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3.1 Addons

SETI Spy keeps track of your work unit progress. It can estimate when the current work unit is finished, tell you information about the current work unit, what you've found, your user stats, processor information, etc... It even works with remotely running clients. It is almost a must-have for those running the CLI.

You can find it at this page or a direct link can be found here. Before you download there is a disclaimer that you have to read. The source code can be found here It is written with Borland Delphi 5.

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last modified: 2003-03-30 14:45:47

SETI Driver helps you manage the SETI@Home CLI version. It also allows you a "cache" of workunits so that you can keep crunching if you cannot immediately connect to SETI@home for some reason (your ISP is down, you have a dial-up connection, etc.).

You can find the program and additional information about it at this page.

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The NewBBRCruncher Package is an all-in-one program put together by jcsjr that has the CLI, SETISpy, and SETI Driver bundled. It is automatically configured to work together based on some questions you answer during the installation. You need to be a member of Team Starfire to install the NewBBRCruncher Package.

You can download the NewBBRCruncher Package at these locations:

teamstarfire.org: http://www.teamstarfire.org/newbbrcruncher/
jcsjr: http://bellsouthpwp.net/j/c/jcsjr/NewBBRCruncher/
samburgers: http://members.shaw.ca/bbrseti/download.html

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The SETI Cache Spy was made by one of our dedicated team members, overhill for users of SETI Driver, SETI Hide, and SETI Queue (on a LAN only) can take a look into their cached workunits and see detailed information about them.

The current version of SETI Cache Spy is v2.43 and it is available HERE from the Team Starfire website.

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last modified: 2003-07-11 02:08:49

SetiTEAM is a free windows program which allows people to track and compare the number of work units being completed by members of the SETI@Home community.

SetiTEAM works by analysing tables of results produced by the project servers at http://setiathome.ssl.berkeley.edu/
These can be saved and compared to show or predict changes of rankings.

SetiTEAM can be found here.

There's a real easy fix to get our stats from SetiTEAM. Right-click in the program and go to Internet Settings. Then change the default path to setiathome2.ssl.berkeley.edu/fcgi-bin/fcgi in the internet settings.

Further details and the SetiTEAM program can be found here.

Be sure to type in the current team name next to the update button (BroadbandReports.com Team Starfire).

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SetiQueue is a workunit caching program (similar to SetiDriver). However, it also allows you to set up several computers to draw from one cache of workunits. It can be found here.

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There is an app called SebSETI available here that is small, (25K) and easy to install, that will start the SETI client, calculate the necessary cache size and download the cache work units, update the on-screen display every minute, and keep the program running.

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Check out other useful utilities in this post.

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Yes, I made a program to do it and you can find it in the programs section of gameboyrom1.tripod.com/gameboyro···tml>this website

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Look here /forum/remark,8527446~mode=flat

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See this thread for instructions on how to view the flash maps in Setiqueue.

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