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1. Forum Posting Info

  1. This is a moderated forum. The moderators run it the way they see fit.
  2. Keep all related questions/problems in one thread.
  3. Do not post your questions regarding your problems in someone else's thread. Start a new one instead.
  4. Provide as much detail as you can when posting.
  5. If you must attach an image, limit the width to 450 pixels and in JPEG or GIF format to avoid "page stretch".
  6. Do not comment on or correct the spelling, grammar, punctuation or use of the English language in other members' posts.
    • Absolutely no flaming!
    • Do not respond to flames.
    • Report flamers to the forum host or to a moderator online.
  7. If you hate your satellite provider and want to tell the world about it, please do so in the ISP Sin-Bin forum. That's what it is there for. If you have a specific complaint or issue that you think others here may be able to help you with, by all means, post it here.
  8. Posts about the Hughes Fair Access Policy (FAP) will only be allowed if they in some way are helpful to other users. Threads devoted to venting, complaining, or defending the FAP or about being Fap'd will be promptly locked or deleted.
  9. This forum may not be used for free advertising or spam of any kind. If you are in the Satellite business, your comments and help are welcome, your self-promotion is not.
  10. Please review DSLR Terms of Use, Moderation and Censorship, and Rules on Posting.

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Press the "New Topic" button in the upper right hand side of the forum. Please do not press the "Got News" button. Questions posted in the news section are promptly deleted.

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If you spot an news article related to Satellite Broadband, please submit it for inclusion in our news section by pressing the "got news" button. If your submission is accepted, you will get credit for it much like you get credit for helpful postings. Please keep these rules in mind to make sure your news article is accepted:

1. It must be news. PR pieces will not be accepted. If the article says "press release" on it it is probably just company PR that will be rejected.

2. It must be specifically related to satellite broadband access. Articles about satellite communications, or satellite launches not related to broadband internet access will be rejected.

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There are various configurations of satellite internet connections. When you are asking questions or giving information in the forum, it is helpful to know what your configuration is. Instead of re-typing your configuration for every post, you can create a posting signature with the information that will appear in every post.

To create a posting signature, on the left side of the DSLReports page, click Members, then Forum Prefs. Fill out the signature information and place a check mark in ".sig default is show:"

The information we find most useful is...

Your ISP: Direcway, Earthlink, other
Which DirecWay System you have: DPC Gray Dish, DW3000, DW4000, DW4020, DW6000
Which Satellite: G11, G4R, Satmex5, etc.
Transponder Frequency: 970, 1350, etc.
Operating System (of Host computer):
Direcway software version: (not applicable to DW4020 or DW6000) ver., ver.

Some basic 'client' information if you have a network--
Anything else is just 'feel good' information that you can show, or do without.

An example 'signature' would would look like this...
Earthlink DW4K, G4R 970, XP Pro/SP1, ICS, w/1 XP Home client

If the 'useful' stuff is visible, it saves 'questions' later.

Satellite locations, transponders & frequencies in use

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At this time anonymous users may submit additions to the FAQ.

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