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2 Rogers Policies

Please see Rogers own website for current caps.


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Rogers does not block access to any site.

They have disabled DNS resolution for a number of sites in Russia which makes it appear that they are unreachable, due to a proliferation of malware from affiliated sites that resolve through specific Russian nameservers.

If you use other DNS services than Rogers, you can get to Russian sites that appear blocked, or if you get the numeric IP address for the server you're trying to access, you can put that in your browser and get where you want to go.

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Rogers does block some ports.

The ports associated with non-IP protocols for Netbios, NetBEUI (vis Microsoft networking protocols) are blocked at the CMTS to ensure that no one on your cable segment can see your system and so that malware spread through the non-IP protocols can't connect through windows systems.

They also block a few non-standard ports known for spreading malware.

Finally, Rogers blocks outbound port 25 (SMTP server) connections to any MSA (Mail Submission Agent) or MTA (Mail Transmission Agent) other than Rogers specific SMTP servers. This is to stop spam and virus botnets from spreading Spam and infected mails from Rogers customers.

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Rogers no longer throttles traffic.

Previously ...

Rogers does throttle P2P transfers using the BitTorrent protocols through the use of Cisco pCube Service Engines. It does this by dropping occasional packets. This causes the TCP/IP stacks of the sender and receiver to significantly slow down transfers.

Not ALL customers are throttled. Throttling is employed mostly in heavily congested areas and covers most of Rogers territory. A few areas are not covered.

Individual customers can be throttled with this equipment.

The best way to get around throttling has been to set up using encryption. The service engines were updated to catch this, but uTorrent v1.8 seems to have managed to work its way past this at the moment.

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Rogers Terms of Service comprise to parts ...

The End User Agreement (EUA) and the Acceptable Use Policy (AUP)

The EUA is your contract with Rogers that tell`s you what Rogers is providing and the obligations on each party.

Find it here ... End User Agreement

The AUP is an addition to the EUA that defines what you can and cannot do in using the service.

Find it here ... Acceptable Use Policy

Note the EUA and AUP are in PDF format and that this is for the Rogers Yahoo! residential service. The Business terms of service are similar but not included here.

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