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This FAQ is currently under construction in hopes of including the most recent fixes to the most frequently reported issues
As well my goal is to provide the most concice info for the many versions still supported by Norton and Symantec as well as well-tested advice from both my 10 years of experience using Symantec's interaction and review to new issues
Please be patient, I'm trying make the topic all inclusive with the best info included
In the meantime please feel free to post your issue to the Security Forum for follow-up and attention
Feel fee to IM me or email me if you feel I've overlooked your issue as well as your input that you'd like to see tested and included in our updated releases
Thanks to you all for your input!
Amy Sheehan
Symantec Enhanced Testing
Norton and Symantec research
Last updated 2o Nov 2007

This FAQ will include instructions for installing, uninstalling for Norton and Symantec products which include tips for making the reinstall or removal as 'hassle-free' and complete as possible.
Also included will be tried and true solutions to common Norton and Symantec issue resolutions most frequently reported by dslr users topics in our Security Forum,
As time permits links to the most helpful support topics will be made available to here - all in one place for your reference.

If you are having a problem submitting a file for analysis to Symantec at this time, the process is being revamped as of 11/20/2007 and if you are unable to submit a file using the automated submission process or the Malware Submit process using dslr please contact me and I will see that your file and issue is reported immediately.

Until this FAQ is completed, please feel free to continue posting your issues in the Security Forum and you are also welcome to notify me of your posting if I've not aware of it.

Thanks for your help and patience. My aim is to streamline these issues for reporting and resolution by Symantec on your behalf.

Amy Sheehan
last edited 11/20/07 10:51pm pacific

..NOTE: Updated 12/5/07 = Symantec is revamping their policies as well as their website at this time which include some very distinct changes in this overhaul and policies and product distinctions.
Please bear with me for the time to report and include all relevant changes and fixes to benefit all users.

Last edited: Dec 5, 2007 @12:35 pst

Feedback received on this FAQ entry:
  • Possibly revamp and update the FAQ, noted last date under "currently under construction" in '07. :-)

    2009-09-16 00:08:45 (dandelion See Profile)

by amysheehan See Profile
last modified: 2007-12-15 22:52:40