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9 Rogers Network FAQ

A: Cable Modem Termination System

This is the equipment at the cable companies Head-End that interfaces with both the RF plant and the traditional data side of an ISP. This equipment can operate either as a router or as a bridge with your modems. Overall, the Cisco Universal Broadband Router series of CMTS equipment has become the defacto standard in CMTS equipment.

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There are a few ways to change your IP address.

Note that your DOCSIS modem is also assigned an internal IP address. Don't confuuse the two.

1) Change your MAC ...

IP addresses are assigned for each MAC (Media Access Code aka Hardware Ethernet Address) on their network. Your IP address is assigned based on a combination of your Modem's MAC and your System Interface's MAC

a) If you DO NOT HAVE a router, you may be able to change the MAC of your Network Card (note that not all NICs allow you to alter its MAC) ...

(For WinXP) Release your IP by going

Start | Run | cmd

and then in the DOS box type "Ipconfig /release".

Then goto

Control Panel | System | Hardware (tab) | Device Manager

Find your Network card and right click on it

Properties | Advanced (Tab)

In the Property box select Network Address or similar (different drivers will have different keys here)

Click the radio button below Value

Put is a 6 pair number (12 digits) from 00 to FF per pair. It is a good idea to keep the first few pairs the same since they identify the manufacturer

Now reboot your modem and wait for it to connect.

Go back to the cmd DOS box and type in "ipconfig/renew"

If your NIC does not support this feature, you could replace it (if not on-board) or get a router.

b) If you have a router, go to the router's appropriate page which displays the IP assigned (dLink uses the Status page). Do an IP Release from that page.

Now go to the page for WAN setup which will usually permit you to change the MAC there ... it often will have a "clone" button there too.

Change the MAC, the modem will do a reset and automatically attempt to renew the IP.

In both cases a) and b) it is important to release your IP, or else the Rogers DHCP server will think you're trying to get an additional IP and simply hang.

2) Disconnect your modem from the cable or power for some period of time, preferably after you've released the IP with IPCONFIG or with your router. Overnight often is good.

3) Release the IP for some period of time, like overnight and then do an IP renew in the morning.

None of these mechanisms are guaranteed to work. The first is generally the more effective of the 3, but experience has shown that the allocation of a different IP address may be only temporary!

Don't rely on being able to change your IP if you got yourself IP banned from some kind of server like an IRC server, or game server.

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