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3.4 Submitting News

Articles can be submitted via Got News or Tip? link on the home page, just below the ISP Reviews.

Anonymous articles are just as welcome as articles from registered users.

Here's some more information about submitting news:

What do we NOT accept as front page news?
  • I'm having lots of trouble with my ISP...
    • (We rarely publish a personal broadband hell story unless it is very unusual. The best place for this is an ISP review.)
  • Does anyone know how to ...
    • (There are many active forums on the site, questions on broadband should be directed there.)
  • Acme Corporation announce a partnership to ...
    • (We never publish the full text of press releases to the home page. It would have to be something very unusual and of wide interest, in which case, please include a link to the newswire story so we can check it out.)
  • Old news ...
    • (We are reluctant to highlight anything that is more than a few days old, unless it has not received much attention elsewhere on the net.)

So what do we want?
  • We want broadband-related news and information, particularly bits that bring together two or more links or include useful links along with the main news bit. There is no need to format things up well unless you enjoy doing so, since we do that before it is published.

Adding news items in individual forums is very similar. Each forum that accepts news will have a link like this one:

Just follow the instructions that appear from the link. Please cut and paste at least a few lines from the news article into the submission form ... something more than just a link. We appreciated you doing this, and it increases the chances of your story being accepted. With hundreds of news submissions every day throughout the site, there just isn't enough time to follow each link and determine what the story is about.

Note: The ability to submit news items in the forums may not be available to new members right away, whether premium or basic.

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We try to filter out articles or pointers to articles that are are a rehash of a press release, or are of interest to only a small minority of users. Examples:

  • Broadband information and news
  • Telco and large ISP news
  • Terms of Service changes
  • Wacky stuff
  • Anything on Wireless or Cable
  • Press releases
  • Why My ISP Sucks (please send a review!)
  • My personal DSL horror story (please send a review!)

Also, keep in mind that there are many users on the site submitting news articles, and yours may have been a duplicate. If you submit multiple news articles, they may not all be accepted.

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Space on the home page for articles is limited, so we edit submitted news articles for size. We may also add some more information or links to your article. Wherever possible, we try not to alter the basic submission, though.

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The following individuals have editorial abilities on DSLR's front page. If you notice a problem that needs attention, you can send them an Instant Message. Please don't think of this as a means to debate articles or any other subject. It is provided for housekeeping purposes only.

Most of the time the principal contact should be Karl, since he is the editor and has primary responsibility for the news items.

Karl ... Editor

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To submit news articles to your favorite forums (if enabled in that particular forum), use the link at the top of the topic list:

Proceed as directed, but PLEASE submit more than just a URL or link if you would like to see your article published. Moderators are responsible for multiple forums and just do not have the time to explore every link submitted to see if the information is newsworthy.

Please note: You may see the notice below if you have submitted more than two news articles to the same forum:

If there are two or more articles pending by the same submitter, no more will be accepted until 24 hours has passed.

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