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1.12 FAQ Meta

This FAQ, actually a segment of the full site FAQ, has been constructed and is constantly updated to help users navigate the site and learn about all the features available, as well as learn about how the site is run. There is an incredibly large number of FAQs on this site, having to do with all manner of subjects. These can generally be found by going to the forum dealing with the same topic. FAQs are referenced by link at the top of the forums.

As you utilize this and other FAQs on the site, you may find that the search function is your best friend. It will return results across many FAQs and other sources of information, including the numerous forums.

If you have questions about the contents of the FAQs, you will get the best results if you post your question(s) in the appropriate forum. Questions sent to the FAQ editor may be delayed. Of course, if you wish to submit information that you feel will update the FAQ, your input is always welcome. To submit that type of information, use the link you can find at the bottom of every FAQ:

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Read more here: About this site.
There is a brief history near the bottom of the page.

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If you're kinda new to the forum atmosphere, or even if you're an old hand, take a few moments to read a great "HOW TO" for anyone who would like to know more, or anyone who seems to be getting a bad reaction from others.

How To Ask Questions The Smart Way

Copyright 2001 Eric S. Raymond
Linked with permission - Please do not direct any questions to the owners of that FAQ

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This is a large FAQ. There is a wealth of information here, but it might not jump out at you right away.

A very useful tool is the "SEARCH" function at the top of the page. The results of a search encompass all of the FAQs on the site, but using a term such as "buddy" or "premium" should provide results that will help you.

After you enter your search term and see the results, scroll down until you see "Site FAQ" and look for your keywords there.

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Then the best thing to do is post your question in one of the site's forums, probably Site Help to start with.

If the question really doesn't fit in that forum, you can check out the All Forums page. Or, you can go ahead and post it in Site Help, and it might then be moved to the best forum available.

Please consider coming back here and using the link at the bottom of the page to submit a FAQ entry when you have found the answers to your questions. Help the next person. It's what this site is all about.

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You wouldn't want to have to reenter your password for each page request, right? Well, the cookie your browser provides connects each request back to your user account.

The contents of the cookie are simply a unique but random number (it contains no personal details at all). This random number connects you to your identity at the site.

The cookie is not harmful to your PC or your privacy. If you do not wish to be anonymous, then a cookie is the small price to pay!

If you get other cookies from visiting DSLR, they might be from ISP logos (the ISP hosts their own LOGO graphic), or it might come from members including graphics that link back to another website in their messages.

A cookie-management application is recommended if you really want to keep your cookies carefully!

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Please do. Any member can submit a suggested addition to this FAQ. To do so, click here and use the form to submit your entry. It's best if you list your question and include an answer if possible, but you can submit the question by itself if you do not have an answer.

Please note: Your question should be of general interest to many, not specific to you. A question that is specific to you should be posted in the forums, where it will get a prompt response. If you're not sure which forum to use, don't worry about it. Your post will be moved if needed.

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I put this question/answer at the top because it's important, and I hope that it will be more visible here.

I get a lot of email every day. Many emails arrive that do not provide any clue as to their subject in the subject line -- a line there for that very purpose.

I have very limited time to read email. Many are not answered, and some are answered late...perhaps a week or more.

If your question is something that can be asked in the FORUMS, then it is not going to get answered unless I have nothing to do!

Please check THIS FAQ, the DSL FAQ and the FORUMS before deciding something needs to be sent via email! Thanks!
--- Justin

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