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3.0 Posting Rules

This image reflects the time that is used to determine how long you must wait between posts. The poster identity and post content have been removed since they are not necessary for the example.

In this example the first post was posted at 2004-10-10 20:49:33. A bump here would not be permissible until after 2004-10-11 20:49:33. Here, the next post was posted at 2004-10-11 20:13:37 or 35 minutes early...

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In order to start a new topic in the For Sale forum, you must have earned at least Level 1 status. Keep visiting and posting useful messages at BBR/DSLR and you will meet that requirement in no time!

For information about what "level 1" means, see this FAQ:
»Site FAQ »How Do I get STARS (levels)?

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Software sales are permitted and used software sales are also allowed. However, you must provide the original source, whether CDs or other media, and the new owner must be able to register it legally.

Please note: The key word here is legal. The responsibility remains between buyer and seller to make certain the software license can be legally transfered. If we know it is not legal and we see it, your posts will be removed from the forum, but legality is always between those making a transaction.

If we see software offered and we suspect it is not a legal sale, your posts will be removed and it will be the responsibility of the seller to prove the legality of the transaction before it will be allowed back in the forum.

If you have any questions about the Microsoft Software License Terms, consult this thread: »Microsoft Software Licensing

Also please see THIS THREAD in regard to OEM software.

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The forum rules are available HERE. Please read them carefully before posting.

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Acceptable items are going to be items which are obviously home broadband/computer related, such as DSL modems, satellite gear, cable modems, and all supporting hardware; NICs, hubs, routers, cabling, telco modems, and the computer equipment to run them. That would be any computer component or *required* peripherals such as mice, keyboards, switches, complete computers, monitors, video cards, and such.

Allowed Items List

* A/V Accessories & Cables o Antennas
o Audio Cables & Connectors
o Blank Media
o Headphones, Headsets
o Maintenance & Care
o Mounts & Brackets
o Remote Controls
o Surge Protection, Filtration
o Video Cables & Connectors
o Other A/V Accessories

* Apple iPod, MP3 Players

* MP3 Accessories
o Car Kits
o Car Chargers
o Cases
o Cassette Adapters
o Docks, Cradles
o FM Transmitters
o Headphones, Earbuds
o MP3 Batteries
o Remotes
o Skins
o Speakers
o USB Cables
o Other MP3 Accessories

* Televisions
o HDTV Receivers, Tuners
o LCD Flat-Panel TVs
o Plasma TVs
o Portable TVs
o Rear Projection TVs
o Standard Tube TVs
o TV/DVD/VCR Combos
o TV Accessories

* DVD & Home Theater
o DVD Players
o DVD Recorders
o DVD/VCR Combo Players
o Home Theater Projectors
o Home Theater Systems
o Laserdisc Players
o TiVo, Digital Video Recorders
o VCRs

* Portable Audio/Video
o Boomboxes
o Cassette Players
o CD Players
o MiniDisc Players
o Portable DVD Players
o Portable Media Centers
o Portable Radios
o Speakers
o Voice Recorders
o Portable A/V Accessories
o Other Portable Audio
* GPS Devices o Accessories & Cables
o Automotive GPS Devices
o Marine GPS Devices
o Recreational GPS Devices
o Maps, Software
o Tracking Devices

* Car Electronics
o Car Alarms & Security
o Car Amplifiers
o Car Audio In-Dash Units
o Car CD Changers
o Car Speakers & Speaker Systems
o Car Video & Navigation
o Radar, Laser Detectors
o 12-Volt Portable Appliances
o Other Car Electronics

* Home Audio
o Amplifiers
o CD Players & Recorders
o Digital Music Players/Servers
o Equalizers
o Karaoke
o MiniDisc Players
o Preamplifiers
o Processors
o Radios
o Receivers
o Shelf, Compact Systems
o Speakers & Subwoofers
o Tuners, AM/FM
o Turntables
o Turntable Parts & Accessories
o Other Home Audio

* Batteries & Chargers
o General-Use Batteries
o Battery & Charger Combos
o Battery Chargers
o Battery Testers

* Gadgets & Other Electronics
o Air Purifiers
o Breathalyzers
o Calculators
o Digital Clocks & Clock Radios
o Dictionaries & Translators
o eBooks
o Home Automation
o Laser Pointers
o Metal Detectors
o Radiation Detectors
o RF Locators
o Timers
o Surveillance
o Voltage Converters
o Weather Devices
* Radios: CB, Ham & Shortwave
o 2-Way Radios, Walkie Talkies
o CB Radio
o Ham Radio
o Marine Radio
o Scanners
o Shortwave Radio
o Other CB, Ham & Shortwave

* Satellite Radio
o Sirius
o XM Radio
o Satellite Radio Accessories

* Satellite, Cable TV
o Cable TV Boxes
o Satellite Dishes
o Satellite Receivers, High Def.
o Satellite Receivers, Standard
o Satellite Systems
o Satellite, Cable TV Accs
o Other Satellite, Cable TV

* Telephones & Pagers
o Answering Machines
o Caller ID Boxes
o Calling Cards
o Corded Telephones
o Cordless Telephones
o Telephone Headsets
o Pagers
o Phone Jacks

* Vintage Electronics
o 8-Track Players
o Amplifiers, Tube Amps
o Books, Manuals, Magazines
o Capacitors
o Cassette Decks
o Drivers & Horns
o Preamplifiers, Tube Preamps
o Radios
o Receivers
o Reel-to-Reel Tape Recorders
o Speakers
o Transformers
o Tubes
o Tuners, Tube Tuners
o Turntables
o Accessories & Cables
o Home Audio
o DVD Players
o Laser Disk Players
o Televisions
o Telephones & Pagers

* Radio Control Vehicles, Parts & Access.

* Digital Photography Equipment

This is by no means a complete list of allowed items.
It will be added to as items not on the list are sold.

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As the forum rules state: HERE, you cannot sell your item here if you have it for sale elsewhere.

This is done because the BBR For Sale/Wanted forum has a very good reputation for being a positive experience for buyers and sellers, and we would like to keep it that way. This rule avoids the possibility of two people buying the same item. It does include listing the item for sale in other forums as well as places such as EBAY, Amazon or other sites. Please be honest and ethical with fellow BBR members.

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