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3.15 Attachments

A new method of attaching files to forum messages has been implemented as of October 12, 2005.

This improvement includes a status bar of the upload progress and the ability to intermix the attachments with the text of the message and preview the layout all in one process.

The first difference is the Preview/Attach button as shown here:

The older File-attach toggle button is still available as a backup.

Enter the text of your message, then press the Preview/Attach button.

This will preview your message and display the new +upload attachments button:

Pressing the +upload attachments button will display a fill-in form for the files and captions you wish to attach:

Here you can type in or browse for the files you are going to upload and add any captions if needed. Note the Att 1, Att 2, Att 3, Att 4 attributes. If you do not use any [att=] tags in your message, the attachments will display above all text of the message. However, if you insert att=1 (enclosed in square [ ] brackets) in your message text, then attachment 1 will display in that location. The same for [att=2] and so forth. (You may upload 4 at a time and preview, and then do more.)

When you have filled in the file names and captions (if desired), press the Upload button. The progress bar will start and run from 0 to 100% as the files upload. The file names will also display on the right, confirming they made it.

After the files upload, you may press Preview/Attach again to preview how things look before actually posting.

You may upload more attachments or edit the text or the location of the attachments in relation to the text. You can then press the post button to actually post the message to the board.

This FAQ update courtesy of Riss_Centaur See Profile

by KeysCapt See Profile
last modified: 2008-01-24 18:34:37

Using the legacy upload interface, the limit is:

• Time: 120 seconds
• Size: None

Note that the size of a file you can upload within the time period is dependent upon other factors, including overhead and bandwidth. This may vary from user to user.

Using the "new" upload interface, the one that offers feedback during upload, you are limited by your patience and by moderators who may decide the attached file is simply too large to be worth keeping.

Wide GIF files are displayed in thumbnail view as a JPG file, but when the thumbnail is clicked they display full size as a GIF file.

For size of graphics in posts, go HERE.

by KeysCapt See Profile
last modified: 2010-11-24 07:23:26

You can't. Well, now you can. There will be a [del] tag above the image in your post, and while it's there, you can delete the graphic simply by clicking on it. If the tag goes away, you will have to use the "hey mod" function and request that it be edited by a moderator.

by KeysCapt See Profile
last modified: 2010-11-24 08:35:10

The preferred dimension of an uploaded/linked graphic is 640 pixels or less in width.

Using the Got Attachments Feature
Any graphic wider than 600 pixels uploaded via the "got attachments" feature will be auto-thumbnailed down to 200 pixels. Anything between 1 and 600 pixels wide is shown as is, unless the image file is very big, in which case it is thumbnailed and displayed using 1 to 3 column-spanning cells and as many rows as necessary for all attachments. Wide GIF files are displayed in thumbnail view as a JPG file, but when the thumbnail is clicked they display full size as a GIF file.

At this time, all .png graphics uploaded are reduced to 200 pixels.

The image below was uploaded as a 1600 pixel-wide .jpg file. The system auto-thumbnailed it to a smaller image that is clickable to see the original large version.

Using Image Tags for Linking Off-Site
Any graphic wider than 700 pixels linked off-site using [img] tags will not be resized, and it will blow out the right margin of the posting window. The extended margin will affect the entire posting page, and it can render the thread difficult for you and others to read. If this occurs, mods will edit the graphic to include a "width" statement, changing the graphic size. Please be considerate of others when posting images.

If you must use "inline" images from another site, you can also bury width, or width and height attributes in the image html, to stop margin blowout. If you see a wide external image, "hey-mod" it so a mod can edit in a width attribute.

by Coriolis3 See Profile edited by KeysCapt See Profile
last modified: 2010-11-24 07:23:54

Editing one of your posts with an attachment is a bit involved, especially if you have used the attachment feature to locate the image in your post.

If the post does not display a del option above the image, you can use the "edit" feature. On the edit screen, delete the attachment info in the body of the post, then submit the edited info. You should now see the del option, and you can delete the image.

by DSmithLady See Profile edited by KeysCapt See Profile
last modified: 2008-01-24 18:35:34

You are now able to upload images and place them where you wish in your posts.

If you upload, and if the post has [attachment=n] where n is 1, then that string will mark the point where the associated attachment displays, replacing the string. Although, for formatting simplicity, the attachment always displays centered on a line by itself. (Attachment=1 can be abbreviated Att=1)

Any attachments that are not mentioned in the post in this way appear at the top as they previously did.

Note: You can only inline an individual attachment once in the post body, so the maximum number of inline attachments displayed is limited to the number of attachments you upload.

When constructing your post, make reference to the attachments where you want them, as in this example:

Note: If you want to replace the attachment in your post, you will need to edit the post first to remove the att=x segment, then continue.

by KeysCapt See Profile
last modified: 2007-08-03 09:22:07

Generally, attachments are used for uploading images to a forum.

If you are thinking of uploading something, you should remember the Rules on Posting. In particular, you should never upload malware, warez or other such programs.

by Gargoyle See Profile edited by KeysCapt See Profile
last modified: 2008-01-24 18:35:54