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4.7 Other Site Features

This feature, available only to premium members, permits you to customize the display of information that appears at the left side of posts on the site. It is a feature that encourages tinkering in order to arrive at what you like best.

Note: You can always easily revert to the original view by returning to the page indicated below and simply removing all entries.

To start, go here (click to enlarge) :

Click for full size

Click for full size

In the next screen:

You can use any of the options in the left menu and just copy them into the large field. HTML is your friend here. You will probably want to use the %lt;small> tag, at least and the BR> tag to put your selected items on separate lines.

Example, with one of several results right below it:

Another example, by user Zupe:

Based upon this coding:

More stuff added: »[request] How I see People ideas

For additional information and discussion about this feature, see the following thread where it was first announced and explored:

»[request] I quite like this one

Another source of information, which is a library of posts on this subject:

»"I See People" feature (Examples & Tips)

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last modified: 2009-02-25 16:45:14

This feature appears on an individual's personal page [premium members only] and allows you to ignore topics and posts by a particular user. You can get to their page by clicking on their user name in any of their posts.

Just click on START next to "Ignore list."

Be advised that there may be some delay before this selection takes effect.

NOTE: If you use the "ignore" feature with an anonymous poster, you will have ignored ALL anonymous posts on the site from that time forward. (Anonymous posts predating your choice will still appear.) To reverse this selection, visit this link:
Anon ignore toggle

To UN-IGNORE that user, just return to the page, and the button will have changed to "Stop." Click on it, and you're all set.

You can see a list of users that you have placed in "ignore" status by clicking on the "buddy" list represented by the or by using your "My" menu.

Also, when you view a thread that contains a post by a user you have ignored, you will see this in their post:

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See Buddy List

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last modified: 2007-11-07 18:18:43

The forum pages (and the home page) will be delivered to your browser in COMPRESSED HTML, if your browser can support it and if you do not have any 3rd party add-ons that may get in the way of this feature and force us to drop down to non-compressed html.

How do you know a forum page is compressed? View any topic, and check the very bottom -- down there in the fine print. If there is a RED note that says "Page compression is OFF," then you may be able to gain a remarkable boost in speed by changing one option:

For MSIE: Tools Internet Options Advanced Tab.

Scroll down to the HTTP 1.1 Settings section and make sure the option "use HTTP 1.1" is checked!

Then RESTART YOUR BROWSER. (Possibly unnecessary with IE6 SP1a.)

Note:In order to use page compression, you must have "HTTP 1.1" enabled in your advanced settings in IE. By default, this box is checked. However, if you are behind a proxy, you may have to go into advanced settings in IE and enable HTTP 1.1 through proxies. ZoneAlarm and some other firewalls will turn off page compression to facilitate scanning for malicious code.

Now reload one of our pages, and the warning should be gone. Pages are now being delivered COMPRESSED to you, speeding up page loading remarkably, even on DSL or cable the difference is amazing.

If you follow the steps above and still see compression indicating off, look for programs such as Cookie Cop or others that cause use of a proxy. It seems that many of these programs that force your browser to run through a local proxy turn off page compression. ZoneAlarm and Ad/Subtract are others that are frequently mentioned as causing problems.

A note about Add/Subtract Pro:

There is a workaround for ASP. Every time ASP starts at Windows boot, or when/if you exit and restart ASP, it changes the HTTP 1.1 Proxy setting to OFF for page compression. To fix this, go to Tools, Internet Options, Advanced: Recheck "use HTTP 1.1 thru proxy connections." Click OK and page compression is immediately ON for the rest of the session (so long as you keep ASP running and don't exit, reboot or restart ASP).

This turns page compression ON immediately, no need for restart/reboot. (Indeed, you do NOT want to restart or reboot, for the reasons explained, because ASP will re-initialize and turn page compression OFF, and you'll have to manually turn it ON again through Tools, Internet Options, Advanced settings.)
Submitted by RandyBell.

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Every post on this site has a group of icons below it, starting with this one:

This icon provides a way to link to a specific post in a thread, such as sending an IM to someone regarding that post, or posting a message somewhere else and providing a link to the post.

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last modified: 2007-11-07 18:19:06

Periodically you see this screen:

This normally occurs when there is a server that is dead or otherwise not responding. That server is within the routing that you are on, between you and DSLR/BBR. Until the owner of that server clears up the problem, that message will appear.
This response posted by JayKayKay.

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last modified: 2007-11-07 18:19:27

This feature allows you to follow a topic so that you can see updates to it even if it has not been posted to. You do this by clicking on the "Follow" link:

Click for full size

Every topic you post in will, by default, be followed. This enables you to easily follow your posted-in threads via your "posts" area.

