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1.0 Enternet 300

There are 4 tap error messages: Tap not present, Tap not ready, Failed to load tap driver, and Failed to bind to tap. They can all be resolved using the same methods.

In Enternet 300, go to Connections-Settings-Advanced, change filter driver to protocol driver.

Uninstall and reinstall Enternet 300. The "Failed to load tap" or other tap errors can occur repeatedly after each install if there is a software conflict during installation. When reinstalling Enternet 300, be sure to CTRL-ALT-DEL and end task all programs running in the background.

Originally submitted by STLSMOASI edited by Ranma

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For Windows 95/98/SE/NT/2000
* Click Start -> Settings -> Control Panel -> Networks.
* From the Configuration Tab, click Add -> Adapter.
* Select Manufacturers = Network TeleSystems -> Network Telesystems PPPoE Adapter (NTSP3).
* Click "OK", wait for completion, then reboot.

For Windows ME
* Click Start-Settings-Control Panel.
* Double-click the "Add New Hardware" Icon.
* Click "Next" until you can select the "No, I want to select the hardware from a list."
* Click on "Network adapters".
* Choose "Network Telesystems" for the Manufacturer.
* Choose "Network Telesystems P.P.P.o.E Adapter(NTSP3)" for the Models.
* Click "OK", wait for completion, then reboot.

Originally submitted by STLSMOASI

by Ranma See Profile

This is never caused by the server or a sync issue its always caused by a communication problem with the server when the tcp/ip protocol is disabled or missing for the NTS PPPOE adapter.

In Win 98/ME/2000, go to Start-Run, type ASD, click Ok. If you see tcp/ip for the NTS PPPOE adapter here, put a check by it to enable it, and reboot. You should be able to connect now.

If that doesnt work, then the NTS PPPOE adapter may be missing tcp/ip. Go to Start-Settings-Control Panel-Network. You will see that there is no tcp/ip protocol for the NTS PPPOE adapter here. Win 95 allows a limit of 4 adapters with tcp/ip bound to it and Win 98/ME allows a limit of 6. If you have more than the limit allowed, then you will have to remove any unneccessary adapters that listed here. If you have AOL 6.0 and do not use it, then uninstall AOL 6.0 because it uses up 3 tcp/ip stacks for AOL Adapter, AOL Dial-Up Adapter, Dial-Up Adapter #2 (VPN Support). Once you have removed the excess adapters, you can add a new tcp/ip bound to the NTS PPPOE adapter by going to Add-Protocol-Add-Microsoft-TCP/IP, click Ok. When you see the NTS PPPOE adapter is bound with tcp/ip, click Ok and reboot.

For Windows 2000, go to Start-Settings-Control Panel-Network. Click on "Bindings", then change "show all services" to "show all adapters". Click on the "+" sign for Network Telesystems PPPOE adapter. Verify that there is a tcp/ip bound to the Network Telesystems PPPOE adapter. If there isn't a tcp/ip bound to the Network Telesystems PPPOE adapter, then click on "Protocols", click on "Install", click on "Microsoft" for manufacturer, click on "TCP/IP" for protocol, click "Ok", and reboot. This should install and bind tcp/ip to all adapters.

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Restart your computer, double click on the Enternet 300 Icon, at the top Click on Connection, Settings, Advanced. Make sure its set to Private API, and change the Filter driver to Protocol, and reboot. This should correct the problem.

On Windows NT and 2000, you may have to switch Private API to DHCP and keep the Network Access at Filter driver.

Originally submitted by STLSMOASI

by Ranma See Profile

In Enternet 300, go to Connections-Settings. Put a check in Auto-Connect. Click "OK". Double-click on the connection profile. This should fix the problem. You can safely turn Auto-Connect off again, if you like.

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You will get this error, if you have a loose cords, line problems, no sync, or a server outage in your area. You may have to power cycle your modem. To powercyle your modem, turn off your modem or shut down the PC if you have a USB modem, unplug the power supply, wait 1-2 minutes, plug the power supply back in, turn the modem or PC back on, and try to connect again. If that doesn't work, call tech support.

For new installations, this is usually a configuration issue either on the computer's side, or on the network. If you have sync (solid green light on 4060 | 4 green lights on 5260-actually just DSL and ATM, but you need ENET to be green anyway | Solid green Power, Ready and Link light on Westell Wirespeed) and this is a new DSL order, then verify the following:

1) Right-click on the DSL Connection profile, select Configuration, and verify that the correct adapter is chosen. If you use the 4060, this would be the 4060. If you use the 5260 or Westell Wirespeed, verify that you have chosen the NIC that the DSL modem is using. If your NIC is not an option in the adapter list, it may not be installed properly or tcp/ip might not be bound to the NIC in the Network settings(Start-Settings-Control Panel-Network).

2) Create a new profile and try to connect.

