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1 General

Yes.  They will normally have a VIP tag.  

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You should only give your personal/private account information to them if they ask you to IM them.

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What are the Minimum System Requirements?

These were taken from Rogers web site. Note that these are the systems that Rogers will support, but as long as your system supports an internet connection, you should be able to use Rogers.

Operating Systems: Windows '95, '98, ME, 2000 Pro & XP
CPU: Pentium 133 MHz
Memory (RAM): 32MB*
Available Hard Disk space: 125 Megabytes
CD-ROM: Required
* Windows 2000 Professional requires 64 MB

Operating Systems: MAC OS 8.5 and new releases, OSX
CPU: Power PC 601
Memory (RAM): 32 MB
Available Hard Disk space: 56 Megabytes
CD-ROM: Required

What are the Recommended System Requirements?

Operating Systems: Windows '98, ME, 2000 Pro & XP
CPU: Pentium 200 MHz
Memory (RAM): 64MB
Available Hard Disk space: 125 Megabytes
CD-ROM: Required

Operating Systems: MAC OS 8.5 and new releases, OSX
CPU: Any speed G3
Memory (RAM): 64 Megabytes
Available Hard Disk space: 56 Megabytes
CD-ROM: Required

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Absolutely not, when you plug your modem and you have an internet connection set up on your computer, you should get an IP address assigned automatically at start up. You can start browsing normally, no Rogers Yahoo! software is required.

The software currently includes a modified Browser and toolbar, and an antivirus utility. Many users find these actually interfere with their internet experience and choose 3rd party browsers like Firefox and antivirus tools like AVG or Avast etc.

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First try to get your problem escalated to a second level tech. If you get a runaround or no satisfaction, you can try to get your problem escalated to a lead teck. If you're getting a "customer service runaround", then ask to have a Rogers Customer Service manager call you back. Note that the manager will NOT be a technical person, so you'll have to explain your problem simply and explain that you don't feel the techs you've dealt with have treated your problem seriously, or solved it or whatever is appropriate. Don't rant. They can't solve your problem, but they can bring the necessary expertise to help solve the problem.

When you've exhausted all you can reach by phone, you can write to Rogers' Head Office and lodge a complaint:

The Office of the President
Rogers Cablesystems - Rogers Yahoo! HiSpeed Internet
855 York Mills Rd
Don Mills ON M3B 1Z1

When you write, you need to be concise. You have about 8 seconds to make your impression. If you rant, especially at the beginning, the rest of the letter may not be read or dealt with seriously.

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Rogers Residential Services ...

Rogers currently offers a number of speed tiers for Cable Internet on a DOCSIS 3.0 network.

Because Rogers keeps changing their packages so often it's not been easy to keep up with their offerings ...  So, we recommend you look

Just to complicate things, Rogers has a number of grandfathered packages some users are still using. 

Beware that if you change to a higher plan, you will LOSE the grandfathered plan, so  you can't move back to the OLD plan.

They also offer Rogers Portable Internet which is a wireless based service. Note this is NOT what could be described as a Mobile Internet service.

Rogers did offer DSL services to customers originally with Sprint Canada. It is no longer available and existing customers have been terminated or moved to other providers if they wanted to stay with DSL.

Rogers also offers

Rogers Home Phone ... a VoIP based non-internet telephone service over cable. (Use of internet does not interfere with the telephone)

Rogers Home Security ... a home alarm and camera system over the internet.

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Due to many changes to Rogers packages of late, please see Rogers own web site for speeds and bandwidth limits.


The advertised speeds down/up (Mbps unless otherwise stated), monthly cap and overage charge (per GB) for current services as of Aug 17 2010, in DOCSIS 3.0 available areas.

. Rogers Hi-Speed Ultra Lite      - 512/256kbps 2GB $5.00
. Rogers Hi-Speed Lite            - 3/256kbps 15GB $4.00
. Rogers Hi-Speed Express       - 10/512kbps 60GB $2.00
. Rogers Hi-Speed Extreme        - 15/1 80GB $1.50
. Rogers Hi-Speed Extreme Plus - 25/1 125GB $1.25
. Rogers Hi-Speed Ultimate       - 50/2 175GB $0.50

Caps are enforced on Residential packages.

. Rogers Business Services - see »www.rogers.com
(**) Business services have limited availability depending on local zoning

Some areas are NOT DOCSIS 3 ready and the upper tiers in those areas *if available* are ...

. Rogers Hi-Speed Extreme       - 10/1 80GB $1.50
. Rogers Hi-Speed Extreme Plus - 18/1 125GB$1.25
. Rogers Hi-Speed Ultimate       - Not available

Note that these speeds ALSO apply to existing customers with DOCSIS 2 modems on these tiers.

Actual results using speed tests and other tools to measure performance will vary depending on ...

. the type of modem
. the place you live
. the time of day
. other network conditions

Feedback received on this FAQ entry:
  • typo in Rogers Hi-Speed Express - 1/512kbps 60GB $2.00 should be Rogers Hi-Speed Express - 10/512kbps 60GB $2.00

    2011-06-04 22:07:50 (JJP See Profile)

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Rogers makes no distinction between peak and off-peak, but for practical guidance when dealing with problems, this distinction can be useful.

The peak times are usually from 3:00 PM to 1:00 AM when there are most people using the Internet. The off-peak times are from 1:00 AM to 3:00 PM when there are fewer people using the Internet.

If you are on a congested cable segment, you may find your performance degraded more noticeably during peak times. Also, if you're in an area that serves a lot of college or university students, you'll find even more significant degradation during peak times.

