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Embarq has setup various FTP servers in different areas to test download and upload speeds. Here is a list dated 12-20-07:

New Jersey:
North Carolina:
South Carolina:
Here are the instructions on how to run a speed test using FTP

1.Click on the Start button and select Run.
2.In the Run window type ftp followed by the IP Address of the FTP server closest to your estate. If you have successfully accessed the server, you will be prompted for a username.
3.Type ftp and press Enter
4.You will now be prompted for a password.
5.Type ftp and Press Enter When you have successfully logged in, you will receive the message Anonymous access granted, restrictions apply.
6.Type hash and press enter to turn on hash mark printing. This will allow you to view the data as it is being downloaded and uploaded
7.Type ls and hit enter. This will display a list of files you can download to test your speed.
8.To begin the test, type get test.1meg and hit enter

Start by downloading the test.1meg file first. If the customer has a speed issue, this will allow you to complete a test in the least amount of time.

If the customer is downloading at a rate close to their speed, use the get command to download the 3 or 5 Meg files. Downloading a larger file will provide a better average speed result.

1.When the test has completed, the line speed will be displayed in Kbytes/sec on the last line.

To determine the tested speed, multiply the Kbytes/sec reading by 8. This will provide the average download speed. In this example the customers speed was 232.71 Kbytes/sec, multiply 232.71 x 8 = 1861.68 kbps. The line speed is close to 2 megabits per second

Once you have downloaded a file, you can perform the upload test. Type cd upload to change to the upload directory.

*In order to upload a file, you must first download the same file.

2.To start the upload test, type put test.1meg and press Enter. When the test has completed, the line speed will be displayed in Kbytes/sec on the last line.

To determine the tested speed, multiply the Kbytes/sec reading by 8. This will provide the average upload speed. In this example the customers speed was 106.30 Kbytes/sec. The line speed is close to 1 megabit per second (850.4 kbps).
3.Type quit or bye to log out of the ftp server.

Please note that these FTP servers are Embarq's standard method of testing the speed of a connection. Web-based sites and other popular FTP servers will not be as reliable, due to the nature of internet routing. These servers are placed in such a way as to not hit internet traffic, so no degradation is noted from everyday internet usage.
Updated on 03/25/08.

You can also use speed tests offered by this site here: »/speedtest

Feedback received on this FAQ entry:
  • Well I ordered a upgrade from 5mbs to 10mbs dsl this past friday. I have no idea what you did , but, my phone is screwed up , my dsl speed took a sharp downward turn, and I am pissed ! Friday is a very poor day to screw up my phone and internet, sence you are closed on the weekend. I get weird sounds in my phone, the phone rings and all the caller ID says is incoming call. It sounds like the wires are crossed . Never tell someone "all you have to do is reboot your system , dsl modem after work Friday and you'll be up and running in no time." YOU SUCK !!! and Iam pissed !

    2011-05-01 21:44:13

  • You can also enter the ip address in the address bar for the test. It will prompt you to enter your Embarq tel. number of HSI number if diffrent from main number.

    2008-08-29 10:29:00

  • The Embarq FTP servers are placed in such as way as to measure the speed of the DSL connection with the customers traffic using an _atypical_ routing path within Embarq's network. The DSL speed measured this way usually ignores the known bottlenecks withing Embarq's network, and generates inflated speed results as compared to the actual attainable speed between the customer and the edge of the Embarq network.

    2008-03-24 18:10:33 (Supervisor See Profile)

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