficult Searches and Questions may not come up with the answer but they (like all who have tried before them) will try their best to help.

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last modified: 2003-09-08 21:51:28