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7 General Resources

You can find a list of facilities listed here.

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You can find a page on SF Bay Area general resources here:

San Francisco Bay Resource Net

More are to come soon!

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Earthquake information and maps can be found at these links:

USGS Homepage
CA Earthquake Activity Map (USGS)
Mapfinder (USGS)

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Feedback received on this FAQ entry:
  • I've found that http://jobsbayarea.net has the most jobs. You should add it to the list.

    2012-02-17 02:47:43

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A list of places where you can find access around the San Francisco Bay Area is missing in action! Help us find it so we can re-establish this page.

In the mean time, you can use these links to locate WiFi access:
»WiFi Hotspots »Are there any websites available to locate hotspots?
»Broadband To Go »How can I find out if an Airport I will be using has High Speed Internet Access?

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Depending on what type of offense you are charged with there are likely many different options for you. We have decided that discussions regarding, "I got a speeding/parking ticket" or "I just got a traffic summons," "My license has expired," would be much better suited for a licensed professional rather than in our forum.

We find that forum discussions on these issues are generally of no benefit to you and usually end up causing more harm than good. We would much rather see you get the professional help you need instead of potentially poor or misleading advice.

You might want to look at the courthouse website for the county you were cited in. Many have unique procedures for dealing with your offense - you want to be sure you're following proper protocol.

Parts pulled from the NY Chat FAQ.

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Major ISPs

• Comcast: »www.comcast.com provides cable for most of the bay area. Digital Cable/Cable modems are available pretty much everywhere except a few places in the old part of SF.
• SBC: »www.sbc.com is the major telco phone company in the area.
• Verizon: »www.verizon.com has a foothold in some parts of the east bay.

Local ISPs

• Sonic.net: »www.sonic.net has been around a long time and is based in Santa Rosa. Over the years they have spread to cover a good part of the bay area with dialup and DSL coverage (via SBC). They also run wireless in some parts of Santa Rosa. Their pricing is *very* competitive with SBC.
• Covad Wireless »www.covadwireless.com (owned by Covad -- used to be NextWeb) seems to cater to small business and up. However, there are several residential (power)users as well. They have 1mbps symmetric for $200/month. There are also slower & faster plans (down to 384, up to 10+mbps).

Wireless ISPs

• MetroFi: »www.metrofi.com has gotten quite a bit of press recently, for they now provide free (ad-supported) wifi access within the cities of Cupertino, Sunnyvale and Santa Clara.
• Etheric Networks: »www.etheric.net provides point-to-point wireless internet to a good portion of the south bay. Their pricing is a bit expensive but the service works great. Very little latency compared to satellite.

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