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A phub is a "Primary Hub" ... it is the location that your cable and internet service is actually distributed from ... often the site of Rogers towers and dishes.

An shub is a "Secondary Hub" ... it's a remotely located extension of a phub ... Rogers only has a few shubs on its network.

This is all under review since Rogers has stopped providing names for its CMTS routers and first level phub routers so all we now get are IP addresses. Maybe in due course we can work these out and tie IP addresses to locations ... but that's going to be a lot of work! This appears to have happened after Rogers started providing greater TPIA service (Third Party Internet access) to companies like TekSavvy.

And just to confuse things further, I gather Rogers apparently have internal codes for these locations which users don't see so if you talk to them about such and such a phub, they may not actually know where it is!!!

In the past, you'd see something like this in a tracert.

Hop IP Name
1) Your router
2) The CMTS you're connected to ... usually unnamed.
3) ?.?.?.? gw03.flfrd.phub.net.cable.rogers.com CMTS routing
4) ?.?.?.? gw01.flfrd.phub.net.cable.rogers.com Rogers network gateway from your phub
5) ?.?.?.? gw01.bloor.phub.net.cable.rogers.com Rogers network gateway at the bloor phub
6) ... elsewhere

A phub ip domain address will look like this ...

Now, all we can do is guess where you're connected by proximity to the geographic location of the phubs.

geoloc is a geographic location of a phub from the following list. The list is not complete ... for example it doesn't have the NB or NF phubs yet and it's probably got a number of retired phubs listed. Scroll down for table.

Below are lists of known geographic locations on Rogers network ... active phubs, rncs (regional networking centres) and gateways, and retired locations
geoloc  Location       Region      Also known as     Area Served
------  -----------    ---------   ------------     ------------
ajax    ajax           Durham                         Ajax, Pickering
baal    alliston       Barrie
baol    orillia        Barrie
basp    sperling       Barrie
bawk    barriewickies  Barrie
bloor   bloor          Toronto     Bloor              Toronto central (along Yonge south of Eglinton
        collingwood    Central Ont
brntfd  brantford      SWO                            Brantford, Cambridge
dupt    dupont ave     Toronto     Dupont             Toronto south between Yonge and Humber Bay
Etob    etobicoke      Toronto     Scarlett           Toronto west of Humber Bay
Flfrd   fallowfield    Ottawa                         SW Nepean, Kanata, Carp, Goulborn
glph    guelph         SWO
grnsbr  greensboro dr  Toronto     Greensboro        Toronto NW near 401/409 (airport expwy)
hnsn    hanson         Brampton
ktchnr  kitchener      SWO
ktgc    kitchener Grand Crest SWO
kwkw    keswick        GTA North
lndn    london         SWO
mtmc    mcnicoll       Toronto     McNicoll          Scarborough
mtmk    markham        GTA North                     Markham, Unionville
mtnk    newkirk  rd    GTA North                     Richmond Hill
nbfd    fredricton     NB
nbmn    moncton        NB
nbsj    st john        NB
nfsj    st johns       Newfoundland
nmkt    newmarket      GTA North
nwdn    new dundee     SWO                           Kitchener SW
popf    pefferlaw      Central Ont                   SW of lake simcoe
pr      pine ridge     GTA East                      Clarington / Bowmanville / Oshawa
rchrd   richmond roaD  Ottawa                        Ottawa west of Bank St North/Central Nepean
slnt    st. laurent    Ottawa                        Ottawa east of Bank St Orleans
strfrd  stratford      SWO
wdstck  woodstock      SWO
wlfdle  wolfedale      GTA East       Mississauga    Mississauga
ym      york mills     Toronto North  YorkMills      Central Toronto North of Eglinton.

Major router locations on Rogers network
ym            York Mills (RNC)
wlfdle        Wolfedale Rd Mississauga
front         Front St. Toronto                       Used to interconnect with Canadian peering
                                                       via TORIX (Toronto Internet Exchange)
Major transit locations
igw01.front   Front St, Toronto Ontario (Major gateway to external links
                                           including Toronto Internet Exchange)
igw01.chfdrl  Federal St,  Chicago Illinois (not seen recently)
igw01.vaash   Ashfield Virginia (not seen recently)
igw01.chrmk   Rolling Meadows/Kirchoff Rd(?), Chicago Illinois
igw01.ny8th   8th St., New York City NY (not seen recently)

Retired phubs
cambr   cambridge      SWO
front   Front Street   Toronto
mtag    agincourt      GTA Central
mtbo    bolton         GTA North
mtki    kingston road  GTA Central
mtpi    pickering      GTA East
mtth    thornhill      GTA North
mtun    unionville     GTA North
mtwd    woodbridge     GTA North
mtwh    west hill      GTA Central
mtww    warden woods   GTA Central
mtwx    wexford        GTA Central
orgl    greenlake
shprd   sheppard       GTA Central
yec     yonge and eglinton center   GTA Central
yec     yonge and eglinton center   GTA Central

Here are the headend connections that are used for POIs for Third Party Internet Access

333 Bloor Street East  Toronto
855 York Mills Road  Toronto
Dupont St.  Toronto
Scarlett Road  Toronto
Greensboro Dr  Toronto
McNicoll Ave.  Toronto
Collingwood  Georgian Bay Region
Richmond Hill
Richmond Road  Ottawa
Fallowfield  Ottawa
St. Laurent  Ottawa
St. John
Notre Dame (Gander and Grand Falls)
St. Johns

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