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1. General

What is this FAQ?

(F)requently (A)sked (Q)uestions for Embarq high-speed Internet forum. If you have one to add please feel free to do so. Updated on 03/25/08.

Can anyone contribute?

Yes! Please allow up to 48 hours for your submissions to be approved. If after 48 hours and you have not seen your submission, please IM the forum Host. All are invited to submit responses to the FAQs however, Embarq has dedicated 2 experienced technicians and 1 senior customer service representative to be the only authorized users to give official embarq sponsored responses on the FAQS. Their user names are: Embarq_Jenny Embarq_Cesar Embarq_Llewi
Updated on 03/25/08

What is Embarq High Speed Internet

EMBARQ High-Speed Internet is a broadband technology also known as Digital Subscriber Line (DSL), which transmits data at high speeds over the Internet.

Where do I call to get started.

To inquire about EMBARQ High-Speed Internet service call 1-866-228-1362.
For EMBARQ High-Speed Internet technical support call 1-877-6GO-DATA (1-877-646-3282).
Updated on 03/25/08

Who are the Official CenturyLink Techs that Post Here?

The official techs that are assigned to the forum will be posting under the following username:

CenturyLink See Profile

The techs are usually online at this site Monday-Friday from 7am-7pm MST.

The support email address is TalkToUs@CenturyLink.com.



1.1. Pricing

How much does Embarq High Speed Internet cost?

For current pricing and availability please visit www.embarq.com/highspeed. Updated on 03/25/08

1.2. Availability

What cities are currently served by Embarq High Speed Internet?

To check for pricing and availability please visit www.embarq.com/highspeed or call 1-866-228-1362. Updated on 03/25/08.

What speeds are available with Embarq High Speed Internet?

Please visit www.embarq.com/highspeed for the most up-to-date speeds and availability. Updated on 03/25/08.

Are Static IP addresses available?

Yes, with the exception, if you have an FTTC (Fiber to the Curb) or FTTP (Fiber to the Premise) connection. This type of connection is not supported by static IP. A Static IP option is $4.95 per month with a one time $15 activation charge.

Static IP disclaimer
Embarq supports the Static IP pipe only, and not other internet services that the customer may attempt to run via this application. These type of services are not supported by Embarq. Even though Embarq does not support these services, this does not mean these services will not work. Embarq provides technical support for the basic internet configuration for internet access. If you move or transfer service, your Static IP address will change. Embarq retains the ownership of the Static IP address and it must be surrendered to Embarq upon the cancellation of Static IP service. If Embarq upgrades their network, your Static IP address may change. There may be a brief interruption of service while provisioning your order.

Updated on 03/25/08.

3. Setup Installation and Configuration

Will Brand X modem work with Embarq high-speed Internet?

Yes, different modems will work when configured with the proper information.
However, Embarq basic support does not support ADSL modems that were not purchased through Embarq or an Embarq sales channel. Updated on 03/25/08.

5. Hardware

What are the minimum computer requirements for Embarq High Speed Internet?

For Internet Service/DSL Per »www.embarq.com :

Operating System 98 SE, ME, 2000, NT service pack 4 and up, XP, Vista, Linux, Unix, Mac OS 8.1 or higher

EMBARQ High Speed Internet requires a modem plus an Ethernet or USB connection. Most computers are supplied with a Network Interface Card (or NIC).

For Embarq Online Security:
Per »www.myembarq.com/faq_security.ph ··· rity.php :
*System Recommendations Required by F-Secure*
Recommended RAM Windows 98SE and ME: 256 MB
Recommended RAM Windows XP and 2000 Professional: 512 MB
Recommended RAM Windows Vista: 1 GB
Recommended Available Disk Space for all OS: 800 MB

For Embarq.com enhanced collaboration suite email & Embarq homepage:
Windows 98, 2000, ME, NT, XP, VISTA-
Minimum: CPU 750MHz, 256MB of RAM
Recommended: CPU 1.5GHz, 512MB of RAM
Macintosh -
OS X using the Mozilla Firefox browser
Linux - Requires X Window System and Java. Minimum system resources will vary depending on the kernel, distribution and desktop environment of choice. The Mozilla Firefox browser is recommended for best performance. Text based browsers are not supported. Updated on 03/25/08.

How do I get port forwarding to work on the 660?

You can use the web-based GUI to configure port forwarding. The following link will show you how to accomplish this:
»myembarq.com/files/embarq/suppor ··· ding.php
Updated on 03/25/08.

How do I port forward with my Linksys router?

You can find directions here on how to port forward with a Linskys router:

»www.myembarq.com/files/embarq/su ··· ding.php

Seen here: »Re: Getting Embarq DSL need help Linksys WRT54G setup

How do I set-up my Belkin N Router using the Embarq 660 modem?

