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4.9 Add your network description

BroadBandReports has a section where you can describe, with graphics and text, your own network setup for others to view. If you have never set up your share your network here on the site, go to this page.

Note: It appears that this feature has been deprecated, and is no longer available for NEW descriptions. If the member already has a network description in the system it is still available.

Click on describe your own network.

Then follow these instructions shown on the page:

Remember, the first step - use the Add New button.

To edit an existing network description, go to the same page: /metashare

Click on My Network (Do not click on describe my network. If you do, you will create another network description).

Click on edit.

Follow the same instructions above to add items or edit existing entries (be sure to click the edit button in the existing entry box after youve made your entries) and click the display button at the top to verify your changes.

Thats it.
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The answer is, you cannot. Because of this, please do not click on "describe my network." Each time you do, you will create another network description.

You can, however, un-check the "public" box in your network, and that will cause it to be displayed only to you.

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