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Third Party VoIp

Because you are using a 3rd party VoIP service your phone traffic runs with the rest of the internet (web searches, bit torrent downloads, email) and you could run into the same issues you do well doing anything else on the internet, such as lag, packet loss, etc... These are issues you should seriously consider when deciding to use a 3rd party VoIP provider.

Shaw can not and will not do anything for this aside from make sure their service is running properly (your signal is good, modem working correctly, speeds are within limits)
All other trouble shooting must be done by your VoIP provider.

Check this link for more information

The link is a *.pdf file and requires a PDF reader to view

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last modified: 2008-11-20 04:20:00

This is a feature which enables prioritization of voip packets within Shaw's network.

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If you are using Primus TBB service and having problems please check out this entry in the
TBB FAQ for help. Issue number #12859

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last modified: 2007-11-23 00:18:00