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1.2 New Users

If you run the GUI (graphical User Interface) version, also know as the Screensaver version, your process times will be very slow as there is no way to configure it to process faster. Also there is no effective way to store a cache of work units on your machine should you have connection problems or the servers in Berkeley be offline, as they are on a regular basis.

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If you want to setup the CLI, SETISpy, and SETI Driver (the most commonly used combination of programs on the team), go here for a complete step-by-step through the whole process!

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Yes! Some of Team Starfire members have put together a NewBBRCruncher Setup Suite. NewBBRCruncher is a setup package that installs the latest versions of SetiDriver and SetiSpy and it grab the latest CLI direct from Berkeley's download site. It also supports connection to the Team Caches.

If you're running the GUI Client, uninstalling it after it completes its current WU, and afterinstalling the NewBBRCruncher suite, it could dramatically improve your WU return rate!

It also can be set up on many systems so you won't be prompted to close the SETI software when you are trying to shut down your system!!

The Suite can be found from one of several links here.

Posted by klambert

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Get the SETI Club Globe beside your BBR name! The globe lets all the members of BBR know you belong to the Team Starfire SETI Club.

1. Click on Members in the upper left of this page.
2. Click on Extra on the new page.
3. Open the pull down beside Add Profile Entry:.
4. Answer the question DSLR Seti@Home Details: Why did I join?

Here is a screenshot:

In a day or so, the globe will appear beside your name.

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last modified: 2003-07-11 02:27:12

As of the latest release, version 3.2.0, the problem is fixed (for versions before 3.1.1, scroll down further to see instructions). Go to "Settings" >> "Update" >> "Server" in SETISpy, and enter your email in the "Account email address" field.


The easiest solution to this problem would be download the latest version of SETISpy, available here.


For users with versions before 3.1.1, here is the solution:

This question gets asked a lot here. Here is a quick guide to correcting the problem, found on the SETISpy Web Site.

Recently, the Update button on the User Statistics screen has stopped working, and the User Name hyperlink has disappeared. What happened?

I have tracked the problem down to the user_info.sah file, which SETI@home uses to store user information. My best guess is that due to recent security breaches, SETI@home management has decided not to include the user email address in the user_info.sah file like they used to. SETI Spy cannot update the user stats without the user email address. SETI Spy 3.0.6 and later provides a workaround, but you have to edit the setispy.ini file using the following steps.

Stop your SETI Spy if it is running.
Download the latest version of SETI Spy (3.0.6 or later) if you have not already done so.
Open the setispy.ini file in your SETI@home folder with a text editor like NotePad.
Add a line "BackupEmailAddr=youraddress@yourISP.com" just below the UserPercentage= line in the [Stats] section. Do not use quotes, and replace youraddress@yourISP.com with the email address you log into SETI@home with. The [Stats] section should now look something like the image below, with the added line shown in red. Don't worry of the lines are not exactly in the same order. Just add the BackupEmailAddr= line below the UserPercentage= line.

GroupName=Broadband Reports Team Starfire

Save setispy.ini.
Start SETI Spy.

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You can find your own personal stats here. Just fill in your e-mail address and click "Get Stats".

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It's a good idea to run the CLI version, rather than the Screensaver. It is much faster than the GUI version.

Here's a few easy steps you should follow to make the switch:

1) Uninstall the SETI@Home Screen Saver version. Keep the WU and the SETI folder.

2) Click HERE and scroll down the page and download i386-winnt-cmdline.exe to your SETI Directory.

3) Start the CLI ("i386-winnt-cmdline.exe").

4) When it prompts for 1 or 2, enter 2.

5) Enter the email address you used with SETI@Home.

6) Now it will start over on the workunit you gave it then continue normal operation.

You can run the CLI with other programs listed in the Programs section. It will not affect your CPU time.

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No. The CPU on most computers is always executing instructions (often the operating system's "idle loop") whenever the computer is turned on. It's no additional strain to execute SETI@home.

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last modified: 2002-08-17 00:32:32

No. SETI@home writes its results to disk every minute or so. Therefore, it is safe to shut down or stop SETI@Home whenever you like. To properly shut down the CLI version use SETI Spy or ctrl+C.

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It has been asked before and the answer is no. The images posted in the other forums will slow down page loading, and people in other forums will not be happy. You also should not use the Genome, Folding, and UD stats in the SETI forum for the same reason.

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Yes, but WE WILL NOT CONDONE IT HERE AT TEAM STARFIRE! If you do get a copy of anything that will allow you to cheat and run it, you are almost guaranteed to get kicked from our team.

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NO. Do not use any graphical screen savers with SETI because it will slow down or even stop SETI. SETI is designed to run in the unused cycles of your PC's CPU so how can it run if your pretty screen saver is using all or most of those cycles? It can't or if it does it will be very slow. It may double or triple your times per Work Unit.

Any Visual Screen Savers that render 3D, render Ray Traced graphics, or create/display slide shows of large graphic images will just about kill SETI. SETI will wait for the CPU to become free and since the highly Visual Screen Saver is so CPU and memory intensive, SETI just sits there and grabs what little it can.

Moral. Use nothing but blank screen (or none) if you want SETI to crunch normally. Set your power saving features to turn off the Monitor after 10 to 30 minutes and or just turn off your monitor at night. Make sure to only use "None" or "Blank Screen" as your Screen Saver setting or your SETI WU (Work Unit) times will greatly increase.

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The Class Registration Index gets updated every Sunday at around 9:00am.

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For the Team Counters, just go here. Follow the steps there and you will be given HTML code to copy. Now make a New Text Document on your Desktop (right click on your Desktop, scroll down to New and click Text Document) and paste the HTML code there.

You have to copy, then paste this HTML code (from your Text Document you created and saved on your Desktop) into your post(s) at the end and it will show your current Work Unit status when you look at your completed post. You may also want to test your HTML code first to iron out any problems or bugs by using the Post Testing Forum Here.

Courtesy of Megadeth

For the Team Starfire counters, go here. This site is in German - if you have trouble figuring it out, you can find a rough Google translation here

Note: You cannot put the counters into your signature. Also, we ask that you please refrain from posting your counter outside of the SETI forum.

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The amount of WUs that you have to crunch to reach a certificate milestone should be

100, 250, 500, 750, 1000, 2500, 5000, 7500, 10000, 25000, 50000, 75000, 100000

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