In forum view, topics you are following appear with a small gold star in the left margin:

To Un-follow a thread, you simply click on the "Stop following" link at the bottom of the thread.

or from here, by clicking on "Posts" under the site toolbar:

You may view your followed posts as well as other aspects of your activities on the site at any time by going to the "Posts" area.

Note: When you go to the "My Posts" page, the default view will be the one you last selected for that page. To change it, simply select another view, such as "Updated Followed," and that will be the view you see when you next open that page.

How about Ignoring Topic Updates?
You may stop following a topic here also by clicking on the word "stop" to the left of any topic or the "stop" link in the "UPDATED FOLLOWED TOPICS" page.

Mark All Read:
In any forum view, whether on the actual forum page or in favorite forums, if you click on the topmost red envelope, it will mark the entire forum as read. All envelope icons will turn white.

All Forums Page:

In forum view or the Favorite Forums Page, the envelope icons will show for the forums that you have selected as favorites only. All others will show as

Feedback received on this FAQ entry:
  • By the way--as a followup to my feedback from an hour or so ago, the icon for being 'site-marked' is a briefcase... I don't get it. (So maybe my assumption about what a "sitemark" is was erroneous--can't see what a briefcase has to do with it.)

    2012-12-08 13:25:23 (NoHereNoMo See Profile)

  • This FAQ, which is linked to/promoted as having some explanation for "site marking", in fact, says nothing about site marking. Even something simple, like ' "sitemark" is short for "site bookmark" ' could be useful (assuming that's true, of course--I'm only guessing).

    2012-12-08 12:24:23 (NoHereNoMo See Profile)

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last modified: 2010-11-24 08:25:54

The button was added to the front page of the site in order to assist users who employ special news display programs, also referred to as news aggregators. It has no effect on your normal browser.

A news aggregator is "software that periodically reads a set of news sources, in one of several XML-based formats, finds the new bits and displays them in reverse-chronological order on a single page."

Basically, the program downloads the subject info from the forum that you select and displays it with links, so you can click on whatever you're interested in. At that point, the program will display the DSLR page in full. (There are some options to this.)

Note: All site FORUMS also export headlines -- click the ABOUT link in the FORUM HEADER to find the XML icon for that forum.

One such news-display program, also known as a "news aggregator," is Amphetadesk, located here: www.disobey.com/amphetadesk
Another here: www.newzcrawler.com

The FireFox browser, growing very popular as an alternative to Internet Explorer, has joined the programs able to use RSS feeds. In FireFox, they are called Live Bookmarks. »www.mozilla.org/products/firefox ··· rks.html
There is also an extension available for FireFox which some find preferable to the "LIVE" bookmarks feature. It's called Sage, and it adds a super simple RSS aggregator sidebar to FireFox without too much trouble.

Where can I get RSS feed info?

One source that has many different feed links can be found here: »www.moreover.com/categories/cate ··· rss.html

If when trying to add a forum to your RSS feed, you receive this error "...is not a valid RSS feed," you are probably trying to add a forum that requires you to log in (private forum), and you will need an RSS aggregator that understands cookies. The FireFox browser will successfully handle this.

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See /faq/6584 for an explanation of this feature: The Much Valued Member tag.

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last modified: 2007-11-07 18:20:07

BBR changed how members view user information on the left-hand side of a post; as a premium member, you are able to customize how you view member information in posts.

One of our BBR Members, Hawk See Profile, has nicely set up a thread on different thread links to "I see people" coding (Examples & Tips) here.

Q: Will I be able to set up my own?

Absolutely! You are not limited to the coding examples customized by other members in the thread link above.

Also see this FAQ: »Site FAQ »Customize Your View of Members' Info

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At the bottom of every post is a small link entitled "Permalink".

Permalink is just short for permanent link and it serves to create and store a direct link to that post. If there are replies to the post, the they are included.

Some ways to use permalink:
  • Click on the permalink and when new page is opened - copy the URL that shows in the address bar
  • In IE right click on permalink and select the option to copy the shortcut. This will place the URL in your clipboard, from where you can paste it into your post.

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last modified: 2008-01-31 19:26:15

The site toolbar makes it easy to get to commonly used pages, and is easy to add to and customize. You have, to start with, three possible positions (top, left, right). You can easily add pages by clicking the + sign:

That brings up a screen where you may choose an icon and name for the link:

When you've chosen your 'tools', you may choose location and size by clicking the wrench:

Clicking change order in this box brings you to a screen where you may change the order, including adding spaces, until you have it just the way you want it:

Click for full size

After all that, you'll end up with an easy way to get to where you need to go:

Click for full size

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