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how-to block ads

This Section

Edit: 13 Sept 2009 by lilhurricane: Support added for Firefox & Opera / downloadable tool
Edit: 05 Jul 2009 by TheJoker: Added instruction to rename mbam.exe if program won't start.
Edit: 16 May 2009 by CalamityJane: Fixed Eset online scan link, added Windows Defender is now XP and Vista compatible only.
Edit: 13 Apr 2009 by TheJoker: MBAM instructions updated
Edit: 31 Mar 2009 by CalamityJane: Adjust Ad-Aware instructions, latest v. Ad-Aware AE; Spybot S&D latest v. 1.6.2
Edit: 21 Dec 2008 by CalamityJane: Fixed Windows Defender download link
Edit: 19 Nov 2008 by CalamityJane: Updated Microsoft Malicious Software Removal Tool link
Edit: 18 Nov 2008 by lilhurricane: Funky Toad link to HostsXpert Updated
Edit: 07 Aug 2008 by CalamityJane: (Removed) Ewido - no longer available / winsockfix (outdated)- no longer recommended for operating systems XP SP2 and up
Edit: 27 May 2008 by lilhurricane: Updated links to Safe Mode booting
Edit: 24 April 2008 by CalamityJane:
1. Removed AVG antispyware, no longer available as a standalone spyware scanner.
2. Added Microsoft Malicious Software Removal Tool
3. Added Vista where it was missing in some places
Edit: 03 Apr 2008 by CalamityJane: Updated for Ad-Aware 2007 and Hijackthis (installer version)
Edit: 19 Nov 2007 by lilhurricane: References to MS Anti-Spyware removed (Defender)
Edit: 16 Sep 2007 by CalamityJane: Updated Spybot v.1.5; and HostXpert (formerly "Hoster"); Added Ad-Aware 2007 Free for Vista
Edit: 01 Sep 2007 by CalamityJane: Updated HijackThis instructions for Trend-Micro version.
Edit: 20 July 2008 by lilhurricane: Windows Defender info now includes Vista as a supported operating system

Edit: 08 April 2007 by lilhurricane: Changed link for Safe Mode instruction to point to MS article. Using msconfig in WinXP is not recommended due to the fact that today's new malware sometimes deletes the safeboot key.
Edit: 24 Oct 2006 by CalamityJane: Added eTrust online scanner; removed CWShredder and AboutBuster; Windows Defender is for XP only
Edit: 07 Apr 2006 by CalamityJane: Microsoft Antispyware is now Windows Defender.

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last modified: 2009-12-21 20:02:20