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4.0 Problems

If you request a scan against an IP that we cannot ascertain belongs to or is controlled by you, then you need to release the scan so it can proceed.

The release procedure is easy. From the IP you wish scanned, you must TELNET to dslreports.com using any regular telnet client. Windows comes with a native telnet client. To use TELNET from Windows, try Start -> Run -> telnet. Enter dslreports.com as the target to connect.

You will get a prompt asking you for your queue ticket number. Enter the number you received when the scan request was accepted, and press return.

There is no other way to authorize a held scan. Sorry, but we cannot process release requests manually.

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last modified: 2004-02-01 05:31:44

There is no submit button on the scan request form if you have not logged into the site yet, OR, if the queue has the maximum number of pending scans waiting for processing.

In the case of the first problem, you need to get a site account if you haven't already, and you need to login.

Your browser will have to accept a cookie from the site before you can login. This is the single most common problem with logging in. If you cannot accept a cookie, the scan request form will still not have a button.

If you are sure you have logged in, reload the scan request form page if necessary. Pressing the "back" button can give you the old form that still has no button.

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last modified: 2004-02-01 06:05:22

Scans are automatically rejected if you provided an IP address that has the word proxy or cache in its DNS lookup.

This is usually because your ISP has placed a web proxy in the way and you did not over-ride the default IP address in the request scan form with your own.

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last modified: 2004-02-01 05:35:40

There are TWO queue processors running at once, capable of full scanning between 5 to 10 machines an hour, and 20-40 simpler free scans per hour. Check back just past the hour to fit into the queue.

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last modified: 2004-02-01 05:36:08

You need to accept a login cookie from www.secure-me.net, otherwise we cannot record your login and accept a scan request.

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last modified: 2004-02-01 06:05:41

If the default IP address shown for you is wrong, it is probably your ISP web proxy server, used by them to cache frequently used web pages. This is something you would not want to scan.

Please check your PC's IP address using Start -> Run -> winipcfg (Windows), or the TCP control panel GUI (Macintosh).

If your Windows OS does not include the winipcfg program, simply open a command line window (Start -> Run -> CMD) and use IPCONFIG. (Type IPCONFIG HELP to get some options)

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last modified: 2010-03-13 18:41:23

Paid scans get priority, but they also take much longer.

Also, queue processors sometimes die and are not restarted by us. If you think that has happened, please post in the Site Help forum.

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last modified: 2004-02-01 05:48:38