3) Power cycle the ethernet modem for 30 seconds by using the power switch on the back of the modem. If you have a USB modem, shut down the whole PC.

4) Remove Microsoft Family Logon from Network settings. Go to Start-Settings-Control Panel-Network, click on Microsoft Family Logon, click Remove, click Ok, and reboot PC. For some wierd reason, in very rare circumstances, Microsoft Family Logon will cause a connection time out.

5) You are probably not mapped in the router or there are other configuration issues. Call the SBC Customer-Self Install department at 877-722-3755 for problems with installation. They will call the appropriate department and have you mapped in 5-10 minutes.

In rare cases, you could be wired to the wrong DSLAM port and would receive sync on that port but would not connect. It could also be your NIC. For example, the 3com integrated ethernet port on the Dell Dimension 4100/8100 has caused many people to get a "Connection Time Out". You can use the Kingston Ethernet card that came with the kit if this happens.

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UPDATE 08/18/01: Efficient Networks has come up with a another upgrade. Enternet 300 v1.5 helped more people browse, but some people still had inconsistent browsing issues. In Enternet 300 v1.5b, it is supposed to address this issue. Though with all the buggy revisions, It's still highly reccomended to go through RASpppoe or a PPPOE-capable router for Windows 2000 browsing issues.

This is a bug in the tcp/ip programming for Enternet 300 version 1.34-1.41c that occasionally prevents Windows 2000 users from being able to browse. Enternet 300 v1.5 will work for most Windows 2000 users, occasionally on some Windows 2000 machines you will have browsing problems and may want to try Enternet 300 v1.5a. There is a small workaround in v1.5a that helps with browsing. Go to Help-About in the Enternet 300 to find out which version you have. As of this posting SBC has Enternet 300 v1.5 for download but not on hardcopy yet. The best solution currently is to use RASpppoe or a router with built-in PPPOE software instead of Enternet 300.

* If you are using Enternet 300 v1.34, the easiest way to fix this is to change Private API to DHCP in the Connections-Settings-Advanced window in the Enternet 300.

* If you are already using Enternet 300 v1.5, try one of the following:

1) Install Service Pack 2 for Windows 2000, according to Efficient Networks, this fixes some bugs in the networking components for Windows 2000.

2) Right click on the Enternet 300 icon in the systray click on "Advanced", and click on "log". If it keeps saying "IP address is still not programmed" every second, then go to the Enternet.ini file(do a search or find for it by going to Start-Find or Search) and edit the IPProgramWait= to a value higher than 30, you can have a value between 1 to 60 and 30 is the default number of retries. This is the number of times it tries to reprogram the IP address per second.

*If you can browse but have intermittent trouble, then download Enternet 300 v1.5 from the SBC Drivers website with the username: dslsoft and password: driver when you are experiencing one of those times that you can browse.

* If you can't browse at all then connect with the Enternet 300, go to Start-Run, type command, click Ok, type ipconfig /release, right click on the Enterent 300 tray icon, select disconnect, then reconnect with the Enternet 300, open your browser. If you want you can also type ipconfig before releasing the IP, you will see that you have for your ip address, after reconnecting it will still show your IP address as but you can browse. Once you can browse, go to the SBC Drivers website with the username: dslsoft and password: driver to upgrade to Enternet 300 v1.5

If you would like to trouble shoot this more thoroughly you can go to the Enternet FAQ at the Efficient Networks website.

Here is a excerpt from the Enternet 300 v1.5a Release Notes(file is in pdf.format):
Workaround for Microsoft TCP/IP address setting problem with W2K. The workaround fixes a problem occurring with some Windows 2000 systems whose browsers are unable to browse correctly upon connection. Note that there is also a problem with the Windows 2000 in general which requires service pack 1 for resolution. In all cases, we recommend that you install service pack 1 before installing Enternet 300 v1.5a for Windows.

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If you see the first screen with the 4 pictures but don't see the "Ok" button, then your screen resolution is at 640x480. You can just hit the "enter" key and the install will continue. If you want to see the whole screen, click on the Apple in the top left corner, click control panel, click monitors, change resolution to 800x600 or higher, click top left box to close and save, insert Enternet 300 installation CD, and try to install again.

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It is generally best to allow the DNS IPs to be specified by your provider during authentication. Specifying specific IPs should only be done if you are experiencing DNS problems. To change your DNS selection:

Open the Enternet300 folder program. It is the one that you create new profiles in.

Right click on the icon you connect to DSL with and select Properties.

Select the TCP tab and about halfway down you will see "Server assigned DNS/NBIS server addresses", this means your provider will assign the latest DNS server IPs everytime you connect.

If you want a specific set of IPs to be used change this setting to "Specify DNS/NBIS server addresses".

Four windows below will become available. Enter the two DNS entires. NBIS entries are not required.

Then OK all the way out.

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