The default IP address of your Belkin N Router is the same as the Embarq 660 modem:

Here is what you need to do:

Connect only the Belkin router to your PC, for this step you have to temporarily disconnect our 660 modem from the router and turn it off.

Using your Internet browser, you can access the Routers Web-Based Advanced User Interface. In your browser, type (do not type in anything else such as (http// or www) type just the numbers and then press the Enter key.

There is no password by default, so leave blank.

You will see the Routers home page in your browser window.

To View the LAN Settings,click on the header of the LAN tab (1) will take you to the LAN tabs header page. A quick description of the functions can be found here. To view the settings or make changes to any of the LAN settings, click on LAN Settings.

The default IP Address is, please change it to and click on "Apply Changes".

Now exit out of the window and shut down your computer.

Power the router off and make sure the 660 modem is also off.

Re-Connect the modem to the router and wait for a minute.

Turn on the 660 modem on first and wait for the DSL light to turn solid green.

Then turn on your Belkin Router and then your computer.

This should get you online.

The above is courtesy of embarq_cesar See Profile from this post: »Re: Belkin advice please

How do I setup multiple static ip's on a Westell 6100

See: »/r0/download/1 ··· 20IP.pdf

Thanks to satcomlink See Profile for posting this in our forum.

7. Connection and Tweaking

What are acceptable ping times across the Embarq backbone

Embarq utilizes multiple backbone providers. In general, any latency found via trace-routes on the Embarq side of the network consistently over 300 MS should be reported to technical support.

Note: Customers using PPPoE may experience higher trace routes and ping values than DHCP, Static, or PPPoA customers. Updated on 03/25/08.

Please note, that while Embarq considers 300 MS latency as acceptable, there are others who would argue that this high of a level of latency is not acceptable for them.

What are the DNS addresses for Embarq DSL?

Indiana - -
Kansas - -
Minnesota - -
Missouri - -
Nebraska - -
Nevada - -
New Jersey - -
North Carolina - -
Ohio - -
Oregon - -
Pennsylvania - -
South Carolina - -
Tennessee - -
Texas - -
Virginia - -
Washington - -
Wyoming - -
Updated on 03/25/08.

9. Networking and Sharing

Does Embarq offer a home networking plan for High Speed Internet?

Please click on this link for the current prices of our home networking equipment
»www.embarq.com/Residential/Inter ··· quipment
Updated on 03/25/08.

11. Trouble Shooting

How fast is my DSL connection?

Embarq has setup various FTP servers in different areas to test download and upload speeds. Here is a list dated 12-20-07:

New Jersey:
North Carolina:
South Carolina:
Here are the instructions on how to run a speed test using FTP

1.Click on the Start button and select Run.
2.In the Run window type ftp followed by the IP Address of the FTP server closest to your estate. If you have successfully accessed the server, you will be prompted for a username.
3.Type ftp and press Enter
4.You will now be prompted for a password.
5.Type ftp and Press Enter When you have successfully logged in, you will receive the message Anonymous access granted, restrictions apply.
6.Type hash and press enter to turn on hash mark printing. This will allow you to view the data as it is being downloaded and uploaded
7.Type ls and hit enter. This will display a list of files you can download to test your speed.
8.To begin the test, type get test.1meg and hit enter

Start by downloading the test.1meg file first. If the customer has a speed issue, this will allow you to complete a test in the least amount of time.

If the customer is downloading at a rate close to their speed, use the get command to download the 3 or 5 Meg files. Downloading a larger file will provide a better average speed result.

1.When the test has completed, the line speed will be displayed in Kbytes/sec on the last line.

To determine the tested speed, multiply the Kbytes/sec reading by 8. This will provide the average download speed. In this example the customers speed was 232.71 Kbytes/sec, multiply 232.71 x 8 = 1861.68 kbps. The line speed is close to 2 megabits per second

Once you have downloaded a file, you can perform the upload test. Type cd upload to change to the upload directory.

*In order to upload a file, you must first download the same file.

2.To start the upload test, type put test.1meg and press Enter. When the test has completed, the line speed will be displayed in Kbytes/sec on the last line.

To determine the tested speed, multiply the Kbytes/sec reading by 8. This will provide the average upload speed. In this example the customers speed was 106.30 Kbytes/sec. The line speed is close to 1 megabit per second (850.4 kbps).
3.Type quit or bye to log out of the ftp server.

Please note that these FTP servers are Embarq's standard method of testing the speed of a connection. Web-based sites and other popular FTP servers will not be as reliable, due to the nature of internet routing. These servers are placed in such a way as to not hit internet traffic, so no degradation is noted from everyday internet usage.
Updated on 03/25/08.

You can also use speed tests offered by this site here: »/speedtest

13. Links

Helpful links/numbers for EMBARQ™ High-Speed Internet Support.

About EMBARQ High-Speed Internet

For EMBARQ High-Speed Internet Support
1-877-6GO-DATA (1-877-646-3282)
Updated on 03/25/08