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5 Email

Note that Rogers NO LONGER OFFERS Usenet NEWS services.

Mail services are provided by the Yahoo! mail platform, although your email is still

There are different ways to address the Rogers mail servers, here are some.

Note that during the transition to the Yahoo! mail platform, the aliases pop and smtp may no longer work. You may have to use a fully qualified domain name, and the IP addresses are obviously subject to change and they have been removed.

Incoming mail:


Replace {yourphub} with the name of your phub as follows ...

Do a tracert to, the first or second hop will look like this example ...

Pick out the letters before phub and that is the abbreviated name of your primary hub (yourphub), in this case flfrd

If you want to access rogers servers from outside the Rogers network while you're on the road, for example ... try

SMTP (Note that you'll need full authentication to use this)

You can use standard SMTP port 25 and POP port 110, or you can alternately use Mail Submission (SMTP protocol) port 587 to submit your mail in particular if you're connecting from outside Rogers network. Authentication will be required.

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To be updated ... this is now a Yahoo mail service.

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Yes you can ... If you like webmail service, and you've registered your email accounts with Yahoo (new accounts are registered by default) just visit », it's their webmail service. Just log in with your rogers e-mail id and password or use

If you DON'T use webmail or haven't registered your Rogers address with Yahoo, Yahoo still handles your mail, and you access it via

If you're connecting to Rogers Yahoo! mail servers from outside Rogers network you will need authentication enabled. You may need to connect using the mail submission port 587 instead of the standard port 25 if the ISP you're connecting from blocks port 25 as is becoming more common.

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